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The Opportunity School Challenge! *Updated for Sims 3*

Here is a fun challenge called The Opportunity School Challenge that I have made! I hope you like it, it took a lot of thought, but I think it's actually pretty good! :)

Here are the rules:

The Opportunity School Challenge
Created by Audrey aka Simzgal2108 aka Simzgurl2910


You have just decided to help the city children and become a teacher/counselor/Principal for children ages 10-17. But you have looked everywhere for a job but no school has a spot. The only spot available is at the local Opportunity School, a sleep-in school where the other schools send their “troubled” children.
You initially refuse to apply for the job, but when you see the pay, you jump at the chance. They immediately take you, and you go in for your first day of work, you find out that what you thought would be a disciplinary, fancy school is just a run-down place with no wallpaper and 3 different buildings. The first building is where the kids eat, go to the restroom, and take a shower. The second building is where the kids skill, read, etc. And the final building is where the kids sleep and watch TV.
You decide to get a part-time job so you can upgrade the school so it’s as nice as you pictured it would be. You find out that you have a 5 generation ultimatum for this to happen. If you get enough points in the end, the Opportunity School stays. If not, it gets torn down for good.


-Your sim may be male or female, but they must start out as an adult. (For sims 3, they must start out as a young adult.)
-Build the school on a 4x5 (or at least 40x40 for Sims 3) lot before you move your founder into it.
-This is a 5 generation challenge, per se.
-You are allowed to hire every service person accept for the nanny (also known as the babysitter in TS3).
-You start with an adult Sim (young adult in TS3), then you add 2 children and 2 teens with the Tombstone of L&D (using the “new female child” etc. actions). (For the Sims 3, all students must be children. You must adopt them.). Then when they all become (young) adults, you move them out and add 2 more children and 2 more teens (or 4 more children in TS3). Then you keep repeating this until the 5th set of kids graduate.
-For The Sims 3, you MAY NOT age up your children until you get the pop-up saying it's their birthday in a few days. Then you may age them up whenever.
-NO parties. Not even birthday parties. This is a school, not a Greek house.
-Gender does not matter for the students. It could be all boys, all girls, or a mix.
-Teens can not get jobs.
-LTW does not matter in this challenge. You do not have to fulfill it.
-You may NOT get married until the 2nd generation of students graduate. You can be engaged to someone, but you can not get married until then. And you can't get married to a playable sim. Only a townie or NPC.
-There is to be NO cheating other than when you add the students in the school. No money, mood or age cheats are allowed!
-After you are done building the first version of the school, familyfund your founder $500.
-No hacks allowed
-You may not use any of the career or aspiration rewards except for the Elixir of Life. (You may not use any lifetime opportunity awards.)
-You may not have children until the 3rd generation of students graduate.
-You must get a job at the beginning of the challenge, but nothing from University.
-After the 3rd generation of students leave, if you decide to have children, you may only have 2 maximum.
-No pets are allowed! Not even a Wombat! NO PETS!
-After you move the kids in, you ARE allowed to change their clothes, but you can't cheat to get them new clothes.
-You are allowed to leave the lot, but you have to take them all or leave them all there. You can't just take one or two, you have to take them all or none. (When in the Sims 3, your children may not go to anyone's house after school. They must come straight home. If they bring anyone home after school, they must automatically send them home.)
-The kids, obviously, will have to go to regular school too. Make sure they go! They must all carry a B average or higher by the time they turn into (young) adults.
-You are allowed to enroll the kids in Private school.
-If a student dies, you are allowed to resurrect them if you wish.
-If you lose a student (dies or is taken by the social worker), you must replace them!
-No students may go to college.
-When a child turns into a teen, you can pick their aspiration if you wish. (Sims 2 only)
-You may chose your students traits, just as long as they don't break any rules.
-For TS3, no student may have the "good" or "friendly" traits.
-Each student must have at least one of these traits: Kleptomaniac, Hot-Headed, Evil, Mean-Spirited, Inappropriate, Neurotic. You may use boolprop (testingcheatsenabled) to change one of their traits to one of these unless they get one.
-No student may leave the house unattended.
-In case of your founder dying, if the founder has a spouse, they may take over. If they die, the challenge is over.

Building and Upgrading
-You may not move to a new lot!
-For the original school, you may not use money cheats to build it, and it cannot be extravagant. -The first version of the school should not have any wallpaper except on the outside, anything expensive, or anything that makes it look fancy. Only the bare necessities.
-The school must have 3 wings to it: the bedrooms, the kitchen and bathrooms, and the study area.
-The kitchen MUST have these things in it:
Refrigerator, stove, trashcan or trash compactor, sink or dishwasher, fire alarm for the student’s safety, at least 3 counters, and at least 3 islands.
-The kitchen MAY have these if you wish:
Coffee machine, food processor, hot chocolate machine, telephone
-The kitchen MAY NOT have these things:
Juice machine, custom pop machines, custom vending machines, buffet table, juice keg.
-You have to upgrade the school every time you get a promotion. You must use at least half of the money earned.
-You may upgrade the school in between promotions, but it’s not necessary.
-If you get to the top of your career, you must add or upgrade at least 1 thing a day for 7 days.


