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What are the best, coolest mods there is?

bootsguybootsguy Posts: 828 Member
What are the best, coolest mods available for the base game and all the other expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, etc.?
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  • LJKLJK Posts: 88 Member
    edited June 2
    Ah. Yet another person to bring into the light. (Or dark, depending how you look at it :tongue:) Welcome. You will never want to go back.

    To start, there is the mod Become a Sorcerer by Triplis that allows you to follow the path of good, evil, or neutrality and gain access the abilities that are extremely fun to use. It also opens up great options for playing as a sorcerer/godly entity/angel/demon, what have you.

    There's the Language Barriers mod that separates Sims-speak into specific languages based on regions. Sims will have to practice so they can speak to Sims from other regions. Attempting to speak to Sims from a different region and not being able to speak the language well will cause negative moodlets on your Sim. While the mod is very immersive and works well, it has its ups and downs.

    There's LearnSimInfo, in case you were ever curious about little stats and facts about your Sim.

    There's MC Command Center, which is essentially the pen-ultimate mod for this game. It allows you to customize many different aspects of this game and gives you a ton more control over your Sims. For example, I dislike it when the weight of my Sims change. MC Command Center lets me assign a flag to a Sim that freezes weight gain/loss.

    There's More CAS Columns, for people who install a lot of CC. Also by the same author, there's UI Cheat Extensions, giving you easy control over your Sim's needs.

    The mods MeaningfulStories and Personality Please both address your Sim's behaviors, moodlets, and relationships. It shouldn't be easy to romance another Sim. It shouldn't be easy to change your Sim's emotions. Etc, etc.

    The mod Slice of Life also greatly expands the overall lives of your Sims and while it's an incredibly great and fleshed out mod, it's also kind of invasive. The mod is divided into modules and these modules can be deleted on a whim, thankfully. But for example, the skin care module lets your Sims occasionally get acne unless you take care of their skin, which I disliked and deleted. Another module lets your Sim blush when flirty, have tears when sad, etc, etc which interferes in certain make-up, skin details, etc, and can look kind of silly at times. The worst was a module that made my Sim constantly stop whatever they're doing and laugh at another Sim in a public setting when that NPC Sim was autonomously being goofy or practicing flirting in a mirror. Made going to the gym so annoying.

    That's just a few of the fantastic mods out there to download. There's loads more, but it's 3 AM. I'm going to bed.
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