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  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    @ZombieMew - Aww, that's thoughtful of you to consider but I don't have one. I've already indulged the obsession and I own everything, even the ridiculous stuff that I have no earthly use for. I just hang around here to annoy people :D>:)
  • ZombieMewZombieMew Posts: 523 Member
    Ahh. Ok.
    I'll just spend what I made on the rest of my desired premiums then.

    Wishlist and Top 5 list

    Steam: MathewMii
    dA and Youtube: SillyEwe
  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    @ZombieMew - I was a lurker around here off & on for a while. I've wanted to get back into TS3 so getting involved on the forums seemed like good motivation. I'm also a hideously early riser and I'm getting boatloads of bonus ads. Gifting others is fun & interesting, and I hope a useful way to spend these hours when being quiet is necessary. That's why I really appreciate your 'mute' information!
  • ZombieMewZombieMew Posts: 523 Member

    Thank you.
    (If you ever wanted to get me a world, I can offer art for it.)

    Wishlist and Top 5 list

    Steam: MathewMii
    dA and Youtube: SillyEwe
  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    @ZombieMew - Thank you for the offer of your time & talent! <3 I will think on that, it sounds intriguing. But you *owe* me absolutely nothing. No one that I gift owes me a thing! But I can understand the sentiment, I think most everyone would choose to reciprocate in kind if/when they could. I'm the very same way. I gift because its fun & I'm simply dumb-luck fortunate to get these ads when so many get so few, or none at all. So I try to create a little fairness by giving it away to those who *can* use it.
  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    edited February 2016
    Green DD Sale Sets Coming Up:

    DD # 304 - Tiki Dining Room Set 72% Off in about 2 hours
    Sale Price: 50 / Regular Price: 180
    CYS of 117 or less to get it for FREE

    DD # 307 - The Gentlemen's Lounge Collection 72% Off in about 8 hours
    Sale Price: 367 / Regular Price: 1310
    CYS of 849 or less to get it for FREE

    DD # 313 - Safari Living 60% Off in about 20 hours
    Sale Price: 221 / Regular Price: 548
    CYS of 548 or lss to get it for FREE*

    DD # 315 - Cante Captivating 30% Off in about 24 hours
    Sale Price: 209 / Regular Price: 298
    CYS of 81 or less to get it for FREE*

    DD # 320 - Sweet Escape Nursery 59% Off in about in about 34 hours
    Sale Price: 241 / Regular Price: 583
    CYS of 308 or less to get it for FREE*

    More Information: :star:DAILY DEAL (DD) ROTATION AND SALES HELP :star:
    *All CYS for FREE values are Estimated.
    All information is generously provided by the Awesome DD Team.
    All mistakes would be My own. :#
  • Hayley~BelleHayley~Belle Posts: 786 Member
    edited February 2016
    Happy Sunday everyone. I have a sick husband.....normally if he feels I'll he sucks a mint and he is cured...even the common cold. But not today, he keeps being sick, most unlike him. I don't think it's my cooking!!!! It seems more like a bug which I am hoping he keeps to himself especially as I now have more childcare responsibilities so that my daughter-in-law can work!!!
    Hopefully I can catch some ads in between doing a impression of Florence Nightingale!!!

    @Okblondee7 so glad you have your ad situation resolved, it's such a shame you had to spend real money! X

    Thank you so much @debbycanty for my gift xxxxx

    Duke of Bows 779 sp's on 1st March

    Top 5 updated
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    Just a sim-ple pink person
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to helping me own the store X
    My Thank You Thread

  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
    edited February 2016
    just back home thanks @ZombieMew for the gift 3 items left thanks they are 45 to 50 sp ;)
    and thanks alot @Hayley~Belle for the gift 2 more items!! here is n the 2 items left
    thanks so much @Kyrah2016

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  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
    edited February 2016
    OMG @Kyrah2016 :D:D:D:D thx i am dying thank you i love you thanks you god bless you :D

    next up viva las vegas living/bedroom! ;) but i still cant believe it!! and @Kyrah2016 got the set for 55sp <3<3o:)o:)
    and that keeps the ragtime and easy set for 455sp and i dont own any thing so when it come on sale or dd i can get it!! <3
  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    @adamzaid - You're very very very welcome! :) Now be nice to your wonderful mother and get to bed on time tonight. Don't make her chase you off of the internet again :o;)

    @LaineeCheri - Ouch! :/ I hope your wrist isn't badly injured. Be well!

