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THINGS we want to see in 2024!!

Mak27Mak27 Posts: 1,066 Member
edited October 16 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Pool table


Spiral stairs


Lawn mowing


Deep fryer










Utilities stuff kit (services meters, water heaters)










Pool cleaning

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  • ShellySims35ShellySims35 Posts: 2 New Member
    i think we need to bring back cars! I know Sims 4 is about to be obsolete but i miss cars and buses and watching the kids go out and get on the buses to school. and the cars that came to pick you up for work. or to the club.

    We like making this like real life so can we look in to Grocery stores. Betsy Sim (newly divorced) gets in her new car she just bought with her divorce settlement and goes to the grocery store and runs in to an old friend. then he shows up as a love interest. and she can call and flirt.
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,514 Member
    So OP you want a Sims 2 Free time expansion pack and I'm all for it that's one of my favorite for Sims 2 it was all about activities and hobbies.

    I would love vechiles, Preteens, Burglars, spiral stairs, pool activities like pool slide, diving board, lazy river.

    Hot Chocolate.

    Sims seperate simoleon bank account separate from the household account.

    Wills and testament, Divorce Settlement.
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 1,066 Member
    edited October 20
    Briana2425 wrote: »
    So OP you want a Sims 2 Free time expansion pack and I'm all for it that's one of my favorite for Sims 2 it was all about activities and hobbies.

    The Sims 2 Freetime is my favorite EP ever in The Sims franchise.

    A lot of new items: sewing machine, pottery table, car for restoration, train model table, ant farm, soccer goal, ballet barre and others!

    New careers like architecture and oceanography, and with the lack of aquariums, the last one could be a must!

    Finally, adding new stuff from TS3 like karate and glassblowing could be the perfect EP for The Sims 4
  • ArarineArarine Posts: 237 Member
    edited October 21
    Wouldn't it is too early this year, they said we gonna have another expansion pack before end of Dec so Who know what new thing we will have
    Wish more Recipe/harvestable/woodwork/craftableWish live in businessWish more interactive between sims and activityWish a lot of refresh and Better resize pleaseWish for another colour upgrade swatchWish for pool sliderFix the bug please
  • sungirl1919sungirl1919 Posts: 1 New Member
    For EA. I've been considering some things that would make the game seem slightly more realistic and enjoyable. Having the "Get to Work" pack is excellent. You have the stores, hospital, police station, and science lab. However, seeing recently that you've come out with the infant update. I, and other sim players I know personally, have agreed on the fact that there should be some minor updates. Although the pregnancy is only three days long, having ultrasounds would still add more conflict. Perhaps hearing a heartbeat or getting pictures in your inventory of the baby and also, deciding if you want to find the gender IN THE HOSPITAL rather than knowing a doctor personally. Also, seeing as all occult sims have their special things. Werewolf pack and the tree, spellcaster portal world, vampires having multiple unique abilities, and aliens having their world. But what do mermaids have besides a tail and the need to be in water constantly and have a short amount of activities with the dolphins? If your answer was nothing, then you're correct. Why not add a particular mermaid coven? Perhaps mermaid children (newborns, infants, and toddlers) can be born with a tail and can't walk until elementary age. This would add more suspense to the game, in my opinion. This also relates to my next suggestion... underwater houses! It's similar to a basement, except there's no house above, and it's all in water. That all contributes to my suggestions about mermaids. I also think there should be more businesses... those who are good with kids can work at a daycare—or grocery stores, disregarding the two little shops in the cottage pack, banks, etc. I also think evil Sims should be able to kidnap other Sims. This is extreme... I know. But haven't you considered it's boring when the only bad things to do in the Sims game are bully people, steal, and make mean jokes? It's starting to get boring. The game also happens to lag a lot. New hairstyles and stylish clothes with more hats, jewelry, makeup, and hair colors are essential. I'm sorry, EA, but you lack your fashion skills. Also, you overprice things. I don't want to keep spending $39.99 on a game I might not see myself playing anymore. Although I've been playing since I was nine, I might lose interest in it as I get older. And yes, you might think that's my problem. However, it's not just my problem! It's so many other sim player's problems as well. If I don't want to spend $39.99 on an overpriced game, which leads to me becoming less interested (along with the tons of other sim players I know), then we might consider not playing anymore. I hope you think about this, from me and my Sims fan page to you, EA.
  • OccultmasterOccultmaster Posts: 85 Member
    I just want more Occult Life States in 2024, we still don't have enough in 4, also Reminder if we don't get a similar amount of Occult content as Sims 3 in 4, Renee would have to pick up the slack.
  • WannanoWannano Posts: 2 New Member
    I am not asking for much I don't think but... GIVE ME THE OPPTION FOR A 24 HOUR CLOCK!
    Like PLEASE? We don't use Am-Pm were I am from and it confuses the brain juice out of me...
  • MarteziaKingMarteziaKing Posts: 277 Member
    I really want to see an expansion/game pack dedicated to various hobbies/activities/interests to keep our Sims busy with new things to do and try out. Basically the FreeTime expansion pack from The Sims 2 but remade/modernize for The Sims 4. I also want to see a stuff pack with new CAS and Build Mode items for infants since children and toddlers already had their own dedicated stuff packs respectively.🤞
    ♥ If you can't be the light in the shadows, be the gem that refracts the light all around ♥
  • cassiesmith469cassiesmith469 Posts: 1 New Member
    > @Mak27 said:
    > Pool table
    > Spiral stairs
    > Lawn mowing
    > Deep fryer
    > Bass
    > Drums
    > Karate
    > Ballet
    > Utilities stuff kit (services meters, water heaters)
    > Woodchopping
    > Sewing
    > Pottery
    > Glassblowing
    > Pool cleaning

