Water care GP: drought, heating, hydroponics, filters and more dew collectors

Mak27Mak27 Posts: 930 Member
New gameplay focused on water care:

New drought gameplay: drought will force the Sims to use water in specific hour times. If Eco Lifestyle is installed, industrial footprint will trigger this event often.

New water heaters: each will allow to the Sims to have warm or hot water. There could be three different ones: electric, propane and basement ones, each with pros and cons.

New swimming pool filters: this will allow to Sims to care their swimming pool water. Filters could be placed inside the swimming pool, and also Sims could use a net for cleaning from outside.

Dew collectos: unlike in Eco Lifestyle, this time dew collector will be more simple than before. Now as a vertical net instead a chuncky net with some containers.

Hydroponics planters: like in TS2, hydroponic vertical planters will require water to work. Sims can upgrade those with better filters, noise reduction and s

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