How do you add harvestable plants to lots in CAW

As the title says I was wondering how you can add harvestable plants/trees (e.g. Apple Trees, Bell Pepper plants) to lots/places in CAW. I can't see an Apple Tree under the Trees section but I could be blind...
If anyone knows the answer can they please let me know. If it can't be done I would also like to know.
Thanks all!


  • HturnerPHturnerP Posts: 1,488 New Member
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    :)You have to go into edit mod then put in the cheats.testingcheatsenabled true and buydebug...Then go into buy mod and you will see a ? all the plants are in Thar.You wont see them as plants thy will only be a pile of dirt But when you put your world into the game you will see them.
  • JohnnywrJohnnywr Posts: 2,927 Member
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    You don`t place apple trees in your world if you want to harvest apples, you place the apple tree spawners on your lots or around your world. You can place harvestable seed spawners around your world by adding them from Game Objects and the various seed spawners found there. To add them to lots in your world follow HTurnerP`s advice.
  • agentcloneagentclone Posts: 15 Member
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    Awesome thanks guys.
    I'd found the seed spawners in the Create A World tool and was figuring that I could place the seed/fish spawners then add a lot on top of that however I also wanted some actual harvestable plants. The spawners within the lot are great and means that I can edit the placement of spawners within the lot after adding a lot.
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