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Insane Asylum Challenge- Modified Sims 3 Challenge

rinnyroorinnyroo Posts: 53 New Member

I'm trying to modify this challenge for Sims 4. It is offering some interesting challenges.

Let me know what you think!

Check out my youtube channel: jennyjgaming for videos :)

Sims 4 Asylum Challenge specifics:

The Sims:

Create a household with 8 Sims. All Sims must have the insane trait and cannot be self-assured. The other 2 traits as well as the lifetime aspiration should be randomized. Pick one Sim to control. The goal of this challenge is to get the controlled Sim to complete his/her lifetime aspiration, therefore proving they have gained control of their life, and can leave the asylum.

The Lot:
In order to make things interesting, you may only have:

5 bed spots
6 seats, only 1 that is nappable
1 bathroom (sink, tub, toilet)
1 cheapest stove
No smoke alarm
5 skill building objects
1 tv or 1 computer

I based it off the Sims 3 Asylum challenge :)


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