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The Client Challenge

SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
Challenges, challenges, challenges. They are everywhere! So I decided, after coming up with four weeksworth of ideas, I would start my own challenge.
This is a weekly challenge where the ultimate goal is to satisfy the client.
Who are these clients?
Each week, on a Monday, I will post the challenge. A story involving your firm and a client will be written. Each week a different client will require something different from you. They may simply need you to do landscaping, or interior designing. Perhaps they need to renovate an old house or maybe just build a house from scratch.
To make this challenge work I will need lots of help. If you are interested please write because if there aren't enough people, unfortunately, this challenge will be a no go.
I will post the first weeks challenge tomorrow at 10:00 am eastern time. These will be posted with the rules, the story and a link to the family. Please write if you are interested.


Because this thread has become so disorganized, I have made a new thread, follow the link below to find more information about the client challenge:


  • exdemon1120exdemon1120 Posts: 899 Member
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    I would be interested depending on the individual challenges.
  • clovergoddessclovergoddess Posts: 126 Member
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    I would do this- However, I'm busy with the Builders Boulevard challenges which are the exact same thing.
  • ybboccobby04ybboccobby04 Posts: 645 Member
    edited August 2009
    I agree with exdemon...It depends what the individual challenge is. I'm no good with landscaping for instance :P so I'd skip out on that one..
  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
    edited August 2009
    I'll tell you what the challenge for tomorrow will be to see if you are interested and if not that's fine.
    So here's the story:

    You pace your office quickly. Your secretary told you only that "someone important" was coming. She was your secretary and she couldn't give you a heads up!
    Rap, rap, rap. The door brought you back to earth and you sidled nervously over to open your office to the mysterious client.
    Before you stood a big man and a small woman.
    "Hello there, may we take a seat?" The man asked.
    "Of course, of course." You opened your arms to reveal the small oak desk and waiting chairs. The man and the woman sat down with grace and ease.
    "We're here for our house you see." The man looked very intelligent and got right to the point. "We just moved here and we're somewhat disappointed." He turned to the lady who sat pink-faced next to him, smiling and nodding with what he said.
    "The man whom we spoke with said we would be getting a modern loft, complete with all our specifications and-"
    The woman interrupted with a giggle, "but he gave us some sort of.. oh, I don't know what you would call it." She turned to look at the robust man, "Honey, what would you call it?"
    "Ugly." The man tapped his companion on the shoulder as she giggled at his complete seriousness. "My wife and I are very disappointed with Sunset Valley so far, but we heard you were the best and we have complete faith that a superior business person such as yourself will be completely competent." His dark brown eyes lingered on mine as I managed, finally, to speak:
    " Yes, well, I'm sure I will be able to... A modern loft you say?"
    "Yes. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. My wife here likes to entertain so a nice lounge will be in order and she'll need her nice cooking facilities."
    "I see, I see. Yes," you knew this was a big deal. "I'm sure we can fix your problem. What is your budget?"
    " 60 000 simoleons." I suddenly noticed the man's diamond wristwatch.
    "I'm certain we can fix you up. Are there any design preferences?"
    "Modern. None of that.. old stuff. I'm a businessman and I'll need to be respected and feared by my employees. All I ask is that the appropriate entertaining facilities are provided for and.." His stern eyes once again linked with mine, "Make sure it looks good."
    "Oh bunnykins!" His wife burst into another fit of giggles as she placed her head in the cavity of his shoulder. "Isn't he amazing?"
    I assumed she was talking to me but was not prepared to make an answer. "We'll have it done."

    I showed up the next day at Mr. and Mrs. Baars' home. I was surprised to find nothing but foundation. "Mr. Baars, I thought you said there was a house?"
    "There was." He said gruffly. "We tore it down last night. Listen," his voice was remarkably stern, "I was just wondering if we could keep the foundation, it cost a lot of money so..."
    "Of course." I had no clue what I was going to do with this."Listen, Mr. Baars, yesterday you told me modern. What do you mean, modern? Brutalist, white-box, limestone, different coloured?"
    "Anything." Again, his voice became more serious than I thought anything could become. "Just make sure it looks good and there is plenty of room to entertain."
    With that, the Baars left, leaving me an empty lot of foundation and a few walls.
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  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
    edited August 2009
    Well, that's the first story, tomorrow I'll post more details about the challenge itself and the rules, and some pictures, but that is it basically. Each week there will be a different style, so even if you don't enjoy landscaping, it'll be more about the way you follow through the design specifications.
    If anyone feels that they wouldn't like to enter that's fine too.
    Constructive criticism is always welcome as well. Ways to improve and make it better would be much appreciated.
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  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
    edited August 2009
    I will post the rules and how the lots will be judged.


