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Help me make a Farm/Farmers Market/Festival Lot! Farm is Complete! Pics Inside <3

ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 476 Member
Hi Y'all!

I want to make a farm style lot with plants both harvestable and decorative as well as "farm" activities like beekeeping, bird feeders, pond, flower arranging, etc. Anyway I want the lot to be visitable by my sims and npcs, so when I go there it will look active. However Im not really sure what is the best lot type/lot traits to encourage sims to do appropriate activities. Basically the purpose of the lot would be to visit it during harvest fest especially to carve pumpkins and also in the summer for summer bbqs etc. Originally I was thinking of making it a Park or a National Park, however I dont think sims visit at least the national park very much. It could be a campsite or retail or whatever. Help me out and let me know what lot type and traits you would give to this lot in your game! FYI I have all eps, gps, and sps so go buck wild!
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  • MDianaSimsMDianaSims Posts: 4,154 Member
    I'd go for park. As you say, the national park lot gets fewer visitors.
    And since you'd probably want children to visit the lot as well, park is pretty much the only option, unless you're willing to go for library, but that doesn't seem suitable (as far as a know, children from unplayed/non-active households don't normally spawn on other types of lots). Unless you use Get Together and use the club system - in that case you could essentially pick any lot type.

    As for lot traits, I'd definitly go for convivial, since it's intended for group outings and party place might be a good one too, although you can't host goaled events on holidays. Sunny aspect is one I often use for parks, but great soil would also be a good one since you want harvestables on you lot.
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  • ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 476 Member
    @MDianaSanders I agree park is most suitable given the limitations of other lot types and I’m not sure if I’m committed to making npc clubs for ever new game although I was toying around with the idea of a “master save” but not sure how long it would last before needed to be redone after a patch or something.

    I love your ideas for lot traits and I totally put convivial on everything lol. Might have to give sunny aspect a try I like the random chance for different moodlets.
  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 802 Member
    The art museum that requires the murals works to draw kids as well. I used it for my video game/computer cafe. Lots of kids with and without family members show up.
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,250 Member
    I love that idea, if you make one will you be sharing it or can You? I'd love to use a lot like that
  • ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 476 Member
    smurfy77 wrote: »
    I love that idea, if you make one will you be sharing it or can You? I'd love to use a lot like that

    Absolutely! I will post on the gallery, my gallery ID is Jilly3ean is you wanna check out my other builds while Im working on this. This is part of a total game revamp for all the worlds so I will be uploading all those when Im done with everything.

    Also sneak peak~ Complete with (unfinished) veggie and pumpkin patch, rare fishing hole, skating rink, flower arranging/pumpkin carving/handiness tables, ice skating rink... SO FAR!

    Closer look at the largest crop area where there will be veggies and pumpkins to harvest. As well as Patchy of course, oh and BEEEEESSSSS!
  • AgentJuliaAgentJulia Posts: 77 Member
    Your farm is so pretty! I can't wait to download it into my game when you are finished.
  • ShadyLady_DQShadyLady_DQ Posts: 476 Member
    The Farm is complete and there is plenty of room for activities! Welcome to Willow Creek Homestead, where the original farm settlers lived and grew their crops, contributing to the blossoming of the city of Willow Creek we know today. It has be lovingly restored to its glory and is a wonderful working farm to visit any time of year! Here you can gather harvestables, fish, hang around the campfire, skate and more! There are lots of nature themed indoor activities too! The Homesteads activities are especially fun in Autumn! *Wink Wink* ... pumpkin carving! Check out the full album here! DOWNLOAD BUILD HERE!

    Full list of activities!
    • Harvestable plants (garlic, basil, bell pepper, parsley, onion, tomato, sage, blackberry, bonsai, avocado, pear, lemon, apple, cherry, pomegranate)
    • Rare fishing hole
    • Skating rink
    • Campfire
    • BBQ
    • Easel
    • Beekeeping
    • Waterballoons
    • Swing set
    • Chess table
    • Bird Feeders
    • Patchy the Straw Man
    • PooHoo bush
    • Flower arranging table
    • Woodworking table
    • Pumpkin carving stations
    • Llama Scouts board
    • Toy chest
    • Kids seasonal drawing table
    • Game table
    • Dart board
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,250 Member
    Ty! I can't wait to get it
  • Mizz_TriceyMizz_Tricey Posts: 32 Member
    It looks amazing!
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