    @MsRed - I saw that translated instruction post you created. Taking the time out to do that was generous of you. Oh, now I'm double-glad I was able to get you something that really tickled you, you derserve a smile in return for your kind effort o:)

    @Okblondee7 - It was the 'hidden' Ad-block app. all along! *grrr* I'm certainly glad to read that you've gotten that resolved and are now getting ads again - B) Huzzah!

    @Hayley~Belle - He's simply eaten too many of your delicious hobnobs, its made him ill. People who are rarely ill usually make the very worst patients -poor you :s I hope your DH gets well soon and that you remain immune.

    Speaking of ill, I hope you're feeling better @lasummerb. I miss seeing your happy self around here :)
  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
  • ReachsimsReachsims Posts: 7,932 Member
    First off, good morning and good evening to all! :3

    @Okblondee7 - I can't tell you how glad I am for you that you have finally got the problem figured out. I knew it was on your end but I didn't want to embarrass you. We are all learning new stuff all the time about our PCs because there is constant change. We must try to keep up with some of it or be left behind and miss out on too much. Yay for the return of the ads! You need not ever buy SimPoints again!

    Also, a special thank you, especially to @Kyrah2016, for keeping up with some of the personal matters here, different ones being sick or injured, etc... With running the thread here, I usually only have time for brief updates and posts and although I care very much about the lives of our people here, I don't always have a lot of time to comment. That's why I don't respond individually to every thank you on this thread. I just can't do it with the time I've got. Thanks for understanding.
  • tac612tac612 Posts: 453 Member
    @Okblondee7 Thank you so much for your fabulous gifts (Teepee Chair, Chieftan's Table, Wood-framed Bedstead, Halter Dress, and Tiara)! I can't wait to try them out today :) I'm finally going to play the sims this morning

    @ZombieMew Thank you for the Two Headed Water Vessel!

    Top 5 has been updated!
  • Kyrah2016Kyrah2016 Posts: 217 Member
    @adamzaid - In case you want to double-check your DD Prices for that Ragtime in the Big Easy Set:

    DD # 910 - CYS of 1054 or less to get it for FREE
    DD # 467 - CYS of 965 or less to get it for FREE
    DD # 442 - CYS of 846 or less to get it for FREE
    DD # 934 - CYS of 787 or less to get it for FREE
    DD # 167 - CYS of 639 or less to get it for FREE

    *All of these CYS for FREE prices are estimated and all of the information comes from the Awsome DD Team.

    @Reachsims - Managing and maintaining this thread as well as you've done for 5 LONG YEARS is quite an awesome deed! If it wasn't for people like you, who give so much of their time here to keep things running smooth & civil, this happy little train and all of us passengers would have long since derailed into a rather stinky cesspool. :weary:

    :star: Huzzah for people like you! B)
  • HollyL73HollyL73 Posts: 1,452 Member
    Good morning, everyone! @Hayley~Belle, I hope your husband is feeling better soon. Being sick is no fun at all. I hope whatever illness he has passes you right by and is gone soon. Hope you all have a great day today :) I updated my Top 5 list. Thanks for all your help!
  • tac612tac612 Posts: 453 Member
    @Reachsims Thank you for the Woven Blanket Chair, Winding Path Lounge Chair, Longhouse Dresser, and Wild Buffalo Loveseat!! :) LOVE THEM!!

