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The KIbo Family Legacy

Background and Prologue:
It began with Akira Kibo. He was a musician living in San Myshuno with friends, dating anyone who would put up with his jealousy, when he met Penny Pizzazz. The two of them hit it off from the beginning, to the point that one of Akira's friends grew frustrated and stalked off, taking a dislike to Penny. At first he hung out at her apartment every chance he got, eating fruitcake, playing video games or just chatting. Before long, they were spending time together around the city, and began to date officially.
Penny proved willing to put up with his jealous streak, made easier because she preferred to work from home and often did once they married. Especially after the children came along.

Harry Kibo was their first born son and oldest of a pair of twins. He showed an early interest and aptitude for music and by the time he was a teen, he knew he wanted to be a musician. Not long after that realization, his parents learned they were expecting their fifth child after two sets of twins. Their apartment was getting a bit small and they couldn't afford anything larger, so Akira and Penny moved the family out of the city into a house in Newcrest. Harry wasn't so sure he liked the idea of leaving his school and his friends.

Brianne Cook was the youngest of 6 girls, including triplets. Like Harry, she knew early what she wanted to be when she grew up, and spent a lot of time playing with her doctor playset as a child. Her parents died when she was a child, leaving her in the care of the teenage triplets. She helped her sister Lynda and her husband raise their daughter while in high school, gaining some experience with parenting. When Brianne became a young adult, she and Lynda, the last two Cooks in the big house, decided to sell it and go their separate ways. Lynda and her new family would buy a smaller house together, while Brianne went to live with her elderly Aunt Jessica, who could use some help around the house.

Harry met Brianne one day, and though they were both initially shy, they found a lot to talk about once they figured out that Harry's parents had bought Brianne's old house. Harry didn't even mind that Brianne was slightly older than him. They became good enough friends to share a midnight swim, where the first attempts at flirting occurred. Over time, their relationship grew, each becoming more confident. Harry finally made a move while Jessica was away, and the couple were soon married and living together in the little house. When their daughter Viviana came along, they added on a room for her. With busy careers, they were grateful for Jessica's help in the evenings. Between the three of them, they eventually had enough money to move to a larger place in time for baby Taro's birth.
Within a week of the move, a dog they named Selma was added to the family.
With Jessica's death, child and pet care became more complicated, but Harry is still considering adding a third child to their family. He'll have to convince Brianne first, if their busy schedules ever allow them the time.


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    Chapter One: Damage Control

    Realizing she hadn't seen her young son and he was being way too quiet, Brianne charged upstairs to the loft. "Taro! Stop that, please. How did you get into my paints?" she asked, surveying the mess with dismay.
    Taro stared up at her, lower lip trembling.

    Deciding to deal with the mess later, Brianne knelt at his level, deciding to teach him to talk. It would be nice to be able to have a real conversation with him.
    Taro was getting tired though, and the lesson didn't last long.

    Downstairs, Viviana settled at the kitchen table with her homework though she would much rather have been reading a book. Still, there was always Sunday, if she just got this homework out of the way.

    Harry returned home from work to find that stray dogs had managed to get inside through the door someone had left unlocked, and from the sound of it, the toilet was broken. "First things first," he said to himself, shooing away the dogs as he passed. He didn't take the time to change out of his uniform, but just got right to work ont he repair.

    Leaving Taro to his own devices for a few minutes, Brianne started the dishwasher. She saw Viviana at the sink washing dishes. "Good job. Thanks for washing those for me," she said, smiling.
    Viviana beamed at the phrase. "I like helping you, Mommy."
    Brianne hoped that would never change, though she supposed that was too much to ask for. "Good. Daddy and I are counting on you to help out around here." k

    Brianne went outside to refill the bowls they kept for the local strays, then went back inside, yawning. She had to be up early in the morning for her shift as an assistant nurse and just wanted to get to bed. First she stepped into the downstairs bathroom, then peeked in on Viviana to make sure she was sleeping soundly.

    Taro woke with a nightmare while Brianne was still downstairs and hurried to wake up Harry.
    Harry comforted him with a loving hug and soothing words. Then he carried Taro back to his own bed for a bedtime story.
    Passing the bathroom between the two rooms, he heard a distinctive sound and groaned. Something else broken.
    He passed Brianne in the hallway. "I'll just call the repair service. You get Taro settled."
    "Great idea," he agreed.

    After finishing the story, Harry tucked Taro in, then went downstairs to do the same for Viviana. "Sleep tight, don't let the monsters in," he whispered to them. He thought he heard Viviana giggle in her sleep. Then again, it might have been a reaction to whatever she was dreaming about.

    Brianne was awake again before five, with only an hour to have breakfast before she had to rush out the door . She found something halfway decent on the TV while she ate, sitting on the portion of the couch not occupied by a sleeping German Shepherd.

    When Selma woke, Brianne spent a few minutes reminding her to the stay out of trouble - which meant no jumping on counters or drinking form the toilet

    Time to go! Brianne changed in record time, thinking she would never get used to leaving while it was still dark out. She cherished those evenings she got to spend a little time with her family, because she always missed mornings on workdays. Even when he was off, she sometimes slept in too late to see much of Viviana before school.
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    Chapter Two: What's that Smell?

    Viviana was a responsible and independent child, so she helped herself to a bowl of clam chowder when she woke. She cleaned up after herself though no adults were around to prompt her.

    Spotting Selma at the front door, Viviana took it upon herself to lecture the dog about her behavior, doing her best to mimic her mother's voice.
    Selma gave her an innocent look, as if to say, "Who, me? I would never do that!"
    "Silly dog,' Viviana said, laughing.

