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**The Start from Nothing Challenge** You start with a basic cheap house, with an end goal of having completed the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration AND have $100,000 AND have a 100 tile house. The rules: No cheats EXCEPT the money cheat to set money to zero once you've built your micro house. To start: Create a sim, any gender, any traits, but aspiration MUST be the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration Create a 20 tile home on an empty lot. Buy the CHEAPEST items below and only these 8 items: Single bed Shower Toilet Fridge Stove Fire alarm Counter and sink Armchair Then use the cheat to set money to zero. Now your sim is out in the world and needs to make their money any way they can, working their way up to a better life. You can start improving the house and buying better furniture once you can afford it. Win criteria: 1) Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration 2) AND have $100,000 3) AND have a 100 tile house. #Sims4challenge #Sims4startfromnothingchallenge


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