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Optional seasons and weather?

I'm not sure if anyone else has put an idea like this here yet but the thought occurred to me while I was driving in to work this morning. I know that the world itself would present a challenge in the changing of the seasons and with weather, since everything not on the active lot is basically a back drop or image of neighboring lots...or something similar I suppose. If it's winter, snow would have to appear on the buildings outside of the active lots as well as the lot our sims are located at. I think the solution for this issue would be something similar to what Sims Freeplay has. If you haven't played Sims Freeplay, there is a quest and the goal is to acquire a machine that "creates" weather with the option for rain, snow, night and the standard weather. I don't want to have to go through a quest for a machine in TS4 but I like the idea of being able to choose which season. If we had an option to toggle the weather/season to what we wanted in the game, then it might be doable.

With the ability to choose which weather/season we wanted then the game would simply switch to it with the corresponding clothing requirements, moodlets, back drops and scenery. If we want Autum, we choose it and we get rain and colder weather with the lovely autumnal colors and falling leaves. If we want winter, we choose winter and all the buildings will be covered in frost or snow as well as patches on the ground and all the trees would be bare and frosted. If we want spring we would select it and it would pretty much look the way it does now with perhaps random rain showers. If Summer was an option then maybe the back drop would be a bit more "golden" with vegetation being dried from the heat in the distance and have thunder showers that give a startled moodlet when the lighting and thunder happen.

Personally, I think this is way more doable than trying to get it to match how seasons were in TS3 and players would have the option to choose which season they want to play in to match the saves they are playing. Then with this type of seasons we could finally get an outerwear option and sims could get chilly, soaked, struck by lighting and over heated which would also mean more death options. Just a thought.
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