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Sort Skin Tone By Ethnicity

Would it be good to have skin tones sorted by ethnic background? For example, tones for Asian Sims (Chinese, Japanese) to be separated from those suited for African and Indian Sims.

I was trying to create a Sim last night similar to this model here:

But I had no idea which skin tone would be suitable. I was not outright replicating her likeness in the game, but someone with the same skin tone.


  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 293 Member
    edited September 2019
    Disagree. We do need more skin tone options. But absolutely not separated by ethnicity. I think you should try to have this discussion removed.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 1,901 Member
    We need better skintones for sure! But different people of the same ethnicity can come in a variety of skintones and people will consider it stereotyping. I can see outrage following.
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,802 Member
    They are already sorted by race. But the race is "Human". ;)
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,730 Member
    Sindocat wrote: »
    They are already sorted by race. But the race is "Human". ;)

    Not all the time... vampires, aliens, mermaids, and spellcasters are all out there, biding their time.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,102 Member
    Gonna say no. Heck, I don't see how that would even work. First of all, different "ethnicities" irl don't have one set skin tone. And ethnicities in the game are basically non-existant. Sims don't have "race" or anything like that. There are different skins, yeah, the sims themselves can be whatever you say they are.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,623 Member
    I don't really see how that would've helped your situation.

    The model is racially ambiguous anyway - at least to me. I wouldn't personally be able to make a confident guess as to what her ethnicity is.

    Just pick the shade that's closest to what you're seeing. That's really all it takes
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    With a color chart like the one we've got, i see no need for extra steps in skin tone selection.
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  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,814 Member
    I disagree like they pointed above even people in rl in the same race are different shades.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,505 Member
    Not always. There are ivory skin tone Prairie Cree Natives & copper skin tone Irish.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 2,164 Member
    edited October 2019
    Just in short nope.
    It would create more issues than help anyone
    what they could do is tag cool, neutral and warm tones instead though
    since you really get colorblind choosing from the middle of tanned tones pretty quick
  • kwanzaabotkwanzaabot Posts: 2,220 Member
  • SageOfGlimmerBrookSageOfGlimmerBrook Posts: 397 Member
    edited October 2019
    No thank you. Call me "childish" or whatever, but I like that unlike in the real world, I can be free of racism and stupidity that plagues this earth, when I play the sims. Sims are "races".
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  • SageOfGlimmerBrookSageOfGlimmerBrook Posts: 397 Member
    Sindocat wrote: »
    They are already sorted by race. But the race is "Human". ;)

    So very sad "humans" dont want humans to be grouped together :(
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  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 504 Member
    Not sure that's really necessary... I figured it's kind of obvious which are the "East Asian" skintones, etc.
    Plus, my latino sims and mixed race sims tend to use the same tan skintones - so how could you categorize those, as they don't belong to just one ethnic group.
  • taydevtaydev Posts: 818 Member
    Terrible idea. One ethnicity can have a wide range of skin tones.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,432 Member
    Well, this video sums up part of the issue with trying to divide skin tone by ethnicity.

    Also, laaaaaaaamb

  • WaitWhatYTWaitWhatYT Posts: 510 Member
    edited October 2019
    Pfft, this idea is ridiculous to me just by the sheer fact that my relatives (particularly on my mom's side, most of whom are / would be considered Black / African-American) have WILDLY different skin-tones, to the point where people regularly question if we're all related in the first place. The Sims is one of the mediums where race and racial bias simply doesn't exist (at least not as we know it IRL), and that's always been one of the things I appreciate about the series, the freedom to define each sim as you like in regards to ethnicity, culture or background without limitations. I really can't see how grouping skintones by ethnicity would work in game, not to mention the backlash it could potentially lead to. I'm sure you meant well but... nah, just, nah.

    EDIT: I also don't really see how it would work from a gameplay perspective, given so many generations of sims being born (assuming you aren't trying to "keep the bloodline pure" or whatever else), would the game bug out because I have, let's say, a "White" sim with an "Asian" skintone or a "Latino" sim with a "Black" skintone? I see no way you could implement such a feature and have it actually consistently work, nor do I see why anybody would want to.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,730 Member
    Oh, also, I know which skin tone you're looking for. One of the lightest or middle shades on the second to top row.
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,202 Member
    What we urgently need is more hair colours.
  • MMXMMX Posts: 3,766 Member
    I have a feeling this is a hit-and-run thread.
  • NiaraTiaraNiaraTiara Posts: 110 Member
    What we urgently need is more hair colours.

    This could be it's own thread, honestly. I need a purple hair option.
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  • NiaraTiaraNiaraTiara Posts: 110 Member
    As everyone else has said, this is a bad idea. Besides the fact that dividing sims by race would just upset people, it's also unrealistic. For example, I'm a black girl. We come in basically all shades; from dark brown, to pale as snow. You've also got Indians and middle eastern people, who also come in pretty much all shades. East asians can be anywhere from pale to a tannish brown color. Even white people come in various shades, especially if they're from a place like Greece or Italy. Some white people can get mistaken for people of color because of their tan. And how about mixed people, huh? Lets say a sim's mom black, and the dad is Asian? What skin color is that? So yeah, bad idea.
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  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,401 Member
    MMX wrote: »
    I have a feeling this is a hit-and-run thread.

    Or they’re just embarrassed that nobody agrees with them.
  • SimsLovinLycanSimsLovinLycan Posts: 1,783 Member
    The one big problem I can see coming from this is that African Americans come in a wide range of shades from "straighten her hair and you'd swear she was a White girl" to "if she wears all black, closes her eyes, and stands in front of that black wall, she'll be perfectly camouflaged." You'd just have to put all of the shades in the Black category, just to be safe...and this is coming from a Black woman who has indeed seen her people in every single shade in the spectrum, I know what I'm talking about. Ethnic skintone categories are a bad idea just because African Americans defeat the entire purpose of the thing.
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  • KimicryoKimicryo Posts: 10 New Member
    I don't feel that the current skin tones are in the best order in the game, but I wouldn't go as far as to label them. :#
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