    She decided to sit down and do some extra credit work, wanting to impress her teachers.

    Taro woke hungry, and went to his parents' room to demand food, waking up Harry for the second time in less than twelve hours.
    "All right, buddy, let's get you fed," Harry said, rolling out of bed and scooping the toddler up. "How about peanut butter and jelly for you and pancakes for me?" He did not want to spend time cleaning up the mess that would result from giving Taro pancakes. Fortunately, his son was agreeable.
    Once Taro was settled in his chair with his breakfast, Harry began cooking his pancakes, making enough for the whole family.

    Harry had no sooner sat down and began to eat when Taro decided he'd had enough and would rather play with his food than eat it.
    Harry sighed. "Very nice. Now you can sit there and wait until I'm done.

    Viviana, mindful of her mother's words of the night before, decided one wat she could be helpful was by brushing Selma. She laughingly tried to avoid the dog's loving kisses.
    Her next chore was taking out the trash, though the garbage bag was half her size. Noticing the stray dogs hanging around, she tried befriending one of them. She thought Selma should have a friend so she wouldn't be lonely when everyone was gone.

    Needing to the bathroom, Harry released Taro first and let him go into the living room with a plate of pancakes since the toddler was still hungry. He had already made a mess and judging by the smell emanating from his neither regions, Taro was going to need a bath anyway, so he might as well have pancakes.

    Having done all she could to be helpful for the moment, Viviana relaxed in her room with a book She began to analyze it as she had learned form her Great-Aunt Jessica.

    Harry emerged from the bathroom to finish his breakfast, joining Taro in the living room to keep an eye on him while he played with his blocks. They had a nice chat, and Harry was pleased to discover that Taro's communication skill was improving.

    Harry left Taro in the living room to play for a few minutes while he cleaned up the highchair He was glad to see that Viviana had picked up the mess on the floor.

    "All right, Taro, it's time for your bath," Harry said, swinging the boy up into his arms.
    Taro was too busy giggling to object. Once he was in the bath, he splashed vigorously.

    "Now let's try to use the potty again," Harry said once the bath was over and Taro was dried and dressed.
    "Potty, potty, potty!" Taro mimicked, eyes bright with mischief.
    Harry laughed. "That's right. You want to use the potty like a big boy, don't you?"
    Taro nodded. "I big boy!"
    During the potty training, Brianne returned from her shift exhausted and went right to bed, or she would have been right therd with Harry cheering Taro on.

    Brianne made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, used to being on her own. She cleaned up after herself, not wanting to leave a mess laying around.
    After lunch, she spent some time on the phone with her best friend Ruby Sasaki-Stone and her cousin Takashi Yomin-Kibo, telling them about a new game she had played.

    Taro had missed his nap, so Harry put him to bed even though it wasn't yet 7pm. Then he spent a few hours jamming and writing a couple of knew jingles in the hope that at least one of them would sell. He rotated from guitar to keyboard to violin, improving all of his skills.

    Viviana found another book to read, and took it into Taro's room to read, wanting to be near her little brother. Besides, with Harry playing music, he might not hear if Taro woke up.
    Finished with the book, Viviana brought out her little blue bear and played until bedtime, sending the toy on a tour through the solar system.

    Downstairs, Harry watched TV until he was ready for bed, checking to make sure Viviana was asleep before he went up to his own bed.
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    Chapter Three; Ghostly Awakenings

    Brianne woke around midnight, and noticed almost at once that Selma was dirty. She coaxed the dog upstairs and into the bath, which actually went pretty well. She remembered to relock the door afterward, wanting to keep Selma out of the toilet.

    Brianne was on her way downstairs when she saw something that startled her. Her Aunt Jessica's ghost had appeared, right about where she had died. Much as Brianne loved and missed her aunt, and her help in balancing family and work needs, she was not prepared for the sight of a ghost.
    Tense, Brianne retreated into the kitchen and brought out her journal, oblivious to the ghost who had followed her in and gone right to the sink as if she still lived in the house.
    Selma did not like having the ghost around at all, and the dog's incessant barking woke Viviana. The girl realized she was too hungry to sleep, and went into the kitchen for a very early breakfast, which she chose to eat in the living room.
    She was so busy eating that she didn't immediately notice the ghost sitting beside her. Looking up from her plate, she gasped, "Aunt Jessica!"
    Trying to be brave, Viviana gulped and finished her breakfast, relieved when the ghost moved away.
    In no hurry to go back into the living rom, Brianne went upstairs to check on Taro and tuck him in. She was relieved the toddler hadn't been woken up and frightened. Hopefully there would be no nightmares tonight - or this morning, rather.

    Venturing back downstairs, Brianne realized Viviana was awake and decided to keep her company, distracting both of them with conversation. She was facing Selma, and noticed that the dog was sitting on Jessica's ghost, as if to protect her family from the apparition.
    "Look at Selma, the silly dog," she said, cracking a smile.
    Viviana glanced over and gave a tiny laugh. "Good girl, Selma. Don't let that ghost scare you!"

    With Jessica's ghost gone and Viviana in her room, Brianne went up to her own room to nap until Taro woke, knowing she'd need the extra rest to keep up with him.

    When Taro woke, Brianne decided to go over some flashcards with him, teaching him basic needs.
    Unaware of the ghostly visitation, Harry decided to greet the morning with music, taking up his guitar before breakfast.
    Calmer after listening to music, hugging her giant stuffed cat, Hobbes, and having a good cry, Viviana headed off for school, eager to tell her friends about the incident. Of course she wouldn't admit how scared she was, or that she'd cried like a baby afterward.

