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Flagged for custom content

Just uploaded a new gallery build and it's been flagged as having custom content in it. I'm on console, I don't have access to custom content. And now I can't even see my own build that I have spent days making in my own library cause console gallery doesn't showcase custom content items! THE HACK MAN!?


  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 257 Member
    @animevamp - sometimes if your sims take photographs and you upload a build with them in it, the gallery can flag it as using custom content.
  • animevampanimevamp Posts: 123 Member
    I didn't take any photos with sims. Everything I used was already in the game or downloaded from the gallery.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,973 Member
    Paintings can sometimes be flagged as CC along with photographs, especially if the paintings were Paint From Reference shots. It might take some work, but try uploading the lot as unfurnished and see if it's still flagged as CC, then drop a note to Answers HQ with results. Good luck!
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  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 1,135 Member
    I had the exact same issue a while ago,
    do you still have the build in your world?
    If you don't have it in your world anymore look at your gallery page and see if it shows up in the showcase and directly place it (don't download).
    remove all paintings/photographs and save it again.
    you can try and figure out which paintings are the problem by adding them back in or removing them one by one, saving and checking if the CC flag is still there when you go to save again, but depending on how many you used it can be a chore.

    weirdly enough some custom paintings/photographs trigger the CC flag only when saved as lots but not as rooms.
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  • Damien555Damien555 Posts: 21 Member
    Wow I did not know reference shots can get it flagged. Is that other users doing it? You think they can just sell the paintings and build off your build if they did not like it.
  • animevampanimevamp Posts: 123 Member
    edited October 2020
    @Damien555 yeah reference shots can get flagged but no other users are not the problem.

    The problem is that when the Sims team finally transferred the gallery to consoles they made so console players can't see anything made with custom content. Which is stupid.

    Honestly we should have full access to everything on the gallery, even those made with custom content. I mean if you download something with custom content on pc and don't have that content it just won't show up in your game.

    In any case, I've fixed the build. Just had to delete four pictures I found from the gallery.

  • ObiwanxKannoliObiwanxKannoli Posts: 19 Member
    They aren't very good at recognizing CC because I downloaded a house from the gallery the other day and to my surprise it had a bunch of CC paintings that weren't caught. I was like oh wait that's Pepa Pig haha
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