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SimLit Celebrations and Discussions

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Do you love SimLit?

Do you want a place to discuss fan favorites?

Do you like the idea of sharing what's on your SimLit reading list lately?

Then this discussion thread is for you! I was thinking recently about how much I love SimLit and I wanted a place to share my enthusiasm and passion for the game and subsequent stories. I started this idea on my blog, and then a fellow Simming friend recommended starting a thread on the forums.

Come and join us on once a month (or really any day) for SimLit parties!
  • Talk about your favorite SimLit stories and share what it means to you
  • Write a quick positive, uplifting review to encourage a fellow SimLit writer
  • Found a great one-liner (or 2 or 3) that really resonates with you? Post it here and tell us why.
  • Share a funny, inspirational, or meaningful screenshot or picture from someone's story or your own game.
  • Share your experiences and observations with writing SimLit and playing the Sims and how this connects to/impacts your life

If you write a post on your blog/Simblr about any of the above topics, be sure to link here. We'd love to read these posts and support you! This is an outlet to celebrate creativity, storytelling, and the Sims whatever version(s) you might have.

If you would like to help organize/lead discussions, please let me know. Also I would love for someone to create a logo

:) Happy Simming!

This Month's Mentioned Stories (January 2018):
January Celebrations of SimLit:

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