    Taking a break from his guitar playing, Harry obeyed his stomach's demands for food and went down to heat up a plate of pancakes. He fed Selma too while he planned how he would spend the five or so hours until he had to go to work. A jog sounded like a good idea.
    Judging by her reaction, Selma agreed with him, loping happily along behind him. Maybe after he'd run off some of her energy, he could finish Selma's sit training.

    By the time they returned, a little over an hour later, Brianne and Taro were downstairs, with Brianne attempting to teach Taro to dance.
    Wanting to be near his family, Harry found a clear space behind them to put Selma through her paces. To his delight, the dog caught on and sat on command.

    With that done, Harry turned his attention to repairing the downstairs shower so he could shower before work. He was disappointed that he hadn't had the chance to broach the subject of having another baby with Brianne. Now he would have to wait a couple of days, because she would likely be in bed by the time he got home, preparing for her next shift at the hospital.

    Viviana returned home to find her cousin Fatima Siddig was visiting. Forgetting about homework or a snack, she joined her older cousin by the pool to chat.
    "Don't splash me! That's cold!" she yelled in protest, startled.
    "Sorry. So let's catch up. What have you been up to?" The young adult asked.
    Mollified and thrilled by her cousin's interest, Viviana was soon chattering away.
    Finally noticing how hungry she was, Viviana went inside and made herself a ham and cheese sandwich, yawning sleepily while she ate. Fatima stayed outside, greeting Selma and a stray who had wandered into the backyard.

    Brianne put Taro to bed, thinking longingly of her own bed. Maybe she could ask Fatima to stay for a few hours while she went to bed. It would give Fatima a chance to gain some experience, just as helping raise her niece had given Brianne some idea wht to expect when raising children.
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    Chapter 4: Growth

    Harry came home with a craving for Italian meatballs, and made enough for leftovers the next couple of days.
    Selma had started barking when she heard Harry return, and managed to wake Viviana up. She decided since she was awake she'd go to the bathroom. "Hi, Dad!" she called, spotting him. "Goodnight."
    Harry smiled at her. "Goodnight, Vivi."
    Spotting Selma on her way back to bed, Viviana scolded the dog for waking her up, which didn't seem to make much of an impression.

    Harry took his meal into the living room to eat and listen to the stereo, appreciating the music of others for a change.
    Afterward, he went outside and spent a few hours trying to repair his old headphones before declaring them a lost cause and deciding to replace them.
    Harry came into the house to find Selma drinking form the puddle of water that had formed near the broken dishwasher. "Selma! How many times do we have to tell you not to do that? Bad girl! Get out of there," he said, exasperated, shooing the big dog away from the water.
    Satisfied that Selma would obey - for now - Harry called the repairman, in no mood to deal with another electrical repair.
    with that taken care of, he went up to bed, gratefully climbing into bed next to Brianne and cuddling with his wife.

    Brianne overslept and had to scramble to finish breakfast before work. She noticed the date on the calendar and reminded herself to make a cake for Harry's birthday after work. At least she had all the ingredients.
    Viviana woke early enough that the two of them had time for a brief mother-daughter chat while Brianne mopped up the puddle form the dishwasher and Viviana helped herself to a serving of eggs and toast.
    Then Brianne really did have to run, not wanting to be late. She called a goodbye over her shoulder.

    Alone In the kitchen, Viviana started the homework she had been too tired to tackle the night before, mumbling to herself as she read over the material.
    When Taro came downstairs by himself looking for attention, Viviana got distracted and nearly forgot to finish her work, she was so busy entertaining her little brother with a funny story, which she made up on the spot. It started out with crayons and baby dinosaurs, but Taro kept insisting she add butterflies, so she found a silly way to fit them in and had the baby dinosaurs fall over while trying to catch them.
    It wasn't until Taro decided to go back upstairs and wake their father that Viviana returned her full attention to her homework, rushing through it then dashing out the door.

    "Daddy! UP! I hungry!" Taro announced as he charged through the doorway, heading for Harry's side of the bed.
    Ignoring his own discomfort, Harry got out of bed and picked Taro up. "Then we'd better do something about that. Let's go see what we can find for you to eat," he said, carrying his son downstairs to his highchair.
    "What is that smell?" Turning his head, Harry saw Selma nearby. "Selma? Don't tell me you rolled in that puddle. I might have known. You're getting a bath just as soon as I have a chance."
    Selma slunk off in search of her ball, no doubt hoping Harry would forget his promise. No way that was happening.
    While Taro was busy eating, Harry dashed into the bathroom, then began cooking his own breakfast. He had to leave the pan on the stove to free Taro from his highchair, then left his plate cooling on the table to help Taro on the potty. It was relief that he finally sat down to eat.
    In between, Taro had great fun petting Selma.

    Left alone upstairs, Taro enjoyed himself playing in his room. He began with his giant stuffed dog, stretching his arms as high as he could over his head and pretending he was as big as the toy.

    Having finally eaten his breakfast and cleaned up, Harry made good on his intention to bathe Selma. "I swear, you get into these messes just so someone will have to bathe you every day, don't you?" he teased the dog, petting her

    With little time to spare, Harry decided to try to see if he could finish a jingle before he had to head in to work. He ran nearly an hour over, getting caught up in his music and losing track of time. He dashed out the door and down the walk to the street juas as Brianne arrived home.
    Brianne watched him go, then went inside, needing to shower and eat, not necessarily in that order.[img][/img]IIiFPFO.png?1
    Unnoticed, Taro had come downstairs on his own to dance as best he could, enjoying himself.
    Exhausted from a day of playing and climbing up and down the stairs, Taro went to bed early.

