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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
Once upon a time, as a queen sits sewing at her window, she pricks her finger on her needle and three drops of blood fall on the snow that had fallen on her ebony window frame. As she looks at the blood on the snow, she says to herself, "Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony". Soon after that, the queen gives birth to a baby girl who has skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. They name her Princess Snow White. As soon as the child is born, the queen dies.

Soon after, the king takes a new wife, who is beautiful but also very vain. The Queen possesses a magical mirror that answers any question, to whom she often asks: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?" to which the mirror always replies "You, my queen, are fairest of all." But when Snow White reaches the age of sixteen, she becomes as beautiful as the day, and when the queen asks her mirror, it responds: "Queen, you are full fair, 'tis true, but Snow White is fairer than you." Though in another version, the mirror simply replies: "Snow White is the fairest of them all."

The queen becomes jealous, and orders a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. She demands that the huntsman, as proof of killing Snow White, return with her heart. The huntsman takes Snow White into the forest, but after raising his knife to stab her, he finds himself unable to kill her. Instead, he lets her go, telling her to flee and hide from the Queen. He then brings the queen the heart of a young deer, which is prepared by the cook and eaten by the queen.

In the forest, Snow White discovers a tiny cottage belonging to a group of seven dwarfs, where she rests. There, the dwarfs take pity on her, saying "If you will keep house for us, and cook, make beds, wash, sew, and knit, and keep everything clean and orderly, then you can stay with us, and you shall have everything that you want." They warn her to take care and let no one in when they are away delving in the mountains. Meanwhile, the Queen asks her mirror once again "Who's the fairest of them all?", and is horrified to learn that Snow White is not only alive and well and living with the dwarfs, but is still the fairest of them all.




Perhaps just a omen, one morning Snow white views a crow from the bridge near the cottage.

Three times the Queen disguises herself and visits the dwarfs' cottage while they are away during the day, trying to kill Snow White. First, disguised as a peddler, the Queen offers colorful stay-laces and laces Snow White up so tight that she faints, causing the Queen to leave her for dead. However, Snow White is revived by the dwarfs when they loosen the laces. Next, the Queen dresses as a different old woman and brushes Snow White's hair with a poisoned comb. Snow White again collapses, but again is saved by the dwarfs. Finally, the Queen makes a poisoned apple, and in the disguise of a farmer's wife, offers it to Snow White. When she is hesitant to accept it, the Queen cuts the apple in half, eats the white part and gives the poisoned red part to Snow White. She eats the apple eagerly and immediately falls into a deep stupor. When the dwarfs find her, they cannot revive her, and they place her in a glass coffin, assuming that she is dead.








Time passes, and a prince traveling through the land sees Snow White. He strides to her coffin. The prince is enchanted by her beauty and instantly falls in love with her. He begs the dwarfs to let him have the coffin. The prince's servants carry the coffin away. While doing so, they stumble on some bushes and the movement causes the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White's throat, awakening her. The prince then declares his love for her and soon a wedding is planned.

The vain Queen, still believing that Snow White is dead, once again asks her mirror who is the fairest in the land, and yet again the mirror disappoints her by responding that "You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But the young queen is a thousand times fairer than you."

Not knowing that this new queen was indeed her stepdaughter, she arrives at the wedding, and her heart fills with the deepest of dread when she realizes the truth. As punishment for her wicked ways, a pair of heated iron shoes are brought forth with tongs and placed before the Queen. She is then forced to step into the iron shoes and dance until she falls down dead.



  • ameliuh321ameliuh321 Posts: 3,767 New Member
    edited July 2010
    Ohmygosh. That house is absolutely gorgeous. O.O

    Lemme rec..and download. I'd love this in my game.
  • KayBeaKayBea Posts: 388
    edited July 2010
    The landscaping is beautiful, and I'm amazed by the architecture. I like how you told the story, the ending is not one I've heard before. Dl and Rec'd.
  • MrMcGregorMrMcGregor Posts: 71
    edited July 2010
    Beautifully done. I love the wood you've used internally throughout and the waterfall is so cool :)
  • vanilijavanilija Posts: 3,411 New Member
    edited July 2010
    Beautiful lot!
    I really like how you paid attention to detail. Also, I agree with MrMcGregor, I like the use of wood. Rec from me! :thumbup:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited July 2010
    ameliuh321- Many thanks for you really nice comments on this lot :mrgreen:

    KayBea- The story I used is perhaps more to what the original story was, without the Disney's 1937 film interpretation. My thinking on this would be that Disney probable made the story more suitable for children. Many thanks :D

    MrMcGregor- :mrgreen: Thanks for your nice comments :D

  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited July 2010
    vanilija - So nearly missed you, must have been posting while I was replying, many thanks for your nice words :mrgreen:
  • tdewdtdewd Posts: 927 Member
    edited July 2010
    This house is breathtaking. The roof, the landscaping, everything... just wow. Rec'ing and favouriting this for sure!

