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Do you use a desktop or a laptop for the Sims?



  • HanskuHansku Posts: 1,735 Member
    edited November 2015
    @Hansku Does your game lag or crash? Mine does, I just want to know if my laptop sucks.
    Toshiba Satellite L50D-B-172 15.6" is what I'm using.
    So far TS2 or TS4 has never crashed with this laptop. I used to play with a Macbook, TS2 crashed few times but only because of bad cc.
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  • taigoesrawrtaigoesrawr Posts: 812 Member
    Laptop! B) but because of that I couldn't even play TS3... luckily it runs TS4 like godmode though.
  • Xavy_CatXavy_Cat Posts: 345 Member
    edited November 2015
    I use a laptop. I really dislike sitting at a desk for long periods of time, so having a laptop allows me to play curled up in bed or sprawled out on the sofa..
  • EstmelEstmel Posts: 97 Member
    I use a laptop because if I travel I want to be able to bring my game with me :#
  • ohhmystarrsohhmystarrs Posts: 52 Member
    I recently got what is in my opinion, the best laptop ever lol. Asus gaming laptop. So beautiful and amazing performance. Has been able to handle everything I have thrown at it so far. Easily the best computer power and performance-wise that I have ever had. So happy to be able to play the game I do want to play, do my college classes, and work online! TS4 and TS3 both run BEAUTIFULLY.
  • RaishaRaisha Posts: 129 Member
    @ohhmystarrs Wow, that sounds really cool. I can't imagine what kind of beast your laptop has to be to run TS3 smoothly. Does it have all of the expansions added, too?

    My laptop is a few years old, so there are probably better ones out there by now. One problem I have with mine is the small amount of space on the harddrive. It seemed like a lot at the time but now it fills up frequently. I had to delete a bunch of photos and things just to install TS4.
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  • LazerRay3LazerRay3 Posts: 312 Member
    My Asus gaming based laptop runs Sims 3 and all expansion packs fairly smoothly too, and the thing is over 6 years old and on it's third hard drive (I maxed out the other drives, and the second one was getting ready to fail).

    If you can open the back panels on your laptop, you may be able to get to the hard drive and be able to swap it out for a bigger one.

    I recommend Macrium for making a disk image or cloning the data from one drive to the other, its free and easy to use.
  • ohhmystarrsohhmystarrs Posts: 52 Member
    @Raisha Haha, yes it really is a beast! I have named it "Goliath". It has a 17" screen, i7 core, 4 processors, over a terrabyte of memory, it weighs like fifteen pounds lol. I've built muscle learning to haul it around. It is hardly a "portable" laptop, but I plan on taking it wherever I need to go. It is my first big purchase and it has been so worth it! Try getting an external hard drive for your computer, raisha. They are not always super cheap, but even the smaller ones offer like 250 or 300 GBs of space. You could put all of your pics and such on there instead of your comp's HD so you didn't have to delete them!
  • NatariaNataria Posts: 587 Member
    Laptop with a mouse. All i know is that its a toshiba and its pretty and runs sims well.
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