    Viviana helped herself to some Italian meatballs before doing her homework, having come home hungry. Lunch seemed like such a long time ago, even though it had only been a few hours.
    Brianne joined her a few minutes later with a plate of her own.
    "Are we having a party for Daddy?" Viviana asked hopefully. "
    Brianne nodded. "Yes, when he gets home from work. It'll just be us four since it'll be so late."
    "I'm going to try to stay up," Viviana said with determination.
    "If you can't, I'll wake you up," Branne promised.
    Viviana beamed. "Okay. Will you help me build my castle?"
    "I will. That sounds like a lot more fun than the bridge I had to build for school," Brianne said, reminiscing. At least the work had gone quickly, wither three sisters to help.

    After dinner, the pair went outside to start working on Viviana's projects.
    "First, let's make sure we have everything. Keep it organized," Brianne said, taking out the list of parts and the instructions. "Paint, ruler, glue..."
    "I'll do the measuring," Viviana said, taking charge of the ruler. She wanted everything to be just right.
    They were still working diligently when Harry returned home, tired but happy. It was his birthday, and he had earned a promotion to professional pianist. He couldn't see how the day could possibly have gone better. Well, except if that jerk at the piano bar hadn't taken both his bench and the earnings he had made to that point.
    He greeted his family briefly on the way inside to shower.
    Brianne stood and stretched. "Looks like we're almost done here. Can you finish up on your own? I need to go finish the cake and put the candles on," she said.
    Viviana nodded enthusiastically, reaching for the last of the paint.

    Taro woke from his nap feeling uncomfortable, and decided since no one was around he could use the potty all by himself. Pleased with his success, he ventured downstairs, wondering where everyone was.
    He saw his blocks where he had left them in the living room, and distracted, sat down to play.

    Viviana finished her medieval castle diorama and spent a few minutes admiring it before going inside.
    Spotting Taro with his blocks, she stopped to help him with his shapes. "That's a square, and that one's a triangle. If you put it on top of the square, they look like a house," she told him.
    Yawning, she went to change into her pajamas, hoping the party would be soon.

    "Hamburger cake! My favorite!" Harry exclaimed when he saw the cake He took his time blowing up the candles, building up the anticipation.
    "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" Vivana said, hugging him tightly while Brianne put Taro back to bed.

    A few minutes later, the two adults were alone together.
    "Think we should have our own private celebration?" Harry suggested, winking.
    Brianne gave him a flirtatious smile, unable to remember when they'd last had any time alone together. "Sounds good to me," she agreed, leading the way to their bedroom.

    Time passes...
    "Harry? Harry, wake up. Guess what?" Brianne said when Harry finally sat up in bed.
    "What?" Harry repeated obligingly, his sleepy brain clearing as he got a very good idea what his wife was about to tell him.
    Brianne's beaming smile gave her away. "I'm pregnant!"
    "That's great!" he exclaimed, rising to embrace her. "I wonder if you'll have multiples."
    "Don't even joke about that," Brianne interrupted.
    Harry grinned teasingly at her. "Why not? It could happen, with twins running on my side of the family and triplets on yours."
    Brianne shook her head. "No. Just, no. How would we even manage to juggle two or three babies with our schedules? We'd need a full-time nanny."
    Shaking her head, Brianne pointed a finger at him. "Not another word, or you'll be sleeping alone until the baby's born."
    "Yes, dear, I promise, not another word," Harry said, backing down quickly in the face of that dire threat.
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    Chapter 5: A Day in the LIfe of an Assistant Nurse

    Brianne was awake way too early, even for her, which she blamed on a combination of the restless baby in her womb and her empty stomach. She felt huge and unwieldy already. She was sure she hadn't been this large so soon with Viviane and Taro. Was it possible Harry's suggestion of multiples was correct? No, she wouldn't think that way, grumbling at Harry for putting the idea in her head.
    Yawning, Brianne went into the living room and collapsed on the nearest couch, hoping she could get in at least another hour of sleep before she had to get up and go to work. She needed all the rest she could get if she planned to stay late and get in as much work as she could before she took family leave.
    Harry was also up early, though not quite as early as Brianne. He had gone to bed too exhausted to eat the night before, and got so hungry he was unable to sleep until his usual time. '

    Brianne woke with a few minutes to spare before she had to change into scrubs and head to the hospital for her next shift as an assistant nurse. She used that time to play a quick game of chess to help wake her up and focus her mind.
    She had barely arrived at the hospital when the baby (She would NOT think babies) kicked, causing her to wince and press a hand to the spot. She briefly reconsidered her plan to stay late, then steeled her resolve. She could handle this.
    Billie Jung was her first patient of the day, and Brianne gave her a friendly greeting, wanting to put her at ease during the exam. She had a suspicion she knew what ailed Billie, but she wanted to he thorough and sure. She still remembered the sting of a negative evaluation when she had jumped to a conclusion.
    "I'm just going to take this sample to the lab for analysis. I'll be back as soon as I can to let you know what's wrong," Brianne promised. "Wait here, someone will bring you a meal."
    Brianne made quick work of the analysis, which definitely narrowed the possibilities, if it didn't confirm her suspicion. She was glad she wasn't yet too big to manage the machine comfortably.
    "Just one last scan, Billie. Thank you for being so patient," Brianne said, running a full body scan. And...yes, there was the sign she had been looking for. "You have starry eyes. Take this medicine and you'll be just fine," she said, giving Billie the treatment.
    Taking advantage of a lull in urgent demands on her time, Brianne headed to the cafeteria for a quick snack. She nearly inhaled the sandwich before grabbing the next patient's chart.

