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Birthday Directory Now Celebrating: No One (That We Know Of)!!


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    sdhoeysdhoey Posts: 1,876 Member
    Happy Birthday to @YellowJane I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Also to @chocbubbles and @Lissykin I had my name changed on my profile. It was Annadenise. Now it is sdhoey. So please don't remove me. :'( I just need my name changed.

    Thank you
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,795 Member

    @YellowJane Happy Birthday!
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    Sally_Sally_ Posts: 47 Member
    Hi, if possible I'd like to be added again.. Birthday: 14th April :)
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    TheKrazy_KimSimTheKrazy_KimSim Posts: 4,397 Member
    edited May 2020
    Happy Birthday to me! Party Time! :)

    ETA: * The Krazy_Kim Sim *
    Post edited by TheKrazy_KimSim on
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    SuttiPuttSuttiPutt Posts: 3,620 Member
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all February birthdays hope you have a great day.
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    AnnoyingTigerAnnoyingTiger Posts: 509 Member
    Happy birthday @PetaT and anyone else celebrating that's not on the list ^-^)/

    If this is still active, may I be added? Mine is on the 24th and here are some things I like: the sims 4, the color blue, cats, tacos, llamas and dr pepper.
    ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Life's Greatest Adventure, The Morgan Legacy ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
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    AngelfefyyAngelfefyy Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, first of all happy birthday to all February people! Wish you happy Simming ^^

    May I kindly be added? Nickname is Angelfefyy, born 14th June (still a long way to go!) Simmer since 2011 on and off, but recently thanks to the Sims3 64bit update for mac I'm back to it!

    Things I like: cats, architecture (I love researching different styles as well!) and sparkling water
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    bookwormbeautybookwormbeauty Posts: 31 Member
    Happy birthday most recently to @jillbg! And to all the November birthdays out there of course.

    I'd love to be added! My username is BookwormBeauty.

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    jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,600 Member
    Thank you so much @bookwormbeauty :D
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    xbonusmodexxbonusmodex Posts: 28 Member
    Happy birthday @Sandpitturtle !!! :smiley:

    I would like to also get added to the list if it's already possible since I'm a new member... :smile:
    My username is xbonusmodex and my birthday is January 23! :blush:

    Thanks in forward! :heart:
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    xbonusmodexxbonusmodex Posts: 28 Member
    idk how but my tag and my smileys didnt came through :')
    Happy birthday @Sandpitturtle
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    xbonusmodexxbonusmodex Posts: 28 Member
    Hii, can I please be added? 😇 My birthday is in 3 days 🥺🎊
    (happy simming ❤️)
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    EcaEca Posts: 155 Member
    Please add me to November 26th
    Crystal Cover from Tumblr
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