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So, I've downloaded and attempted to play Meetmetotheriver's version of Clean Pleasantview which has all the sims relationships/dna relinked and fixed. I cannot get over Bella Goth being a townie and walking about the neighborhood due to the fact she is supposed to be missing. So my question is what do you do with Bella? What can I do just so she isn't walking around town...renting apartments? etc.

I did attempt to download and use the Clean Pleasantville without Bella by zachjohnunlimited from Modthesims however I don't know if there was something wrong either with that neighborhood or just bad luck but NONE of my female sims could get pregnant no matter how many times I tried.


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    Hi :)
    If I'm playing the clean version, I normally marry her back to Mortimer. Sometimes I have her "kill" him as if she's a doppelganger. :mrgreen:
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    I immediately move her in and make her playable as soon as a set up the town and start playing the rotations
    In my current game I've kicked out Daniel Pleasant and had him move in with Kaylynn Langerak into one of the condos near Lothario and Calientes. I had Kaylynn befriend Bella (they get along quite well) and move her in with the two of them.
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    That's really interesting. I was able to get the clean Pleasantview without Bella to work so I've been playing my rotations. I've never really played Pleasantview before and it's been really interesting. Cassandra and Don had boy girl twins, and Mary-Sue is pregnant and it's twins! I'm working on getting Brandi Broke and Darren dreamer together. I think they would make a cute couple. I don't know yet what I'm going to do about Don Lothario or Daniel Pleasant. I plan on trying to keep their indiscretions under wraps for as long as I can and just see what happens.
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