-Each set graduated: +2. (That should add up to +10 in the end)
-Top a career: +5
-Get married: +5
-Have at least one child: +2
-Each A+ from a student: +1
-Each student in Private school: +1
-Each student on Honor Roll by graduation: +2
-Each skill point earned by the students (all added together): +1
-Each badge earned by a student: +2
-Each badge earned by founder: +1
-Each skill mastered by student: +4
-Each skill mastered by founder: +3
The following may not all be added to your score. For example, if your school is $275,943 in the end, you may not get the +2 and +1, only the +2
-Value of the school in the end is $100,000-$199,999: +1
-Value of the school in the end is $200,000-$299,999: +2
-Value of the school in the end is $300,000-$399,999: +3
-Value of the school in the end is $400,000 or more: +4

-Each kid taken by the social worker: -15
-Each skill point lost by a student: -1
-Each time you are rejected by Private school: -2
-Each fire you have: -3
-Each teen that runs away: -5
-Get left at the alter: -2
-Every D or F a student gets: -5
-Every demotion you get: -2
-Value of the school in the end is less than $100,000: -20
-Every visitor that dies on the lot: -10
-Each student that dies: -15
-Each student that is made into a werewolf, zombie, Plantsim or vampire: -10

-Your founder has twins or triplets: +5
-Reach the top of 2 or more careers: +10
-Every student has gotten an A+ (can only be fulfilled in the end): +10
-At least one student out of each set graduates Platinum: +5 (Sims 2 Only)
-By the end, at least one student graduated with 50,000 or more lifetime opportunity points: +5 (Sims 3 Only)
-Fulfill LTW: +5
-Family friends: Every 2 friends is a +1
-Every friend each student has: Each friend is a +1

Final Scores:

Less than 0:
You SUCK! The school is demolished the minute you finish the challenge and find out your score was in the negatives.
Blah! The school is demolished a week after you finish.
After a bit of discussion and a levy is voted on, sadly, the school is demolished.
After campaigns are held & a levy is voted on, the school is saved. Barely saved, but still saved.
The school is saved by a landslide after a levy is voted on! Congratulations!
There didn’t even have to be a campaign or a levy! The school was saved without even a second thought! Congratulations, you are a teacher extraordinaire!

If you have decided to try this, tell me and send me the link in a PM or on this thread! I want to read it! :)


  • addict1220addict1220 Posts: 3,778 New Member
    edited September 2009
    I like this. Unfortunately, I can't play it because of my computer limitations, but I'll give you a bump anyway. I can tell you spent a lot of time. Will look forward to seeing builds and stories from this one.
  • ybboccobby04ybboccobby04 Posts: 645 Member
    edited September 2009
    bump and bookmark :) didn't read through it yet cause i'm focusing on my original legacy and the mom buuut definitely will look back at it when i get the chance, and hope others will check it out! looks like you spent a lot of time on it! :thumbup:
  • Simzgal2108Simzgal2108 Posts: 84
    edited September 2009
    Thank you guys! I am actually starting mine right now! I hope people will try it!
  • ybboccobby04ybboccobby04 Posts: 645 Member
    edited September 2009
    p.s. also added you to my gameplay challenge list:

  • Simzgal2108Simzgal2108 Posts: 84
    edited September 2009
    Thank you so much for adding my challenge!!! :mrgreen: 8)
  • HumidHumid Posts: 4
    edited May 2011
    Hi, great challenge! I was just wondering, you say in the begginging, "You may send your kids to private school". I don't recall there is a private school in the sims 3?... :?:
  • Cece1297Cece1297 Posts: 61
    edited June 2011
    Humid wrote:
    Hi, great challenge! I was just wondering, you say in the begginging, "You may send your kids to private school". I don't recall there is a private school in the sims 3?... :?:

    If you have sims 3 generations, then you get to send your children & teenagers to private school/boarding school.
    edited June 2011
    This is a great idea! I would do it but I have my legacy on the go right now! Maybe later! Free bump for you!
  • HumidHumid Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    Name You Wish To Be Called: Humid

    Builders Name: Humid

    Headshot Of Builder (Your Sim!)On A White Background: [img]file:///Users/GSCiBook/Desktop/Picture%202.png[/img]

    Why You Want To Enter (Not neccesary just interesting to know!): I love building and designing and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is my favourite show!

    Sorry i posted this on thewrong forum and i dont know how to delete it.
  • mens0067mens0067 Posts: 187 New Member
    edited September 2011
    I just started this challenge and will post pictures soon. I am just wondering about the point system. "Each skill point earned by the students (all added together): +1" Is this 1 point for each skill, or 1 point for all skills for one student? Thanks! :)
  • Adventure4U1Adventure4U1 Posts: 239 Member
    edited February 2013
    A little bit confused. How is this supposed to work.

    Plus, if if you have seasons, can the get vaccinated? Do they need to go to school if they get sick?
    Life is an Adventure
    Not a movie
  • Simzgal2108Simzgal2108 Posts: 84
    edited August 2013
    Keep in mind this was made in 2009...there were no seasons then. I will fix this based on the new EPs.
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