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vet clinic

How do you sell a vet clinic once you brought it.


  • Chomper88Chomper88 Posts: 32 Member
    When you are at the clinic, click on vet clinic settings (top right) then a pop up will come up and the option to sell will be at the bottom left.
  • Chomper88Chomper88 Posts: 32 Member
    top right of the pop up that comes up when you click on the owned businesses on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • AphmauFanMystreetAphmauFanMystreet Posts: 2 New Member
    that isn't working for me
  • AphmauFanMystreetAphmauFanMystreet Posts: 2 New Member
    nevermind i fixed it
  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,875 EA Community Manager
    Please don't necropost in old threads. I'm going to go ahead and close off this thread now as it has been inactive since 2017, If you have any questions about necroposting you can read this thread here : Necroposting
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