    Top 5 has been updated. Also, heading into sims to play for a bit, but I'll be working on points and gifting others, too.
  • laurelarlaurelar Posts: 383 Member
    @Okblondee7 The same thing happened to me when I got my new computer! I thought the sims store stopped offering ads. But my friends suggested my adblock. I thought I had deactivated it, but that was the problem! I am glad you worked it out.

    I have a couple of calm days of DD, but looking forward to the Nursery, carousel (!) and loft coming up. It gives me time to build up the sets I need to in time for future DDs.

    Thank you @Hayley~Belle for the villa dresser!

  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,585 Member
    GREENEYA wrote: »
    First, @PHOEBESMOM601 thanks for the The Now & Then Century Manor !!! <3

    My sims will love this place. Thanks!!! :)

    From my TOP 5!

    @butterfly61 All the Things Skirt Set !!! <3

    I like this skirt, very cute!!! Thank you!!! :)

    I have updated my Top 5 list HERE :o

    Glad you like it. It's one of my favorites. Great build items too for my apocalypse builds.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • Bird166Bird166 Posts: 437 Member
    BIG thanks to @debbycanty and @Hayley~Belle for your sweet gifts overnight!!

    I was playing with my new world last night, Lunar Lakes, thanks to @Kyrah2016, its such a cool world!!

    Happy Sunday everyone, make it Sparklely!! :)
  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
    thanks @Kyrah2016 for the info :D
  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
    edited February 2016
    hi good morning for everyone who wooke @reachsims @Kyrah2016 (up early) @Okblondee7 and everyone!!

    and @reachsims and @Kyrah2016 the go all in compilation is gonna be on dd in 3:19 am so i gonna set a alrm but any ways my cys price is 2,635 sp so whats the total in dd?? thanks ;)
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  • thereesespiecethereesespiece Posts: 614 Member
    Thank you @Kyrah2016 my mother is a nurse she had me looked at it its sprained. She's excited because she gets the little one all to herself for a couple days. That will give me time to ad watch uninterrupted.

    @ZombieMew that was always possible on Safari, on my quest to own Midnight Hollow I ran up to 10 tabs at a time. When I was on my last 500SP I was able to run 20 but since then the ads aren't as much for me.

    A sick husband @Hayley~Belle!! Wishing him a speedy recovery!! A little cold and my husband is intolerable! Lays up like Queen of Sheba giving orders.

    Thank you @debbycanty @Hayley~Belle and @lasummerb for the gifts you guys are awesome ❤️
  • Hayley~BelleHayley~Belle Posts: 786 Member
    Thank you for my husbands well wishes, at the moment he is talking about going into work tomorrow!!! This is the first day off he has had this year...and he is ill!!!

    Thank you @HSmith2016 for my gift.

    Ads have dried up I'm afraid, even the Kevin Bacon in little pink shorts one!!! :'(

    Top 5 updated
    Just a sim-ple pink person
    Thank you to everyone who contributed to helping me own the store X
    My Thank You Thread

  • pxelskiespxelskies Posts: 1,044 Member
    Kyrah2016 wrote: »
    Aww, that's kind of you to say, you're most welcome for the ' Breaking News Flash' :# I'd choose Family Time over a digital dress sale any day, but enjoy your day no matter what you do! <3

    Haha, don't get me wrong - so would I! I had a wonderful day, thank you. I hope you did as well <3
    My mom, sister and her boyfriend went out with the dogs, so I managed to quickly get the set, yay! Thanks a lot to you, and @Reachsims :smiley:

    You're welcome @Loveandhate! Have a nice day <3

    I've updated my top 5 :blush:

  • adamzaidadamzaid Posts: 1,978 Member
    edited February 2016
    @Kyrah2016 the Go All In Compilation is coming after sweet escape nursery my cys count is 2,635sp on dd it will be for 1,360sp so whats my price?? thanks and any help from my top 5 is appreciated
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