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My Origin ID is NaterXander for anyone looking to find my Sims 4 sims on the gallery. Really hope I can change my username on here to match it eventually.


  • For me it’s not that the game lacks challenge, any sims game is only as challenging as you allow it to be, such as not using cheats or controlling a big family, but that it lacks depth of consequences. Everything in sims 4 is “this happened, so here’s a small moodlet for a few hours or days.” It’s too shallow of a system.…
  • Where does your sim live? Because none of this happens for me when I spend the entire day visiting their with my sim and he's already level 5 in the career. And you shouldn't need to beachcomb just to find the trash piles. If you live on Mua, they spawn like crazy and you never have to beachcomb for them.
  • So I’ve discovered that if you want to actually enjoy cleaning up Sulani, you have to have your sims live on Mua Pel’am. I’ve played several weeks with my conservationist sim who lives in Ohan’ali Town and was very frustrated that I could never find anything to clean up when visiting Mua Pel’am. I’d get the work task to…
  • I'm lucky if I find a single pile of trash every 3 or 4 days. Never saw any ash piles. No sulfur piles. Nothing in the water. No one littering. This is maddening. I'm repairing my game right now to see if it improves. My island is still at the beginning stage, so it's definitely not too clean or pristine or anything right…
  • @Ceres_Meiriona I'm glad things seem to be a lot different for you than for me, but sadly, my game isn't playing out like yours in anyway at all. I wish my game would play out like yours is, and I'm really jealous hearing and seeing all of that.
  • Yeah I meant the game in general didn't have consequences. I was just pointing out these specifically because the whole point of the Needs TLC lot trait is specifically to make consequences for your sims, and even then there still aren't any so it's an incredibly glaring issue for the game as a whole.
  • Yeah you can get a bad smell moodlet from both things, the leaky pipe and rats. But negative moodlets are pointless because sims are always so dang happy no matter what. Moodlets don't create any sort of gameplay at all, they're just flavor text that pretend to do something. It sucks.
  • You consider this one a high quality image? It's still super low-res and makes it even harder to tell which is which. I'd say it goes teen, young adult, adult in that order left to right though.
  • Wow, this is the most succinct, perfect way to describe the games that I've ever seen.
  • Lol at this shameless promotion of a bad site. SimsVIP is a terrible site now because it's so far up EA's butt that they're completely biased and pro-everything EA. It's gross. Get your news from a reputable site. Also the fact that they charge for their game guides is hilarious because it's information you can get from…
  • Haven't sat down and played for hours since December. Which is sad because I've played Since sims 1 and I've never had a break this long before.
  • All I have to say is bye, girl, bye.
  • They removed that feature from the Origin beta so far. I've already complained to them several times about it and haven't heard back yet, nor was it added in the countless patches since the beta began.
  • Lol at people still responding to this when the second post, two minutes after the thread was created, says never mind I already figured it out.
  • Nevermind, just read I need to be level 3 in the gardening skill to use it.
  • The only reason I want them smaller is because I can only imagine how many worlds we'll have later on and it will be a pain to scroll an scroll and scroll to find the world you want to go to. I'm fine with the scroll bar, but if they keep the icons that big when we have, say, 12 worlds, then it'll be a pain scrolling…
  • 8. Luxury Party 7. Cool Kitchen 6. Perfect Patio 5. Spooky Stuff 4. Spa Day 3. Outdoor Retreat 2. Get to Work 1. Get Together That's how I'd rank everything. Too lazy to get into details as to why though.
  • I've actually edited this cover extensively since posting it. Here's the new version pre-sized for Origin.

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