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It's Me Mario!


Definitely my favourite sim I've created so far :D

Origin Id: NomGame


  • BlazerineBlazerine Posts: 2,544 Member
    Loool. Reminds me of Mario 64.
  • NomPlayNomPlay Posts: 219 Member
    He just looks so happy xD
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 83,753 Member
    Mario looks great! :smile: It looks great how you have done his eyes! He will be fun to have in the game!
  • SimChelle1982SimChelle1982 Posts: 2,664 Member
    Lmao, love it.
  • AsheAshe Posts: 8 New Member
    Blazerine wrote: »
    Loool. Reminds me of Mario 64.
    Haha me too, I had an instant urge to pull at his face XD
  • boggieboggie Posts: 348 Member
    :D Really cute
  • misty4mmisty4m Posts: 1,644 Member
    great job
  • InvaderchickycatInvaderchickycat Posts: 807 Member
    I love him
  • RohrlachRohrlach Posts: 60 Member
    My brain just automatically did the voice when I read the title of the post :D
  • Lucky25Lucky25 Posts: 543 Member
    Hehehe :D Fantastic ;)
  • amylouarnottamylouarnott Posts: 13 New Member
    He is making me have all of the happy feels. Now I'm going to have to hunt out some old school Mario games...
  • NomPlayNomPlay Posts: 219 Member
    edited August 2014
    Thanks guys! :) I should have taken a full length picture of him cos being able to add a belly makes him so adorable haha, have a look in the gallery :P


    Also I'm impressed with how normal he looks, if you look at his profile you can see his nostrils so he just looks like an interestingly shaped human xD With other CAS systems if you tried to make a sim like that you'd not only need cheats but they'd look quite mutated.
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  • SimChelle1982SimChelle1982 Posts: 2,664 Member
    *Humming Mario theme song*
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