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Can anyone help me with my lag and choppiness issues?

Hi, firstly, this is not a "slate TS3" post. So far I love the game, it looks awesome and I love the new detail.

My problem is that I have only played for half a day but only managed to progress 3 days in the game, due to the extra crazy lag and "stuttering" within the neighbourhood. It's not so bad if I position my camera in one place, viewing my entire household for a long period of time, but if I want to zoom in, follow my sim or go anywhere else in the neighbourhood, it takes an age.

When I saw the trailors for TS3 I knew due to the open-neighbourhood that the smooth running of the game was an over-exaggeration for the average PC to handle but I never realised it would be so frustrating as it is.

Could anyone please give me some ideas of how I could fix this myself? I'm sure it is a problem my end.

I'm using a windows vista laptop - Aspire 5335. I can give more details if needed on my memory or graphics card, just need to find it. I have 1 GB RAM and on the sticker it says I have - Up to 220 MB Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M.

I will be installing this onto my PC also to see if it runs any better.

Thanks in advance!



  • comicalcupcakecomicalcupcake Posts: 31
    edited June 2009
    Running it on a laptop is probably the main reason. It takes a lot of power for a computer to render graphics. So even if you have a decent video card, it's not getting enough power to it to perform at its best. The average laptop has a 100 watt to 200 watt power supply, and the average desktop has around 400 watts. A gaming PC can have more than double that.

    Also, the back of the game box says that if you are running XP, 1GB RAM is fine, but if you are running Vista, you need 1.5 GB RAM.

    And don't overlook the simplest solutions as well. Are all your service packs and drivers up to date?
  • StacieBeeStacieBee Posts: 10
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    Hey thanks Cupcake! Ugh 1.5GB of RAM? That's just typical! Nevermind eh? I'll just have to get it up on my PC and hope it runs better, my boyfriend won't be too pleased with me turfing him off that though! lol

    Ye I'm pretty sure all my drivers would be up to date, I bought this laptop second hand and fully restored only 2 weeks ago, I've already been through the 100 proposed upgrades I needed to download and install.

    Thanks for your input.

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