Any mods for more impactful traits?

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I wish sometimes the game had more impactful traits that effected the gameplay more. Effected their wants and fears too. an example of a funny one I think would be instead of romantic or hopeless romantic would be obsessive romantic. A trait where the sim is more picky about who they flirt with or like but when they do like someone or fall in love it becomes obsessive for them and they become very needy for them. And practically all their wants and fears have to do with this particular sim.
Such as constantly calling them even in the middle of the night. and asking them why haven’t you I heard from you? Or why haven’t you called me back? And the more the sims ignore this obsessive romantic they get more intense to maybe showing up to their house unannounced or following them to different destinations or a pop up that says they showed up to their sims work and caused embarrassment.

It may get to the point they don’t want this sim to be out of their sight and if they are they become angry to rage full and they also get very jealous of other interactions the other sim may have with other sims. I know it sounds dark but the game needs a bit more darker traits there’s not that many impactful ones with meaningful reactions. You could also add an obsessive friendship trait where this sim is in awe of their best friend that they will do anything they say. Their friend has complete control over what they do or how they act, it would be good for creating clicks in get together for sims to follow a certain sims orders. The trait could be called follower or sheep trait. Or obsessive friend trait.


  • Bren91Bren91 Posts: 161 Member
    Another fun one could be a sim who has no shame. They don’t get embarrassed ever and they constantly do things to get attention such as burping and farting and they just say or do things that are not appropriate at the most innapropriate times.

    A Nosy trait would be funny too. Like Ms. Crumplebottom who was always in other peoples business and trying to tell them how to behave and constantly preaching examples of how and not to be. It would be a fun addition to a sim who has no shame or embarrassment.
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