    I also like the the story you told with the pictures... such tales like that are often more gruesome than people realise. ;)
  • BrainampBrainamp Posts: 174 Member
    edited July 2010
    This is sooo cute! It reminds me very much of the Disney movie. I'm to give it a well deserved rec!
  • HugziesHugzies Posts: 2,956 New Member
    edited July 2010
    this is amazing! i love all of the detail.
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited July 2010
    tdewd- Many thanks for the rec and adding the lot to your favorites, cheers :D

    Brainamp- Many thanks the lot design was influenced by disney, but I did want to give the lot my own touches, not just a straight copy, many thanks. :D

    Hugzies- Cheers, thanks very much :mrgreen:
  • benny_ebenny_e Posts: 24
    edited July 2010
    Oh my! O.O

    This is really a lovely piece--thank you for sharing! ^.^

    Your attention to detail is really impressive. I love that your lot is instantly recognizable as the cottage from Snow White--it isn't just a generic cottage titled "Snow White's Cottage." Really fabulous work.

    I've recommended it. ^.~
  • The_Purple_PlumbobThe_Purple_Plumbob Posts: 11,250 New Member
    edited July 2010
    That's so awesome, it's way better then my version. :P
  • Chimp2678Chimp2678 Posts: 4,047 Member
    edited July 2010
    Nice! I like everything what you have done to that house and landscape. Recommended as well!
  • maria_loves_alexmaria_loves_alex Posts: 9,054 Member
    edited July 2010
    snow white is one of my favourite fairytales! I love your house its beautiful :) great work *runs off to recommend it*
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  • Kyle4Sims3Kyle4Sims3 Posts: 212
    edited July 2010
    one word. AMAZING
  • mystiquebluemystiqueblue Posts: 892 New Member
    edited July 2010
    i love how it was so close to the dwarves' cottage in Snow White, and I like the falls too!
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    edited July 2010
    WOW Stw402! I always wanted to make a fairy tale house and yours looks PERFECT! What a lovely architecture and STUNNING landscaping! That waterfall with the butterflies, the beautiful bridge and all the lovely trees create a real fantasy lot look! I also like the fact that you lowered the terrain for the build! Looks fantastic! Both inside and outside! I will happily recommend this! Well done Stw402! :thumbup:
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited July 2010
    benny_e - Many thanks , I did think about calling it Snow White's Cottage, but it's not really her cottage, but calling the lot 7 dwarfs cottage was a little odd, so I just went with Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, many thanks :mrgreen:

    The_Purple_Plumbob - If you can post a link to your version, I would love to view this, many thanks for you nice words :D

    Chimp2678 - Many thanks for the rec and nice comments

    maria_loves_alex - Many thanks for the rec :D

    Kyle4Sims3 - Many thanks :mrgreen:

    mystiqueblue - I tried to make the house in the same style from the film, I did make some cosmetic changes, mainly to do with game play and building within the sims 3 engine. Many thanks :D

    yanti68 - It was my objective to make a fantasy lot look, I tried my best to add them little touches like the butterflies, the waterfalls, even the witches crow can sometimes be seen flying around the lot. Many thanks for your nice words :D

    Cheers for all the nice reviews :mrgreen:
  • AllureAllure Posts: 773
    edited July 2010
    Another beautifully unique build Stw. Love how you used cfe'd floor tiles for the roofing and you really landscaped it to perfection.. totally in love with the waterfall. Heading over to dl and rec.
  • vanilijavanilija Posts: 3,411 New Member
    edited July 2010
    I'm coming back to tell you that I've dl'd and fav'd this lot and that I absolutely enjoy playing in it! :D
  • The_Purple_PlumbobThe_Purple_Plumbob Posts: 11,250 New Member
    edited July 2010
    Stw402 wrote:

    The_Purple_Plumbob - If you can post a link to your version, I would love to view this, many thanks for you nice words :D

    I don't have pictures and it's not on the exchange as I had a little trouble making the attic and when Ambitions came out I just left it as it was, which was finished but it had no walls for the dwarfs bedroom in the attic,lol.... But I do have my version of Snow White on the exchange. Next time I play I'll take some pics of the house and fix the attic just for the sake of wanting it to be completed, I'm really loving your version though. :D
  • Stw402Stw402 Posts: 772 New Member
    edited July 2010
    Allure - To be honest I just hate the roof tool :oops: , I like a element of control of what I'm building and if I can get away with not using that tool I will try, Many thanks for the dl and rec.

    vanilija - One of the very best, comments anybody can make to a builder, "you enjoyed using the lot", for that I hold my hat of to you and I pleased you enjoyed the lot.

    The_Purple_Plumbob - No rush, it would be just nice to see how another builder approached this lot. The tricky part is always going to be the attic area, it would be a lot less stressful with the roof tool. I did it the hard way with the floor tiles, but that does not mean I'm right, when I started doing the house this way, it was no going back situation. Anyway I'm sure your version will be fantastic I look forward to seeing the end result.
  • SimEveSimEve Posts: 4,772 Member
    edited July 2010
    Oh that is just too perfect. Going in my favs. I love,love,love the detail work that went into this. Great use of the roof decor especially. A definite rec.
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