    I agree with all of these and maybe even other crafts like jewelry making or coloring books
  • ShannonMarie_76ShannonMarie_76 Posts: 41 Member
    edited October 31
    FAVORITES- ability to favourite items in cas, build and buy to find our most used items easily
    Swim up bars
    Pool slide
    Pool/Swimming games
    Pool cleaning, closing and opening for season
    Lawn care (mowing, trimming, tree trimming, career)
    Board games like simopoly lol
    Puzzles for kids and adults
    Pool tables
    Kid toys like pushing doll in stroller, play kitchen etc.
    More pool tools, round etc.
    More roof tools to smooth roof pieces together
    Auto Roof
    Curtain sliders
    Ability to have different foundation heights attached to each other
    Split level ability/build under a platform
    Raised basements
    Ability to raise/lower platforms without affecting terrain/no gaps between house and terrain or ability to fill in gaps
    Height sliders
    Butler fix - ability to click on items "tell butler to clean"
    Live in Nanny
    Ability to build apartments, own multiple lots and rent out, real estate career, ability to go to work in the real estate career
    More lots, more of the mid-larger sized lots
    Child support
    Divorced parent child visits
    Spousal Support
    Ability to create an event like birthday party ahead of time instead of the day of
    Ability to delete game created events in the calendar
    Ability to turn off vampire, celebrities etc. while still using the game items and worlds

  • CandeskaCandeska Posts: 1 New Member
    I have a been a solid Simmer since the OG Sims 1 release in 2000. I was 12 years old, my dad took me to beat buy to spend my christmas money and there it was in all its splendor 😂 anyways fast forward to now...i've been thinking for awhile "what would i like to see in future sims" and well, id love for pack to come out bringing back all the funniest and best items from each incarnation from Sims 1, 2 and 3 (more so 1 & 2) i know we've gotten a few items lime the sad clown portrait and even Bella Goth. What about the genie lamp? The heart vibrating bed? The dancer coming out od a wedding cake? During covid i took a trip down memory lane and man, did i love. I miss the earky Simmlish. The prank calls. The music from Makin Magic. I think the Sims team should go back to where it all started.
  • ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 1,981 Member
    I really want to see an expansion/game pack dedicated to various hobbies/activities/interests to keep our Sims busy with new things to do and try out. Basically the FreeTime expansion pack from The Sims 2 but remade/modernize for The Sims 4. I also want to see a stuff pack with new CAS and Build Mode items for infants since children and toddlers already had their own dedicated stuff packs respectively.🤞

