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Slice of life mod

Who still uses it and is it possibly why I’m getting the last exception notification? I upseded it when it was last available in February. Just wondering if that’s my problem?


  • Susim62Susim62 Posts: 225 Member
    I'm playing with the updated version, and though I get L.E's occasionally, not often enough to assume they're caused by SOL.

    I play a lot of households in rotation and don't get L.E's for all, plus have several other mods, so I'm not inclined to lay the blame for exceptions on SOL.
  • DellaLunaDellaLuna Posts: 8 New Member
    KawaiiStacie reported that SOL is broken with the new March 15th patch. She posted on Twitter on March 16th that she's working on an update. Just may be that hasn't updated the info on her website.
  • RandomizedSimmerRandomizedSimmer Posts: 19 Member
    Is it possible to have only like..BITS of SOL, like the phone and self woohoo, since the rest of the stuff is kind of overwhelming for me.
    (Its an amazing mod, its just stressful cause my over perfecting self needs my sims needs on 100% and any bad moodlets, like embarrassed and stuff infuriates me.) But I love the phone aspects.
  • Susim62Susim62 Posts: 225 Member
    @RandomizedSimmer yes, that's what I've done.
    You need the base and base script file, then choose whichever modules you want to add.
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