    Brianne's second patient of the day was Austen Wood. It was only when she saw him that she realized he was in fact her cousin Jeremy's son. Yes, that meant he was a relative, no, she probably shouldn't treat him. But the hospital was small and she barely knew Austen, so she figured it couldn't hurt. Maybe she'd better be extra cautious just in case though. His symptoms could be tricky.
    "Let's start with a treadmill test. Just step right up," she said, moving to the computer hooked to one of the treadmills.
    Austen complied with a bit more enthusiasm and vigor than she expected. When he managed to fall off and tilt the machine, she called a halt to the test, which he passed.
    "Time for a full exam," she decided, ticking off an ailment or two on her mental list of possibilities.
    The exam proved informative, and not only because Brianne took a few minutes to get to know her cousin a bit more.
    "I'm just going to take this sample to the lab. I'll be back soon," Brianne said as she left him in the exam room.
    In the lab, Brianne found yet another relative as she was finishing up. Her brother-in-law, Jack Kibo, was only an orderly, so their paths rarely crossed. Brianne spent a few minutes catching up with him and one of the doctors, rushing back to her patient afterward. It was only as she entered the room that she realized she had missed an opportunity to ask about her pregnancy. Next time she had a chance, she promised herself. She wanted the question settled once and for all.
    "I've got an idea what may be wrong, but I want to x-ray you to be sure," Brianne said.
    Austen cracked a small smile. "I'm beginning to think you're enjoying poking and prodding me."
    "Haha," Brianne snorted.
    "You've got gas and giggles. Here's your medicine. That'll calm you and get rid of the gas," Brianne announced
    Austen gulped down the medication and got up from the exam table. "Thanks, Brianne," he said.
    "That's Nurse Kibo to you," she corrected lightly. "Tell your family hello for me."
    "Will do," Austen promised on his way out."
    Brianne took another break after Austen left, taking her time with her soda before dealing with her third patient of the day, Antonio Da Vinci. His case was bit more complicated, and Brianne wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed that her extended shift ended before she could make a final diagnosis. She resolved to check in with the doctor who took over the case.
    One thing she was happy about: She came home a full nurse. The hours would still be long, but at least she would start an hour later, giving her a chance to share breakfast with her daughter.

    As Brianne entered the house, the lively strains of a piano concerto reached her ears from the loft, and she smiled, enjoying the music, courtesy of Harry's growing talent. She decided to take it as both a welcome home and a congratulations on her promotion, though she knew Harry hadn't heard her come in.

    Taro woke form a long nap and went potty for the time without any help. He was so proud of himself, he couldn't wait to tell his parents.
    Viviana too was having a good day of firsts, bringing home more As and the news that she was at the top of her class. She sat right down to work on her homework, even if it was getting easy and boring lately.
    Brianne was so hungry, she didn't even bother to change out of her scrubs before going into the kitchen in search of something to eat. She grabbed a plate of Italian meatballs and joined Viviana at the table.
    Harry came down not long after, also hungry, one of the few times all three of them managed to be int he kitchen at the same time.

    Taro came down by himself a few minutes later and ate in his favorite spot in the living room.
    Brianne came in a few minutes later to find Taro playing with his blocks. "Taro, I saw you take your plate into the kitchen. Thank you, you're getting to be such a big boy," she said, smiling, settling onto the couch to watch him play.
    Taro beamed at the praise, chattering about anything and everything. Briannae caught something about llamas in the narrative, and listened attentively, encouraging him to keep talking.
    When Taro finally wound down a little later, Brianne got up to stretch. She checked on Viviana, finding her asleep and dreaming peacefully.
    Discovering that Taro had followed her, Brianne decided now was the perfect time to bring out the flashcards and sat down with him outside Viviana's room to go over basic needs.
    "Potty!" Taro shouted gleefully, recognizing the first card.
    "That's right. But not so loud, okay? You don't want to wake Viviana up."
    Noticing that Taro was getting tired and distracted, Brianne called a halt to the lesson. "Time for someone to go to bed, I think," she said, levering herself up off the floor and lifting the toddler into her arms. He was getting so heavy! But she intended to cherish this time, when Taro would willingly let himself be carried, for as long as she could. With his birthday coming up around the time the baby was due, she probably wouldn't have too many more chances.
    In his room, Taro cooperated with being changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed. "Story, Mama?" he asked hopefully.
    "Of course. How about this one?" Brianne asked, showing him a book.
    Taro clapped happily and nestled under the covers to listen. He was asleep after only a few pages, so Brianne tucked him in and went to bed herself.

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    Chapter 6: Possibilities

    Sometime after midnight, Harry heard Selma whining outside the bedroom door, and woke quickly in response, not wanting her to wake Brianne. He found Selma looking very sad, and suddenly realized he hadn't spent much time with her lately.
    "Come on, girl, let's go downstairs," he whispered, leading her back to the living room. He sat on the couch, Selma jumping up beside him, and lavished attention on the dog, giving her pets and belly rubs while talking to her.
    Harry felt guilty that family hadn't spent as much time with Selma as they probably should. Maybe they should consider getting another dog to keep her company while the humans were busy. Though, was that really a good idea, with a new baby (or two, or three) on the way? Might be better to wait until Viviana was a teen and could help more, Which would be a few years yet, since Viviana was only 10.
    Either way, it was something Harry would have to talk over with Brianne first. There were choices to be made, such as could their budget handle another dog? Would one get along with Selma? Did they have time to train a puppy not to destroy the house when they were gone? Would another adult be better?
    Trying to shut down his thoughts, Harry yawned his way back to bed.