    Completely agree with Freetime EP idea and also the Infant Stuff pack idea. We need more content like CAS, objects for infants, hopefully in 2024 we are getting more for them, they are the most lacking life stage at the moment (if we are talking about the base game Infants at least, of course, Growing Together added a lot of content for Infants too), so hopefully more is coming for infants! Maybe even a few more new Newborn onesies too? <3
  • ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 1,981 Member
    These are what I would LOVE to see in 2024:


    Showtime/Superstar with bands, singing, acrobats, magicians active careers and pack integration with Get Famous (and of course its own potential new gameplay mechanics!) and a South Korean or South African inspired city world <3

    Rush Hour with new public transportation like cars (hopefully the basic cars will get added for everyone in a base game update for free!) buses, taxis, train or tram, scooters, trucks, and a city world with new active careers like Mechanic, Formula Driver, etc

    Entrepreneur with beauty salons, running our own cafes, multipurpose community lot tool, home businesses, tattoo salons, shopping malls, clothing stores, grocery stores/supermarkets (actual ones where we can go indoors like in Sims 2), jewellry making skill for Jewellry shops we can also run and own, Tattoo Skill, ability to buy community lots/more real estate features




    Unicorns and other occult horses and occults?

    Grim Reaper/Dangerous


    Swimming Pool Stuff

    Arcade Stuff with pinball machines, arcade machines from Sims 2 and Sims 3

    Infant Stuff with more CAS, Build Mode objects and gameplay for Infants (maybe a daycare at home active career feature? My friend said she would love to have that in Sims 4 for babies and toddlers for challenge!)
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 1,066 Member
    Since the return of the Stuff Packs, sewing, pottery and glassblowing could be SPs, but a complete crafting/hobbies EP could be even better!
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 782 Member
    edited November 12
    There’s soooo much. Theme/water park GP, Hotels, multi-functional lots, and please actual Malls & arcades!!
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 782 Member
    omg yes i love the glass blowing object from TS3. it’d be cool to make jewelry/decor/perfumes that you can wear or sell in anyway (plopsy, retail lots, yard sale stand)
  • MsMayMsMay Posts: 438 Member
    edited November 20
    Bring back “Collection Folders” put in CAS & Build/Buy Mode. I have forgotten about this feature from the Sims 2 & 3 until Iron Seagull just brought that up.
  • RapidRabidRabbitRapidRabidRabbit Posts: 127 Member
    I’m hoping and praying for bands. I really want to make little garage bands for my teen sims and then have them become super famous.

    I’d also love a way to have malls in the game, but I don’t know how feasible that’d be given the 20 sims per lot limit.
  • BariSaxyBariSaxy Posts: 4,694 Member
    As always... for the past twenty years... I am once again asking for a playable woodwind/brass instrument.

    A historical EP is high on the list for me. Preferably something like ancient Greece, since that'd be different from the The Sims Medieval. I feel like medieval is a bit overdone and is usually represented in a fantasy way, which is not to my liking (unless it comes with unicorns. lol).

    I don't expect it, though. EA seems unlikely to overhaul the game enough to allow for historical play.

