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  • Was the appliance on a counter or on the new food stall? I thought it was the food stall that caused sims not being able to extinguish appliances on the stall.
  • I have also built houses I lived in. I also started building my grandmother's house but that never got finished.
  • I was wondering about the dishwasher. It looks nice in the matching kitchen set and these things do exist in real life. But I have yet to see this dishwasher in another kitchen. As for the filters, I suppose you are talking about the filters in build buy and cas. I wish it was possible to expand or collapse a pack type…
  • Whenever there is a new DLC released the game needs to be updated to be able to handle the new DLC. These patches are always updates for the base game, so for everyone. Most of these patches also offer some new or improved items/game play. Simmers often refer to a patch by mentioning the DLC which it was meant to…
  • Thank you for checking. This is good news. It's odd they only mention the ice cream maker for kids in the patch notes.
  • Is the summer drink tray (back yard stuff) updated for children, just like the ice cream maker? Sims can mix lemonade and if kids could use that, they could actually make a lemonade stand in combination with the new stuff pack. I can't update right now, still waiting for a few mods, so hopefully in a few days. But I am…
  • Omg. It's functional. That is a nice little detail. :)
  • My favourite pizza has tomato, barbecue sauce, ham, mushrooms, paprika and cheese. I would like to enter for home chef hustle but already own backyard stuff.
  • Callisto just finished the cottage living aspiration. Right at the end she even found a golden animal treat. Here she is bonding with her golden llama.
  • The portable appliances are interesting. I suppose this is to let us use them on the food stall of the upcoming stuff pack. So next to waffles we can also sell popcorn, ice-cream and more. :)
  • I am sad to see this thread go. I have consulted your list several times over the last few patches. Thank you for all the effort in making this list over these past years.
  • Thank you for pointing this out. I probably would have found it otherwise.
  • I think the lines are an attempt to distinguish adults from young adults because there are hardly any other differences between those two in the game. Luckily they are rather subtle (in my humble opinion, or due to my grafics card?) What I don't like is that fact that we have no in game way to get rid of them. Why not make…
  • Cottage living is a great pack. You don't get career opportunities but you can earn money by farming. You can do errands for the locals to earn a bit on the side. What I like about the pack: - a new world: Henford on Bagley. It has 12 lots devided over 3 neighbourhoods. It is a green rural world with a little village. you…
  • If we are lucky enough to get a new collection, will you still be posting a room on the gallery as well? It is very practical to find collectibles in the gallery while playing.
  • Cottage living offers something similar to odd jobs. If you talk to the special characters of the world and offer to help with village errands. You can talk to the owner of the market stall, the owner of the bar or the creature keeper. You earn a bit of money and some objects. Horse ranch also comes with some form of odd…
  • Callisto is finally back to complete the remaining aspirations. For the first time ever I had a sim grow a cowplant. The cowplant died one sim day after this picture was taken. I don't mind because they are a little too dangerous for my sims.
  • I read a comment from the simmer they collaborated with somewhere. There was indeed a maximum amount of swatches allowed. Unfortunately I can't find the comment anymore.
  • I just spent 10 minutes figuring out the forbidden word in a build and the word filter in my opinion is now officially ridiculous. I am playing the game in Dutch and am not allowed to say 'naar' which means 'to'. It took a while to figure out because I never considered the filter banning a basic preposition. Even six year…
  • When we see pizza in the trailer they are always in a cardboard box. That's very fitting for pizza that was delivered. But pizza made at home should be on a plate. Does anyone serve their own self made pizza on a card board? I hope the team has consider this. This screenshot shows them in a cardboard box once more.
  • According to Sims community it is off 30%. I have only seen it off for 50% once, when all occult packs were on sale.
  • In Dutch Stuff packs are also accessory packs (accessoirespakket). Perhaps they could have gone for 'spullen' but since accessoirespakket started in the sims 2 days I have grown used to the name. The Home Chef Hustle stuff pack is translated as 'Kokkerellen maar'. Kokkerellen is cooking for fun or cooking with friends. It…
  • I would get most use out of a European city(Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Oslo,... ) I know less what to expect with the non western cities but they could be interesting as well. A city like shanghai in China or Rio de Janeiro in Brasil would be at the top of the non western cities I'd like.
  • I completely agree, baking should be base game and all the base game cakes should be moved to baking. The baking recipes in get to work could remain exclusive to that DLC. It just doesn't make sense to cook a birthday cake. I own get to work and think this pack has enough value left if the baking skill is base game.
  • Is there any info on the prepped ingredients that could be seen on the updated cooking menu? We know the filters will be base game but what about prepped ingredients? Are prepped ingredients base game or part of this stuff pack. I could imagine the mixer to be involved in prepping ingredients.
  • This stuff pack looks fun and I like the new appliances. I am not convinced yet that this stuff pack will have the same depth as paranormal or nifty knitting but I think I can have fun with it.
  • I think I will get it within a month after release. Perhaps not right away but I won't be waiting for a sale.
  • I would like a blank world, but most importantly a world without background buildings. And up to today's standards with swimmable water.
  • It feels like a well rounded pack. Just compare it to the first game pack released after paranormal : dream home decorator. Both come with a career that sends you to other sims' houses. But on top of that paranormal also has a lot type, NPC's and a skill. DHD only has pretty build buy to add. Paranormal has more gameplay…
  • I would like more sorting options in CAS and BB. CAS - for face accessories it would be nice to have two separate subcategories for facial piercings and earings. When I want earings I don't need to see facial piercings and vice versa. - hairstyles can now be filtered texture. We have straight, wavy and afro. I miss a curly…

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