Hidden Springs should have been included with Generations



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    I love how people moan at the slightest thing in here.

    I dont have HS but I get it one day there another town also both for £9.99 if I buy them. I shall get both when I can.

    I just got Gen and Am plus High Tech stuff. Cost me round £ 54.99. Thats enouth one spend for one month. I have World EP also. I plan to get Late Night and Pets next. I love dogs etc so cant wait for that.

    I then get the last stuff pack Fast lane I dont have.

    Then get the towns. I have alot of CC to.

    So as you can see after abit of time away from Sims 3 I thought I get back into it. I admit I dont like World so that put me off it all. But I love the Gen and AM EXP. Plus how you can get so much CC. I not mastered how to make my own clothes etc though dont know how to do that. So over all I think for all the stuff you can do I think its good value re the board game to OP . Im SIMS 3 works like this you buy main game and then you buy the add on`s new towns etc to expend the game so you have more to do... EA give you the base / ie board and you buy new bits to get more out of it. Dont for get EA have to pay staff wages, bills .... They even do patches EP`s it all coasts money to make. Put onto an DVD or pu on the internet and run the servers... SO STOP MOANING.
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    ps to OP make your own town.
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    NotSoLucky wrote:
    They put more work in hidden springs than they do for an average stuff pack.

    since the prices are about the same, I say that it was worth it.

    They did not put as much work into Hidden Springs, plus, they put hardly any work into Generations. With EA, it is all about making deadlines (which, if it means leaving things out, they will) and getting as much money as they can (by ripping people off).

    i disagree to a certain extent. Generations has alot of stuff , play it for a fornight and make a list of all the new stuff in it , that list would be huge. The more i play it the more i notice they have put in. And it affects every town and game.

    I do think generations should off had a town , and that hidden springs is far too expensive , i won't pay £21 for it. Having said that i do not regret buying generations , i've probably had more fun out of it than any other DLC.
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