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Can't remove a book from inventory


One of my Sims has an instructional book ("Gardening, Vol. 2", I believe) in her inventory. Thing is, I can't remove it from her inventory for the life of me. If I click on it, the only option is "Read", but it's ghosted out because her Gardening skill has increased to the point where she can't benefit from reading the book (the game tells me so if I try). I can't drag it out of her inventory, not to the bookshelf, not to the "Sell" box, or anywhere else.

How can I get rid of this book???


  • Diskette66Diskette66 Posts: 842 New Member
    edited April 2010
    Did she happen to be traveling (and by traveling I mean on a bike, in a car, en route to home or community lot) when you tried it? For some reason, it won't let you move inventory items while your sim is on the move.

    The reason it would let you choose "Read" is because that's something you would be queuing up for her arrival, as opposed to delete, remove or sell, which would be instant.
  • AimHereAimHere Posts: 16 New Member
    edited April 2010
    No, that's not it. She merely out-leveled the book by practicing gardening on her own, while it was in her inventory. Remember, it's an instructional book, not an ordinary one. I can't click on it and select "Read" because she's above the skill levels the book was intended for. But I can't get it out of her inventory by ANY means now!
  • AimHereAimHere Posts: 16 New Member
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    Just for the heck of it, I tried "resetsim <sim name>" from the cheat console, but that didn't help. :(
  • IamMamainredIamMamainred Posts: 7,042 New Member
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    With the sims who has a book will not go away selected, click open bookcase.
    This will put the book case window & your back back inventory side by side, see if it will drag into it.

    If this fails you have one of those glitches you are just going to have to over look, sometimes if you go play another family & come back later it will have corrected itself. It is not that big of a deal, it is not keep thing game from playing. Could be a lot worse.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
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    Bring up the game cheat and type:

    moveobjects on and hit enter. Now use the hand to grab the book out of the inventory and put it on the floor. Close the sims inventory. Now go back to the book and delete it by clicking on it and click delete. Now bring up the cheat console again as you must turn this off, so type :

    moveobjects off

    and hit enter. Book should be gone and everything should be fixed. It is the book that has glitched, so you would not want to try and keep it even if you wanted another sim to read it. Just buy another copy.

    This glitch usually happens when a sims has been told to read the book and something else stops the action before they can start reading. Or you changed the command too fast. It glitches the object.

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  • NikkiyyaRella10NikkiyyaRella10 Posts: 1
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    Hi. I have the same issue. Could someone please help me? I have tried the suggestions but they do not work. Please help.
    It is not too important but I really like to sell books that I have had my sims already read. I hate things to stay untidy.
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