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A possible problem between Create a World and Pets

Verbaltee99Verbaltee99 Posts: 403 New Member
I would like to suggest that there may be a problem that we as world builders will have to face with the next expansion pack (Pets). Now we have been briefly told about the wild animals such as deer’s, horses and raccoons however haven’t been told about how the they spawn. Now from what EA and The Sims Studio have shown via the trailers is that they simply just appear and run amuck around the world. Now this may look good in the new neighbourhood that we are getting as everything fits in place but say in a city setting things would get quite odd.

To delve deeper into this example think of jay6754’s London world. It’s a densely packed city so obviously having wild horses spawning in this world, just roaming across town would cause issues (although I must say the idea of that happening would be quite funny to see in game I guess). This is why we should be able to set what animals we want to spawn and where we want them to spawn. Now when I say animals I don’t mean like cats or the dogs or even if we could set the critters that were getting as well (that would be nice though so we can set snakes and lizards in a tropical or desert world), I mean like the horses, deer’s and raccoons. The world I’m currently working on is not suited to have deer’s and horses just spawn anywhere, there won’t even be that much room to have a family have a horse. However raccoon’s would at least fit in my little suburbia section so as you can see having the option to set where and what animals that I would like to have spawn would be great for planning the world and its story which The Sims 3 is built upon. I am sorry to use my world as an example but go through the worlds of your own (or EA’s if you want) and you to will be able to see what I mean and can understand why I am posting about this.

Now for the intentions, from what we have been told time and time again is that the developers do come and check the forums to see what the players are saying and with that I intend to get this seen by the developers so that they can have a think about this and consider it in the next update for Create a World. I also intend to have this posted in three different locations (the Create a World section, the Pets section and the Ideas & Feedback section) on the forums so that it not only has a greater chance of being read, but also a greater chance of having different players voice their opinion on the subject and anything else that they may want to add to it.

P.S. I apologise for any grammar errors in this post, I did my best to get rid of most so it might just be the little things I missed.


  • alexspoom13alexspoom13 Posts: 7,213 Member
    edited August 2011
    You make a very good point. Hopefully, if EA have any sense whatsoever they will use spawners similar to those which already spawn bugs, gems, fish and metals in both player and EA-made worlds alike. This would allow world builders complete control over which animals they want roaming their world.

    For example, I could build a city world without placing any wild horse spawners. This would mean that, in-game, I could adopt horses if I wished and play as them, but it would be optional and they would not be wild horses roaming my city.

    Here's hoping it will work something like that.
  • Verbaltee99Verbaltee99 Posts: 403 New Member
    edited September 2011
    Some new information and I guess the conclusion to the query.


    It seems Graham announced that they won’t spawn in Bridgeport which means (as they reported) that worlds classified as a city (logo city, not just ‘Oh yea my worlds a city *puts down a few shells*’) will not have animals spawn. Thus it is in the worlds coding that controls them which therefore means no spawners for the wild animals. However they still haven’t said much about the critters from what I have seen so they may in fact (and hope) that they will be spawners otherwise if their coding too, things might get a bit tricky.
  • Cyron43Cyron43 Posts: 8,061 Member
    edited September 2011
    Maybe this can help you a bit further:
    This space is for rent.
  • fensaturntreefensaturntree Posts: 536 New Member
    edited September 2011
    I'm also concerned about routing issues. I read an interview in which they were talking about producing pets and Appaloosa Plains and they said the hardest part of the entire EP was the routing problems associated with having 4 legged animals trying to use the same terrain as a sim. It can't and won't be treated the same.
  • OzTopherOzTopher Posts: 179 Member
    edited September 2011
    I must be the only one that actually wanted wild horses wandering around BridgePort and city like towns :(

    Ok, im weird :D
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