    Brianne appreciated the extra hour of sleep she had before waking to get ready for work, with the later start time. Still, between her pregnancy and habit, she woke before five as usual. She enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, but found she couldn't bear to sit so long.
    Standing to finish the last of her toast, Brianne noticed Selma standing behind her, and talked to the dog. Oh yes, she had noticed Harry leaving the bed and heard the faint click of claws on the floor outside the master bedroom. She appreciated Harry's effort to let her sleep, and had rewarded him with a cuddle when he came back to bed, despite his cold feet.
    Viviana woke and seemed pleasantly surprised to find Brianne still there, so she sat again to keep Viviana company over breakfast and chat with her. She rose and dressed while Viviana washed up.
    Grabbing Selma's leash, Brianne took the dog on a walk around and near their property, waiting patiently while Selma did her business.
    When that was done, Brianne realized it was almost time for her to leave for work. She set Selma loose and quickly changed into her scrubs before going in to the hospital for her first shift as a full nurse.

    Taro settled down to play Simshape, content to entertain himself for a while.
    He was growing bored with the game when Harry came in and decided it was time Taro learned some manners.
    When Taro proved resistant to that idea, still feeling sad over his potty accident, Harry switched to teaching him to say sorry, which met with slightly more success. Harry decided to pick his battles and accept what he could get. There would be other opportunities after all.
    Lessons finished, Harry stepped out into the hall, intending to get in some piano practice before work, when he nearly tripped over a tiny box in the hallway. "What's this?" he wondered aloud, picking up the small package, wrapped in purple paper and tied with a bow. Curiously, it had dog fur on it.
    Opening the box, he found a painting of a bird. It was nice enough, but before he could decide what to do with it, Harry had to dash out the door to work, dropping Taro at daycare on his way.

    When Viviana got home from school on Thursday, she found herself alone longer than she was used to. After hanging around outside for a while, then went inside, wanting a snack. She got comfortable in front of the TV with a slice of chocolate cake.
    Brianne brought Taro home with her ,and spotting the cake Viviana had left out, realized she was hungry and got a slice for herself, joining Viviana on the couch.
    Not to be left out, Taro got his own little slice and climbed up beside his big sister. He watched the show too, though much of it was beyond him.

    Finished with her snack, Viviana decided to get her chores done. She took out the trash first, then filled Selma's bowl when she noticed it was empty. Next was washing the dishes, and she even remembered to check upstairs for any stray plates.

    Brianne entertained Taro with a funny story, which seemed to fall flat, to her disappointment. Sending him off to potty, she went to make a ham and cheese sandwich for herself, still feeling hungry.

    Chores done, Viviana decided to play chess, finding the game far more fun than she had originally thought it would be.
    When she tired of the game, she decided to talk to Brianne for a while, putting off sleep just a little bit longer.
    Brianne tried again to tell her funny story, embellishing it a bit more, and found Viviana to be a much more receptive audience, to her delight.
    "That's not funny," Viviana protested, despite the laugh that escaped
    "Yes it is," Brianne insisted playfully, smiling.
    Huffing, Viviana went to the bathroom.
    Once she was gone, Brianne noticed Selma about to go up the stairs, and wrinkled her nose at the smell coming off the dog. "What did you roll in this time? No, I'd rather not know. I'm just glad I haven't changed out of my scrubs yet," Brianne said, following Selma upstairs. "Bath, now, girl." She wasn't sure the stink would ever come out of her scrubs, so they would have to be dumped afterward.

    Harry arrived home tense and stressed from work, knowing he was going to take the next day off even fi the baby didn't come. He needed a break, badly. He brought out the journal he hadn't used since he was a teen and wrote out his thoughts and feelings, which helped.
    Music therapy! There was nothing quite like a few hours on any instrument to improve Harry's mood. He tried out a new song on the piano and kept playing long after his family was asleep. Harry might have continued uninterrupted for hours if he hadn't heard Selma start barking downstairs. He hurried down, hoping to stop her before she woke the household.
    Too late. Harry entered the kitchen to find Viviana already awake and having another slice of cake. He decided to let that go, instead praising her for her earlier efforts to wash the dishes.
    Then he gave Selma another lecture about jumping on the counters and waking everyone with her barking, and headed back upstairs to play a little longer.
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    @CathyTea and @jeromesimsworld, thanks! I'm glad you like it. Got a few more chapters coming tomorrow hopefully, then I'll be gone for most of next week and not able to post.
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    Chapter 7: Anticipation

    Taro woke very early Friday morning. Hungry, he decided he was a big boy and could get his own food. He tried not to be scared as he made his way down to the kitchen for some food all by himself. He brought the plate back up to the bright, familiar safety of his room and sat on his bed to eat.

    Not even 5;30, and Brianne was already awake. She wasn't sure how much of that to blame on her pregnancy, and how much on habit. She had actually forgotten that she was taking family leave today. What to do with that extra time? She didn't think she could sleep in, being too used to waking up early and needing to be doing something other than laying around.
    Noticing the puddle on the floor and the sleeping dog nearby, she made a face. "Lucky for you you're asleep, Selma, or you'd be getting yet another lecture on driking from the toilet. You know how you love those," she told the dog, sighing.