    Otherwise, Create a World. I don't know if it's "possible" with the engine, but there is a modder who is creating one, so it must actually be possible. Just sayin'. Create a World would open up so many doors. We'd still have to create segmented worlds, but at least let us create larger ones with many, many more lots. Please, let me edit Brindleton Bay to where I can make more of it functional, less decorative. It's a complete waste to be limited to so few lots in our worlds. We should at least have the option to change that.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,982 Member
    1. Spiral Stairs
    2. Heart Shape Bed
    3. Heart Shape Bathtub
    4. Drums
    5. Time Machine
    6. Potter's Wheel
  • essiecabessiecab Posts: 1 New Member
    1.) For Discover U - have the question "what other Sims will be going to University with you" like in the Sims 2. Just make it so it asks that when we have aging turned off, and give us ability to have them enter dorm together instead of having to go back and forth picking them and piecing it together.

    2.) A full band pack with drums, horns, and the ability for Sims to "play together" with music synced. The higher the level, the better the band would play.

    3.) Let the pets get jobs like they did in Sims 2, and more control over the pets. Ability to "ride together" on horses.
  • Diamondback7TCDiamondback7TC Posts: 20 Member
    1. Some new worlds with realistic lot sizes, such as 40x40 to 160x160. Stop giving us tiny home lots. And, make them affordable while being grocery cashiers, like in real life. If a 15x20 lot is going to cost as much as my 120x140 lot of RL, I don't think I want to live in that world.
    2. Give us a pack that really gives grocery stores and grocery shopping, along with delivery. And, make sure it gives both part-time work options and full-time work options like real life. My very big family mostly work in grocery stores and retail full-time for life. And, our lot is 120x140, and that's an easy to afford lot.
    3. Correct taxes to being only once a year, except sales taxes (which can't be on groceries). Maybe in this pack give us working in tax collection, and as IRS.
    4. I don't know 'bout the rest of y'all... But, my Sims 4 has detectives and forensics, but no police officers or firefighters. We need a pack with police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, with emergency vehicles for work.
    5. How 'bout not only a fairy pack, but could we also get a youkai pack that gives nine-tailed foxes and dragons (devils)?
    6. Since we got a Star Wars pack, can we have an X-Men pack and an Avengers pack? But, don't make it based off Disneyland, make it really give us the Xavier School, and the Avengers headquarters.
    7. Could we get a pack that gives a singer career, and a second musician career that backs up/supports the singer(s), and with singer groups possible (such as boy bands and girl bands)?
    8. Could a new pack introduce common medicines, such as vitamins, painkillers, cold medicine, flu medicine, etc? Maybe this could come with adding a nurse and EMT career track pair to the game to go along with the doctor career?
    9. Could we get dentists, please? You gave us braces, varied, teeth, and teeth falling out, so what about a dentist?
    10. Could you give us health insurance and life/death insurance? Maybe add it in a pack giving us cars and include car insurance, too?
    11. I agree that we should take care of our yards if we're lucky enough to have a yard or two, such as with lawn-mowing, and bush-trimming. Or, hire routine gardeners if we have the money and no time for yardcare.
    12. We need scheduled: gardeners, ranchhands, farmhands, babysitters, maids, nannies, butlers, daycares.
    13. Some new childcare careers can include: daycare workers, grouphome parents, orphanage worker.
    14. Grouphome parents could also have an option for adult grouphome work, for disabled adults, or for elderly.
    15. Old folks communities and homes would be an excellent pack focus, giving a world that's for elderly sims to live in with some lots being old folks' homes, and the rest being a residential community for older folks.
    16. A disability pack focused on physical disability would be good, adding wheelchairs, crutches, etc.
    17. A disability pack adding social disabilities would be good, please? It could add social anxiety, mutism, selective mutism, deafness, sign language, sign language school, etc.
    18. A disability pack adding psychological disability would be good, such as schizophrenia, borderline, etc.
    19. A disability pack adding intellectual disability would be good, which could introduce I.Q. testing to the Sims to get diagnosed as whatever % disabled intellectually, or it could also be used to prove a sim as a genius, a super genius, or above average.
