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I broke the game

I decided to do a rags to riches challenge in Moonwood Mill with my lovely new Sim called Veronica Lopez, who almost immediately got mauled by Greg and became a wolf and shortly after got fated to Lou, because why not. She mainly made her money through fishing and gardening whilst completing the Lone wolf aspiration. Once gardening became more financially beneficial, she dropped the fishing and solely focused on her gardening. She had built herself a container home that she lived from and adopted a stray dog along the way. Once I felt it was a bit too smooth-running, I decided to add a few lot traits, so I decided to make the lot more... fertile.

I added the great soil, on a ley line and on a dark ley line lot traits and decided it was time to add the challenge of having babies. So Veronica gave birth to twin boys, Vito and Miguel, who according to their bassinets were werewolves and once they've maxed their skills and everything was smooth again, Veronica and Lou got pregnant again - this time when she came back from hospital, Victoria had a vampire bassinet and Laurel was a wolf. That got me quite excited because the DRAMA.

So my boys aged up to children when my girls were ready to become tods and I went into CAS to give them makeovers (and OMG Lou's children are the cutest and I always want to have his children). The werewolf sign were above Vito, Miguel and Laurel, but Victoria had nothing indicating she was an occult. Like nothing. Again, everything started falling into a pattern and the challenge needed to be turned up a notch, so Veronica and Lou got married and moved in together, moving to Henford to start their own little farm and Lou being the extra pair of hands needed as the plants have now doubled and it literally takes all day to maintain it.

And then I decided to have another baby.

And this is where it all went south. So Veronica having that pregnant glow and looking like a queen, I decided to save the household and maybe share them because they were just the cutest - so I went into CAS and hit the save household button, and I wanted to see everyone's thumbnails because they were adorable and why not, right? Well.... Vito and Miguel were nothing but floating teeth, and Victoria (vampire baby) was a CURSED image of a bunch of tods scrunched together, different hairstyles, different skin tones, clothes all messed up... and half a face. And when I clicked on Laurel... an error popped up saying that the content could not be found. I closed the window, cancelled the save household... and was stuck in limbo. everything was greyed out, unclickable, couldn't exit, couldn't do anything. My sim was animated in the background, doing the occasional howling, but it was like there was another window open, but there wasn't. I tried everything I could think of before just having to close the game altogether and switch off my PC - just happy that it didn't corrupt my save file.

Conclusion: Adding on a dark ley line lot trait to a lot with a werewolf family is less drama in game as it is for the actual player, so I am just putting it out there so people who read the post don't try it. Its just not worth it.

Also just mentioning that I don't play with mods so that was not the reason.


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