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Windows 10 update (April 2018) lost my power settings but I got them back

SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,638 Member
edited April 2018 in Off Topic Chat
This week's update messed up my laptop settings. The screen went black after a few minutes every time when I didn't click or do something and when I clicked on the battery power button on the taskbar they just were not there and a little Microsoft box told me they couldn't find the folder/file. I was told to make my own power plan but couldn't. I got taken instead to the support site to feedback the problem.

Microsoft were no help, everything was out of date but I found I could create one as a start by going into the Settings, Power and sleep and how soon the PC slept when you left it options, also sorting out what the Power and lid closure options were. (I chose Shut down for those). I knew I was on the right track when I saw that there was a 3 minute "display off" timing. I changed all the settings higher, on battery and on power there (check all options) and found that the settings became available again right-clicking on the battery icon on the Taskbar. I had created my own Custom Plan 1 and could create another. I forgot the exact way I went about it but it is worth checking out if your screen keeps turning off after a few minutes inactivity like mine.

I have asked Microsoft to create a troubleshooter!


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