    20. The pack introducing grouphomes for kids and orphanages could greatly expand upon adoption, and it could add fostering. Sims 4 currently has adoption in it, but it doesn't have fostering, or fostering-to-adopt.
    21. Another good childcare addition would be the big brother/big sister program, where you sign up to volunteer your time to be a big brother or big sister influence for a kid with no siblings, or for a kid who lives in a bad neighborhood full of bad influences.
    22. Another good addition for children would be to add preschool for toddlers.
    23. All of these pack possibilities for kids... The packs can add a lot of new clothes for the kids.
    24. One of the new worlds could have an arcade, and arcade games could be added to the game.
    25. A new world could have a pool hall when pool is added to the game. Same world should have a bar near the pool hall. People who love pool also usually love bars.
    26. Could you give us another big city pack that has dance clubs? Pop, hip hop, electronica?
    27. How about adding a world with a theater that does music concerts, plays, ballets, and musicals?
    28. How about a dance pack? Ballet, ballroom, Latin ballroom, belly, shuffle?
    29. Could you add a chatbox to the game so we can read translations of what our Sims are saying, and so we can write things for our Sims to say that get translated into Simmish? Could the same update come with giving us subtitles in video recordings, screen capture pictures, and in streamed video feed? It'd be cool to know what are Sims are saying, and to interact with it for story-telling.
    30. Could we get an optional expansion pack that adds playing with people on our friends list, such as in the same household, or as neighbors? If so, can it give both options? Or, do we have to wait till Sims 5 for multiplayer? Sims 3 added some kind of multiplayer feature toward it's end.
    31. For Rent stopped showing as existing on the EA app, and it needs to be restored to the EA app. And, after an app. update, it's still missing.
    32. How about you guys add for our Sims to correctly use the kitchen sink to wash dishes instead of the bathroom sink? It disgusts me every time I see my sims addicted to washing their dishes in the bathroom. It's sick.
    33. How about you remove our sims putting earwax in food? That's disgusting, too.
    34. How about a new addition of hygiene kill, and health skill? What about a nutrition skill, and adding a nutrition system to the game? And, make us malnourished if we don't have good nutrition?
    35. How about addition of everyone needing to drink 8 servings of drinks a day, and this pack could introduce us to 1, 2, and 3 serving size drinks to carry around drinking until we finish them, such as water bottles, sports drinks, coffee thermoses, big gulps, etc?
    36. How about an update that makes our inventories realistic? Such as limiting us to our pockets, purses, backpacks, etc. for what we can carry?
    37. How about adding citizenship to the game, where we have to pick a citizenship for our sim that's available in our Sims game, such as United States, Japan, Scotland, or Thailand? And, make it so if we live in a foreign world to our sim, we have to go through legal procedures to do so or get sent back to the world we're from?
    38. How about another farming pack that expands upon our potential to farm so it isn't just gardening?
    39. How about a world with a zoo, and that adds keeping exotic pets if getting a permit first, or of exotic pets that are legal without aa permit, too, such as the Fennec fox? It could also add hybrids being known to be hybrids, savannahs, bengals, and wolfdogs.
    40. How about adding sports, sports parks, sports centers, sports stores, sports teams at school, and sports stadiums?
    41. How about an Aquarium pack that ads to aquariums, fish pet keeping, fishing, and makes it possible to visit a zoo-type aquarium place?
    42. How about addition of a hotel/motel in every world with a tourist attraction, and make our travel between worlds realistic?
    43. I'd love houseboats being added. Why doesn't San Sequoia have houseboats??? It's clearly a houseboat map, but there's no houseboats in it.
    44. How about water parks and theme parks being added as more possible tourist destinations?
    45. How about addition of the pubescent phase, and addition of a middle-aged phase? What about addition of centenarion phase that some sims might live to if they take good care of themselves?
