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Graphics and Sims 3 Shutting down Randomly But not during startup or CAS?

Hey Guys! Having some Graphics problem. My Sims look worse then the anti-aliasing in create-a-sim. Whenever i want ot make a sim, it takes me there (like usual, everything works fine) but the anti-aliasing. ANy help?.

and also, Some undetailed textures for cars, and sims clothing and make-up, hair, etc...
so basicly its just the sims, cars, and The CAS problem with the anti-aliasing. Here are my systems graphics, processor, etc...

Processor: Intel® Celeron™ Dual Core Processor E1200.
Memory: 2GB DDR2.
Hard Drive: 320 GB SATA II.
Optical Drive: DVD Recorder Drive(Rambo).
Graphics: Intel® GMA3100.
OS: Windows Vista ™ Home Premium.
CardReader: 16 in 1

(There was small text under cardreader, i wrote it below)

>>Hard drive 1GB=1 billion bytes, Accessible capacity is less,
up tp 18 GB is service partition<<


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    LittleVLittleV Posts: 8,565 Member
    edited August 2010
    That is not enough information for us to tell anything from. Please post your Dxdiag report:

    1) Click RUN
    2) Type "DXDIAG" and click ok
    3) Click "Save all information" and save it to your computer
    4) Copy and paste the entire thing into a post.
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