    BreGHXQU0.png?1eakfast was the first order of business, naturally, and she took her time about it, managing to time things she finished after Viviana woke and joined her with her own breakfast.
    Full of eggs and toast, Viviana cleaned up a mess Selma had left behind then went to get ready for school.
    Brianne went into the living room to catch up on a show she enjoyed watching when she could, until she heard Harry coming down for breakfast.
    Brianne and Harry had a lively conversation in the kitchen while he ate, during which Harry brought up the subject of a possible second dog while pretending not to notice Selma begging for some of his food.
    They both agreed that now was not the time, and they didn't have the time or energy to devote to training a second dog, especially with Selma being so stubborn.
    Harry lavished attention on Selma to make up for scolding her again about jumping on the counters, and the puddle-drinking Brianne suspected had taken place earlier. He tossed in a reminder not to play in puddles for good measure.
    "Now that that's out of the way, how about something fun? You did so well learning to sit, let's try rolling over on command, since you enjoy rolling in puddles so much," he said, standing.
    Selma gave him a dubious look, and it took a while before she seemed to catch on.
    While Harry was busy with Selma, Taro came downstairs and went straight for the stereo someone had left running, wanting to listen to music. He enjoyed it so much he began to dance, his efforts being better than his last attempt.
    Brianne decided to paint while she had the chance, as uncomfortable as she was. She didn't think she'd be able to for a while once the baby was born, and Harry was there if Taro needed him. She brushed the cobwebs off the easel, dusted off her brushes and paints, and set to work on a large canvas, painting fanciful pets.
    Tired of dancing, Taro wandered over as the training session was winding up, and began imitating Selma, much to Harry's amusement. He watched while Taro petted Selma, making sure he didn't pull her fur or anything. Though, Selma was very tolerant, being well used to children.

    Later that afternoon, Harry's younger twin brother Hikaru came to visit, and Brianne invited him to sit and chat over bowls of chili. Viviana came home from school not long after and joined in, eager to get to know her uncle better.
    To his regret, Harry missed out on the visit because he was busy with chores, first repairing the downstairs toilet then tackling the dirty upstairs bathroom so Brianne wouldn't have to. This also had the added benefit of letting him keep an eye on Taro while he used the potty but letting the toddler think he was doing it independently.
    Viviana got a late start on her homework, having spent so much time chatting with her Uncle Hikaru, but she knew it would be easy so she wasn't really worried about not being able to finish before bedtime.
    Harry carted Taro off for a bath in the newly cleaned bathroom, once Brianne finished hoer own relaxing bubblebath.
    After his bath, Brianne decided to work with Taro on his manners again. Noticing he was getting tired, she watched while he climbed the stairs, then came up to tuck him in.

    Once again, Harry found himself kneeling beside the upstairs bath/shower. This time, he was bathing a very smelly Selma, who seemed to be enjoying it. Brianne had begged off with her due date so close, claiming she needed to get out of the house. "The things I do for love," Harry mumbled to himself, not really minding. He did grab a towel to dry Selma before he could be subjected to his second soaking of the day, however.
    Brianne enjoyed her midnight swim, spending some time simply floating before she headed back inside without bothering to change out of her suit. She knew just how she would thank Harry for his patience and willingness to take on extra chores so she didn't have to do them.

    Harry would much rather have stayed in bed cuddling with his sleepy wife, in fact he was sure that's just what he should have been doing. But he had only satisfied one of his appetites, and knew he would never be able to sleep comfortably if he didn't fill his stomach as well. He needed all the rest and fuel he could get with a new baby coming. So he was downstairs alone at nearly midnight bolting a bowl of chili so he could get back upstairs to his nice warm bed and Brianne.
    Even with his meal finished and cleared away, Harry wasn't immediately able to go back to bed, some premonition telling him he would be needed. That was how he was on hand to spray the monsters under Viviana's bed almost as soon as she woke up screaming.
    He must have done a particularly good job of it, because it wasn't long before the monsters were banished and daughter and father were both finally able to go to bed.
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    Chapter 8: Welcoming Baby

    The baby didn't let Brianne do much cuddling, or sleeping for that matter. She was awake barely past three and headed straight for the bathroom. This time, there was no stinky dog sleeping in a puddle near the toilet, to her relief.
    She indulged her sweet tooth and had a slice of hamburger cake for breakfast, though she knew it wasn't healthy. She was pregnant, and she was allowed, after all. She promised herself she'd go back to healthier habits afterward, wanting to set a good example as a nurse and as a mother.
    The birth was mercifully quick, and soon Brianne was able to hold her baby in her arms. A daughter she and Harry named Mai. She was beautiful and perfect in her mother's eyes. Brianne was very relieved to have had only one baby.
    Taro came downstairs looking for attention, and found Brianne in the unfinished nursery, which had been Jessica's room. They had wanted to wait and find out what they were having before doing any decorating.
    Brianne stood back and watched, relieved that Taro seemed happy and excited about having a baby sister rather than sad.
    He chattered away, waving his arms around as he told his new sister some story.
    Being full and exhausted, Mai slept through the entire introduction, much to Brianne's amusement. She stifled her laughter behind her hand, smiling.
    Dressed, Taro settled down near the bassinet with his tablet and played quietly, keeping Mai company.
    He was still there an hour later when Viviana came down to meet Mai too. Her reaction was also enthusiastic, and she couldn't wait for Mai to wake up so she would be allowed to hold her baby sister. She looked just like a little doll, and Viviana wanted to try her doll clothes on the baby. Not that she would likely be allowed to for some months yet.

    Hungry again, Brianne decided to trust her older children alone around the baby and went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. She would be able to hear if anything happened anyway, she assured herself.
    Finding that sleeping babies weren't that interesting, Viviana came out of the nursery in search of breakfast and joined Brianne at the kitchen table.
    "What's Taro up to?" Brianne asked, looking toward the living room as if expecting him to come toddling along too.
    "He was still playing on his tablet. I told him not to wake Mai up," Viviana answered.
    Brianne bit back a smile. "Thank you, Vivi, that was thoughtful of you."