    46. What about updating hair on the head so it grows? That includes both on top, and eyebrows. It could go with a hair expansion pack that is all about hair, hair lengths, and hairstyles, to increase our hair realism, and our hair self-expression.
    47. What about a makeup pack?
    48. What about a pack with sewing, embroidering, crocheting, knitting, etc. any of the possible clothes to wear in the game?
    49. What about letting us pick our work clothes? And, give us work and school dress codes, and uniforms.
    50. How about addition of religions, even if made-up ones perhaps, to the Sims? And, then our sims can be religious, and can go to church/synagogue/mosque/etc. And, the places of worship could have dresscodes.
    51. How about a new education pack introducing alternative schools? Religious school, second-chance school for bad kids, posh luxury school for rich kids, military school, etc.
    52. How about a new weather enhancement of dryness versus humidity? It could come with a new Sonoran Desert world that is humid during monsoon season, and that's most of the year dry, with risk of wildfires when dry, and with risk of hail, and with risk of heatstroke, dry skin needing hand lotion, lip balm, body lotion, face lotion? It could also introduce needing tissues when sick, and getting tissue-burned noses that need to be soothed with lotion.
    53. How about a motorcycle and scooter pack?
    54. How about a dirtbike and quad/ATV/4-wheel pack? This could be the desert world pack with dryness and humidity addition? Maybe there's a sand dunes area with dirtbike & quad trails? Maybe also a nomal desert trail lot, too? Don't forget for this to be doable as young as pubescent life-stage. This could also be the pack that introduces pubescent kids.
  • DeExeterDeExeter Posts: 1 New Member
    I think I have a really good idea. I would like to see a expansion about homelessness. There is still a lot of "rags to riches" playing, even if I don't personally see a lot of it posted on line anymore. What if EA was to add additional plots for homeless living on the existing maps. They could have requirements like, no buildings or no showers etc. They could be put in out of the way areas that already exist in the maps and other sims could visit homeless sims and harass them, or make them move. Or even introduce a squatting mechanic. I know that this will be controversial, but it would allow more game play in the "rags to riches" game play and would also shine a light on a ongoing issue here in the u.s. The plots added wouldn't be bigger than 10x 15 or 10 x 10. The smallest one being 4 x 4. Just big enough for a tent and mail box. It would also be cool, if you would allow it, to have multiple homeless plots in close proximity to each other to show a homeless tenement. That way you could have multiple families in the area but still only have to play one. Additional game play could include, chopping wood for fires to keep warm and begging career. I hope you would consider this expansion, or even make it a game pack. Thank you for your time.
  • KGBGiGiKGBGiGi Posts: 1 New Member
    I’d honestly love to see more architectural freedom. My favorite part of Sims 4 is the building and creating the spaces to put them. These är all suggestions for consoles since PC has more freedoms.
    • Angular walls and windows (triangle, octagon, diamond, etc.)
    • Different shapes and sizes of doors and archways.
    • Customizable colorways for items.
    • More wallpapers without tacky wainscotting attached to it, and equally JUST wainscotting as an added texture to an existing wall already with the color I want.
    • Different wall and floor textures and finishes, more colors for those as well.
    My biggest pet peeve is every wall on the same level has to be the same height, regardless of it being a different building from the main one.. I’d love to be able to have a room with tall walls but the rest of the floor is shorter. It’s also annoying to have to jigsaw roofing together on rounded corners to cohere with a straight roof.
    • More column options as far as colors and materials/size.
    • More banister options & colors.
    • More fencing options, colors, and materials.
    • Resizing for height and width of objects, not just doubling size or moving them up and down.

    If we had the luxury on console to do or download custom content I’d be happily making all of that for y’all, but unfortunately we have to beg Devs to make things that make sense for fully-customized builds.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,182 Member
    A waterpark stuffpack with functional water buckets,pool slides,waterslides,pool waterfalls our sims could play under,wave machines,lazy river float rides,curved pools and pool steps.
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