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RuPaul's Drag Race Stuff Pack (PART 4)

boykinater18boykinater18 Posts: 237 Member
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It’s finally here henney, this is the fishiest Stuff Pack you can get your sassy hands on!! This Stuff Pack is loaded with all kinds of Drag Queen inspired objects! Framed Art, T-Shirts, Album Covers, Wall Posters, Calendars, and now Showers to spice up your Sims life! This time I included EVERY SINGLE QUEEN!

Download PART 1
Download PART 2
Download PART 3
Download PART 4


  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,590 Member
    Shantay you stay!
  • StaticSimStaticSim Posts: 19 Member
    Queen I am L I V I N G for this, for the love of god give me all the Bendela the world can handle right now because she has absolutely killed me and stolen the heart from my dead body. The collection of Trixie curtains are EVERYTHING>
  • boykinater18boykinater18 Posts: 237 Member
    Glad you like it @StaticSim :D You can follow my tumblr ( to keep up to date for part 5!
  • FlowerBombxoFlowerBombxo Posts: 17 Member
    Jeezy cableezy, this is amazing <3 <3 <3
  • jackrickelljackrickell Posts: 1 New Member
    only 1 pack has appears in game
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