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Can't sign into my sims 3 exchange account

RaeSimlishRaeSimlish Posts: 886 Member
When I sign into it, it says my email/password is invalid! Is this a glitch or maintenance on the site?


  • RaeSimlishRaeSimlish Posts: 886 Member
    I ran my CC cleaner so it's all good now
  • phoebebebe13phoebebebe13 Posts: 18,301 Member
    I ran my CC cleaner so it's all good now

    I was just going to tell you to do that . Glad it's fixed
  • kitylinda2kitylinda2 Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi everyone, I'm having the same problem and I just created this account to ask for help; my original account is Kitylinda ( http://forums.thesims.com/pt_BR/profile/Kitylinda ) and I didn't changed or forgot my password, I was going to log in after a while and this message appears: "Invalid Login Information. Please try again." I tried again and again and it's always the same message. I tried to log in my EA and Origin account (that have the same email) and the same message appears, I'm afraid I was hacked. So I tried to get a new password but the email to confirm it simply doesn't appears in my mailbox. What can I do??? There's a way I can get my account back, 'cause if I don't all the stuff I bought in The Sims 3 website and games installed in origin will be lost.
  • lauravonawesomelauravonawesome Posts: 2,775 Member
    Hi @kitylinda2 : for any issues involving your account (password resets, changing emails, and the like), you have to contact an actual person at EA.

    EA Help: Official Support

    Once you get in touch with a live person at EA Support, whether through phone or chat, explain the situation to them and (hopefully) they can help you recover the account.

    Good luck!

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  • AikeikoAikeiko Posts: 149 Member
    Having this as well. Only giving issues with Sims 3, I can log into the Sims 3 website, as well as this one.
  • Springfairy556Springfairy556 Posts: 12,834 Member
    I had that issue the other day, only way I could fix it was by resetting my password.
  • AikeikoAikeiko Posts: 149 Member
    Tried resetting it, still won't let me log in =(. It's not hacked. I have access to it, I just can't log into the Sims 3.
  • SimKynaSimKyna Posts: 26 New Member
    I'm having the same issue with the Sims 3 site. Every time I try to visit the site to browse the store I have to reset my password, as it says my password is invalid. Including once yesterday and twice today.

    It took me a while to figure out how to reset my password.

    The "recover password" link shown when trying to log-in to the Sims 3 website sends me to EA's Customer Portal, which doesn't have a link to resetting my password. I click "EA help" at the top of the page and am taken to another page. I click on the Accounts button at the top of that page, and finally arrive at the page where I can reset my password.

    Why doesn't the "recover password" link on the Sims 3 log-in page go directly to the page I need? Why do I have to go three pages deep to reset my password? Why am I having to reset my Sims 3 password every time I go to the site anyway?
  • phoebebebe13phoebebebe13 Posts: 18,301 Member
    This forum can not help with personal account issues . You need to contact EA directly if your having issues
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