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Patches that add things

machomuumachomuu Posts: 22 New Member
If you have spore, you know what I'm talking about, The Sims 3 has way to much content that needs to be added, and it really is crucial that they add it via patch and not via EP. I was disappointed to see the small amount of male hair but even more disappointed when I found out you couldn't make bald male sims yet you CAN make bald females. I think it's mostly clothes and hair that needs to be added, just as certain things are in the Spore patches.


  • UronkaUronka Posts: 486
    edited June 2009
    ... and Servo's :D

    They could release one in conjunction with the bugs being fixed in the first patch as like a reminder that although Servo's are great even they like to bug out sometimes... or sumin:shock:

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