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If You want to DOWNLOAD From the Store (etc) do this

(I did this I loaded my sims 3 icon). than at the top it saids (login) i did that and told the computer to remember me. Than while sims 3 icon was still loaded, i than loaded the (ea download manager) and log into it also told it to remember me. Then i went to (The Sims3 Store) i see the free riverview it said something like download again i hit it to download again. it was showing it was being downloading. when it was done. (i press below install and it worked..) I would do this on anything that deals with sims 3 download meterial. Try all this i think you will love the results. the reason it said again i did not do it right the first time. also i proof read my messages and fix type errors. sorry for all the updates on my messages, my eyes or not what they used to be. i ware glasses. I copy this here with new subject title. If you see the original there is around 10 update on that message of mine. Sorry for that.


  • Yavin_PrimeYavin_Prime Posts: 28
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    I'll be honest I didn't fully understand what you were trying to say. I bought the game, I have the Download Manager open but it won't start the download. I tryed to get the free town and it says "download again" and when I click that it goes to a error page. So I'm not sure where the Sims3 icon is that you were talking about. :?
  • JamesFraizerJamesFraizer Posts: 67
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    Run (Sims 3) than you see the (Sims 3 game launcher) on your monitor. than load (EA Download Manager) and you will see your (EA Download Manager). you will see there both loaded on your taskbar below to the left just to the right of your (shut down restart button with the windows symbol. keep both loaded do not close them. log in on both. with your user name and password, hit the box to remember me. it will remerber your user name and password for now on. provided you dont delete the cookies that store that memory data. than goto the sim store or my exchange tag what you want to download, it will open up-popup of your (sims3 game launcher)and you will see its downloading. into your (sim 3 game launcher) once downloading is complete. checkmark what you download so it will know what you want to install. soon as that's done. hit install it at the bottom left way below your checkmark. do not close nothing untill it saids install complete.

    (Right after you load (sims 3 game launcher) i would enter user name than password. that goes for (EA Download Manager.) look for the login on both) :mrgreen:
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