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Should they add more trashy stuff?



  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,209 Member
    Captain_C wrote: »
    Doing some stuff listed would change the rating of the game from Mature to something else. Showing anything more with any violence, with graphic content; blood, bones, etc, it starts to become more gritty. Which I think is cool, but might play upon the younger audience's psyche. Real-world problems, how things deteriorate, etc. I would think it would be super cool if they added abandoned houses, where homeless sims and ghosts appear in. Or maybe have an option for handiness or a sculpting skill where you can sculpt other objects to be more grunge or gritty so to speak.

    If the game is for mature audiences, there shouldn't be a younger crowd. However, everything I see in Sims seems to be directed more for kids. I question what rating they actually want for the game...

    But even if they added some grittiness, it would not compare to, say, Fallout or Elder Scrolls- not by a long shot.
  • ellieholidayellieholiday Posts: 3 New Member
    always find myself being drawn to use the imperfect furniture more
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