    Harry woke and had just reached the bottom of the steps when he heard Mai crying for attention. He got the dubious honor of dealing with her first messy diaper, arriving just ahead of Brianne, who had still been in the kitchen.
    Taro continued to play happily, apparently oblivious to the stink or the smell in the small room, which was suddenly crowded with four people and a bassinet.
    Viviana trailed after everyone else and went to the computer still set up in the corner of the room for lack of anywhere else to put it. She didn't really mind, as long as it meant she got to be near the baby. She started playing arithmetic attack, getting absorbed in the game.

    Taro finally put his tablet away, wanting his mother's attention and a story. Brianne was only too happy to oblige, taking him into her room to sit and read.

    Viviana eventually tired of her game, having had enough of numbers. She decided to play with her doctor playset, reenacting something her mother had told her about. "Now you have to take all your yucky medicine so you'll feel all better," she informed her stuffed bear in serious tones.

    Brianne caught Selma before she could find some more trouble to get into and lectured her again about acceptable behavior.
    "Now if you can just behave yourself until I get back from the bathroom, we'll play fetch," she promised, patting the dog's head.
    Selma responded with a hopeful "Woof?" as if she understood.

    Meanwhile, a very sleepy and cranky Taro took himself off to bed for a nap without any prompting or arguing, much to the surprise and relief of his parents.
    Viviana went from playing doctor to playing chess, deciding she'd read a book next. She wanted to see how many different things she could fit into one Saturday.

    Brianne caught a whiff of Selma and decided there was no way she was playing fetch with a smelly dog. Selma needed a bath first.
    "I'm not going to hold it against you. Maybe a nice long game of fetch will tire you out and you'll actually stay clean for more than a day," she told the dog.
    Harry stopped in to check on Mai, not having heard a peep from her in a while. The baby definitely appreciated having a dry bottom.
    Brianne actually got the ball out and managed to get in a few throws before Mai cried for attention. Brianne dropped the ball and ran to take care of her.

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    Chapter 8: Happy Birthday!

    Not feeling very tired, Viviana stayed up late and was awake early Sunday, spending some time reading on the couch. She didn't find the silence spooky at all, absorbed as she was in her book..
    Hours later, Viviana was still awake, having breakfast in the kitchen, when Taro woke and came downstairs looking for his own breakfast. He had gone to bed that night without taking a bath and was one stinky little boy, so Viviana was very glad he went to his favorite spot in the living room to eat. Though she could still smell him and vowed to stay far away until their parents got up.
    Harry was the first of the adults to wake, so the unpleasant task of bathing Taro fell to him, and Harry willingly ignored his own needs to see to his small son's comfort. With that done, he sent Taro off to play while Harry himself used the toilet then went down in search of something to eat.
    Like Harry, Brianne put her child's needs ahead of her own, going first to feed and entertain Mai for a while before finding her own breakfast. She crooned a lullaby as she did, smiling at the tiny baby in her arms.

    After breakfast, Harry wand Brianne cooperated to set the upstairs bathroom back to rights. "I'll fix the sink if you don't mind cleaning up, Brianne offered.
    "Fine with me," Harry agreed, not caring either way.
    Spotting Selma, he said, "Come on, Selma, get away from there. You are not drinking any spilled water today. Shoo." He waited until the big German Shepherd left, then closed the door firmly behind her before getting to work.
    Finished in the bathroom, Harry went into the kitchen looking for lunch. He suddenly realized he hadn't seen Viviana in a bit and frowned, wondering where she could be. The sound of the shower running in the downstairs bathroom provided an answer, and he relaxed.

    With lunch over, Harry went right for his guitar, wanting to play a bit. Beyond him, Brianne had finished the sink repair and was moping the floor. She heard the strains of the guitar, and smiled, thinking how far Harry had come with his skill since they first met. Now it was a pleasure to listen to him instead of torture.
    Exiting the bathroom, Brianne stopped to admire her handiwork while she considered where to put her painting. Right by the bathroom door sounded good. She could look up the stairway from the main level and see it hanging there in the loft.

    Harry and Brianne traded off baby care duties throughout the day as they went about their activities. At one point they both happened to be in the living room at the same time, and stole a moment to kiss, embrace and just bask in each other's presence, swaying gently to an internal tune all their own.
    "I love you," they whispered together.

    Brianne decided she needed some fresh air once she and Harry were finally able to pull away from each other, and took Selma with her. Harry didn't mind being left in charge of three children on his own, figuring he'd better get used to it.

    Later that evening, Harry and Brianne danced together while their two oldest watched from the couch, chatting together.
    Viviana was getting tired and preferred to tease her parents rather than joining them, and Taro was just up from his nap and wasn't awake enough to dance.
    The impromptu dance over, it was time for Taro's birthday, after he used the potty for the last time.
    Harry picked him up and carried him over to the cake that had been prepared earlier.
    Brianne started to follow, but a knock on the door diverted her.
    Viviana tried, she really did, but she barely managed to blow a party favor before dragging herself off to bed.
    Taro figured out he was the center of attention and giggled and clapped at the sight of the cake before obligingly blowing out the candles at his father's urging.

    Harry's youngest brother had arrived just in time to join the party and grab a slice of cake. Brianne made sure Taro got the largest slice, which was as big as his smile, and helped herself to a smaller piece though she wasn't very hungry. No way she was missing out on this cake.
    Harry got himself a piece as well and put away the leftover cake., assuring Taro that he did not need and was not getting a second slice tonight, birthday boy or no.
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