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Please help! ''There was a problem logging in''

Okay, so this is driving me crazy. I can't possibly log into my facebook account with the Sims Freeplay. I've always been logged in without any problems but recently I keep getting this message! I've tried everything.

- Removing the app from facebook apps and trying to connect again
- Logging out facebook
- Turning my device off and on
- Waiting a few weeks

I still keep getting this message, it's so frustrating. Can anyone help?

Origin ID: Peachynesss


  • PeachynesssPeachynesss Posts: 57 Member
    For all the people still having the same problem:
    After all this time I solved it! I saved my data to the cloud via GameCenter, deleted and reinstalled my game. After it downloaded my old data I tried to log in via facebook and it worked!

    Origin ID: Peachynesss
  • saishousaishou Posts: 276 Member
    Glad it got fixed! Was about to suggest the same thing before I saw your 2nd post. xD
    Keep moving forward.

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  • MrzShaeBohMrzShaeBoh Posts: 7 New Member
    Add me please. Need neighbors and i play very often. Facebook /shannon.baker.1650
  • LillyPutian0LillyPutian0 Posts: 101 Member
    I have one other thing to recommend trying before a reinstall if it happens again: Open your app manager and clear the cache for Freeplay. That seems to solve a lot of issues for me.
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