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  • Yes, once when I was in cosmetology school. Learning how is required in order to receive a cosmetology license where I live, regardless of whether you plan to make it one of your specialties. Having a mani-pedi myself was one way of learning by observation. NHIE been paid to take a survey.
  • Yes, in grade school I for sure did at least once. HYE seen a glacier (in person)?
  • Yum! Breaded shrimp?
  • Yes, I was a waitress in a restaurant owned by some friends of my parents for a couple of years in high school. NHIE been banned from a website.
  • It has cooled down quite a bit over the past few days. Yesterday and the day before were in the 70s and today was in the 60s. There were a few sprinkles yesterday and today, but it wasn't even enough to make the ground wet. Unfortunately, it's still very dry and there's still no significant chance of precipitation in the…
  • In that case, neither of us. WMLT have never owned a gaming console?
  • Thankfully, I've never had a major medical condition. I do have what would technically be considered mild asthma, which has an impact on my life from time to time, but it's not to the level where it's disabling. HYE invested money in something?
  • Yum! Lasagna?
  • It may depend on how you define good luck, but I've been very blessed to have loving parents and three wonderful siblings. I also have an awesome career that I enjoy very much. As far as luck goes, the good events in my life outweigh the bad ones, so you could say I have good luck at least relatively often. WMLT to like…
  • I've never technically owned one, but I have ridden a dirt bike. It was an extra one that my dad had at the time that he let me use. HYE had pumpkins smashed outside your home?
  • In grade school we had to take music class and the teacher made us sing in a choir. That wasn't exactly fun for me because I was very shy at that point in my life. NHIE learned any type of programming language.
  • Never. HYE been to a rodeo?
  • Never, though my brothers did. It never made sense to me why getting welts and bruises was so much fun. The "armor" they used only helped so much because they were still in pain afterwards. NHIE played laser tag.
  • Yes, definitely. Whenever there was a spelling test I basically always had the highest grade in the class. Other students would ask the teacher what the highest score was. When the teacher announced it, basically everyone in the class pointed at me even though the teacher didn't say who. What was (or is) the hardest…
  • It was hot again today - lower 90s. There's high winds forecasted tomorrow with blowing dust; it's supposed to cool down to the low 80s. It looks like the next week or so is expected to be in the 70s, which is a lot more typical of late September here. The bad news is that there's still basically no chance of rain.
  • Yes. The Chronicles of Narnia are my second favorite series of books. TSBM has been in a water balloon fight.
  • Yes. Whenever someone tells me something in confidentiality I'm very good at keeping it to myself. What is your favorite type of fruit?
  • Yes, though none that are risky and require climbing gear. HYE seen a wildfire (in person)?
  • You, maybe, though I hesitate to say that. It would be bad if I was clumsy because people could end up with bad haircuts and colors. Obviously, that's not a good thing for your reputation when you're a hair stylist. WMLT like rainy weather?
  • It apparently reached the low 90s again today. While not that unusual here in September, it's apparently about 10 degrees (F) warmer than the average. It looks like it's going to going to go down into the 80 to 85 range for a couple days before going back up to near 90 again. Unfortunately, there's still no rain in the…
  • Yes, as a kid I (unwisely) spent a good portion of a hot summer day in a swimming pool without using sunscreen. Usually I don't get sunburned all that quickly (and very badly) because I have a medium (olive) skin tone. In this case, the combination of the sun reflecting off on the water into the pool and onto my skin and…
  • Assuming we're talking about bets where you have to give something up (like money) if you lose, then I haven't ever participated in one. If it's a casual type of bet where a prediction is made about an uncertain outcome (just for the fun of seeing who's correct), then yes, I have lost at least one of those. HYE been salmon…
  • Going to say you. Jalapenos are far too hot (spicy) for me to eat. I'm very sensitive to anything that's even the slightest bit spicy. WMLT enjoy viewing the autumn foliage (when the leaves start changing color)?
  • Never. NHIE been to a professional football game.
  • You, I guess? I don't really have that many secrets, and I don't keep them from family and close friends since that could lead to hard feelings and trust issues. WMLT be good at creating videos on a computer?
  • No, never been there. NHIE seen a film being made (in person).
  • It's very dry, but was a bit cooler today (near 80) down from the low 90s. There have been some sprinkles over the last few days but not enough to wet things down. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to warm up again in a few days and may approach 90 again. No rain in the forecast anytime soon either.
  • Yum. Corn dogs?
  • I have an Apple laptop that my brother gave me to use at work. It's an older one (like 2016), so I don't know if it's the same thing as a Macbook or not. It looks nearly the same as the pictures of Macbooks when doing a web search. NHIE owned an MP3 player.
  • I haven't. HYE accidently bitten your tongue so hard it bled?

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