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Is this layout okay?

Verbaltee99Verbaltee99 Posts: 403 New Member
Hi all ^^,

Since Twallan made the Traveler mod I've been deliberating on making some vacation worlds and today decided to work on something in between Dionne and Eulonia. So the idea I got for the first world is just a simple tropical island, not much story but some nice lots and actually feel like a vacation world with a few spas and stuff. Reason for that is because EA's to me felt like they just to go on adventure, not a relaxing vacation. Anyway this is what I got so far:


Its built on a large map if that helps to get some perspective going. I also want to make this world livable in at the same time so I was also thinking along those lines when coming up with the layout. The marina is gonna have luxury apartments and mansions for rich sims while the little town bit is gonna be more townhouse style beach houses and stuff similar to Shoreline Trails from the console version of TS2. The city bit is gonna be modest and hopefully not stick out to much. It will also have the bars and stuff and different hotels (base camp) and own-able lots for your sims. The nature trail area is gonna be where the ruins are if you want to explore and maybe a few houses, depends on the islands story line that I still need to figure out.

Currently I'm considering on whether to use CC with this world or not. Originally I was just gonna use a few things from Moria over on MTS but now I'm thinking of using some stuff from Sixtyten at AweSims cause I really love it but I don't want to exclude those who hate using CC (I figured that CAW CC might not be as big as a problem for some when compared to everything else in the CC family).


  • IAmtheGoblinKingIAmtheGoblinKing Posts: 317 New Member
    edited September 2011
    It sounds great, really. I like the idea you have for this town. Are the red marks for your trails going to be sidewalks that you'll place around the town?

    Also, my personal opinion is to not use CC. It can be so tricky in-game in general, it may turn people off from downloading your town. Or if you're really that up to it, you could create a CC-free version for those who'd not want the content in the original world.

    Good job, so far. Definitely curious to see how well it goes for you from here. 8)
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