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extraneous contacts

i would like the ability to delete contacts of players who don't play any longer


  • jenn789hyukjenn789hyuk Posts: 8 New Member
    agree! my friend list is all full
  • Shelleyc118Shelleyc118 Posts: 22 Member
    Are you trying to delete people on your friends list? If so, go into your friends list and tap on that persons profile. Then it will give you the option to visit their house or remove friend. Just press "remove friend" and that person will disappear from your friends list. Hope that helps 😁
  • TeeRexTeeRex Posts: 1 New Member
    *I* would like to delete Contacts (not "Friends")...That stupid "Add Sim to Contacts" option is always at the top, and I've hit that SO MANY TIMES when I didn't want to. I'm not starting relationships with all these players.
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