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AnomilyMiyu Member

Still can't commit to the sims 4. I want to like this game I really do, but there is something lacking to me. The artistic style is awesome. The building abilities are pretty nifty. But without the ability to have more unique worlds and customization in the worlds, the games play style its pretty boring to me. The itty bitty hoods run out of things to do fast. There barely any fantasy content, The cooking system which I normally enjoy is monotonous. Most of the game feels like work and not fun. Unless they release some amazing expansion pack soon that will take the game to new levels I'm probably going to keep playing the sims 3. Sadly the new "Get Together" expansion looks to be the worst expansion yet to me. (No I do not consider the sims 3 sweet treats a expansion.) The new expansion seems to take some of the worst parts of university and mixes with boring trade skills. Pool parties, dart parties? Come on EA now if you made ski teams, weather. I might be interested.


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