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Do you think they will expand upon or add a martial arts feature to Sims 4 as they did in Sims 3?

I didn't play Sims 3 as I'm a console player, but just checking out the details of the world adventures martial arts bit, it seemed pretty in depth and cool? For those that played it, how was it and do you think they will possibly add something similar to this version of Sims? Is that uncommon or have there been talks of adding missing features into the Sims 4 that were in previous Sims games?


  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    There's still a possibility if they ever bother to explore Asian themes again in the future, but who knows? The Sims 4's future is a complete guess now at this rate.
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  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,150 Member
    I think the closest we'll ever get is the sparring from the military career in Strangerville.
  • BobisbaeBobisbae Posts: 226 Member
    I think it'll remain linked to fitness and won't be it's own skill. I always did martial arts in Ts3 it was a really interesting skill but it's been broken up in TS4. The sparring went to the fitness skill and the meditation/teleporting went to the wellness skill.
  • Humility925Humility925 Posts: 125 Member
    Martial arts in ts3 is worthy and cool, just like vampire in sims 4, but sadly, I doubt they would do that as because they did kind of add in strangerville, but that is just very simple workout martial, nothing about rank, grow, fighting other sims in martial arts, I do like sims medieval combat, too, fun to watch sword combat, I wish they make Medieval again and this time lot better than old one and add spellcaster and vampire in Medieval, that's would be fun gameplay.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,138 Member
    I hope they'll bring back martial arts along with China, Egypt & France.
  • gnelso1239gnelso1239 Posts: 161 Member
    Same here. I'd love to see it brought back.
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