    1. Follow the client's specifications. If the client asks for a farmhouse don't build a victorian starter.

    2. All work must be completely original. If copied from another simmer, contestant will be disqualified.

    3. Entries must be submitted on time. (The next Monday is the deadline.)

    4. No cheats. There are no cheats. Money, mood or anything of the sort. Unless the challenge requires the sim to remain on the lot and you must reset the sim there is no exception. (Of course, you can use constrainfloorelevation and such to build the house, I was implying money cheats that would give you an advantage over other simmers.)

    5. Be respectful of other simmers and their creations.

    Judging Rubric:

    /20- Following client specifications
    /20- Over-all look of the house, inside and out
    /10- Continuity
    And there will be 1 additional bonus point for every 1 000 simoleons underbudget.

    I hope this is challenging enough and sounds enjoyable. Please, feel free to leave comments about the challenge, even if you are not participating. I hope you like it! :D

    (I'm going to try and be very different in the ideas I come up with, next weeks is really cool but sort of challenging. The week after's is a classic and being so there will be two separate challenges.)
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  • invisiblebobfaninvisiblebobfan Posts: 80 New Member
    edited August 2009
    hmmm. this looks interesting. i think i might try this one.
    do you have an entry form thing or do we just post the link to it? :)
  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
    edited August 2009
    You'll have to enter with the following form:


    Lot Name:


    Link to associated material:

    Furnished Value:

    Familyfunds left:

    Your explanation:

    Since Mr. and Mrs. Baars will be on the lot, tomorrow I'll post the link to their home here which you can upload and get started. I'm so glad you're participating, hopefully other people will join as well. Also, don't forget that if you use custom material, I may not be able to see it and only see a substitute, also, do not forget to credit any other simmer's material you used.

    Haha, and of course, we'll try and get some competition going... so if people are interested! Hopefully it's just the fact that this is really new, because you can't really do this with only one person. We'll wait and see if it spreads around.
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  • invisiblebobfaninvisiblebobfan Posts: 80 New Member
    edited August 2009
    sweet! :) i'll make sure to bookmark this page and check back in tomorrow then :D
  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
    edited August 2009
    Here is the link to download the Baars' "home".


    Now, part of the challenge is to reuse the foundation, you can always add more or delete the middle to make a basement but the basic shape needs to stay.
    I'll try and get some pictures up. :D

    The main point of the client challenge is to improve your skills as a builder. So each week there will be a builder's challenge, which is not mandatory.
    Here is a link to a list of tutorials posted by fieryfemale:


    This weeks Builders Challenge:

    Try and incorporate split levels in your modern loft, to create distinct spacings without walls.



    And this is a link to see how to make L shaped stairs (split-level stairs from floor 1 to floor 2):
    http://www.thesimsresource.com/tutorials/view/id/11696/Creating L-shaped stairs in The Sims 3

    There is also an optional sim challenge that will come with lots or renovations where the clients will be present so this weeks Sim Challenge:

    1. Get Mr. Baars a promotion in the business career by improving his relationship with his boss and co-workers.

    2. Have Mrs. Baars throw an awesome party and post pictures of the party.

    Hope you like the side challenges. :D
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  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
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    Bump :D ( This is really quiet)
  • ErionErion Posts: 267 New Member
    edited August 2009
    Good luck with your challenge.
  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
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    Thank you Erion! :D Does anyone know if anyone is actually participating? I have seven downloads on the Baars' lot (which is empty) so I would assume they would be participating but I don't know.
    Just wondering in case there is no one. :lol:
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  • SunsetValley01SunsetValley01 Posts: 1,193 New Member
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    I suppose I have to bump it again. :cry: This is sooo quiet. Out of 14 posts I've posted 8.


    Because this thread has becoming slightly disorganized, I have made a new thread where all information will be posted, please follow this link:

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  • Landj0ghurtLandj0ghurt Posts: 8 New Member
    Uuuuu, nice idea. I would probably participate if you're still doing the challenge. But don't know if that'll work with the submission deadline... Still interested tho
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