Have you attempted the 100 Baby challenge? How many babies did you have before giving up?

Or perhaps you had 100.

I'm on baby number 33. I have been plying this challenge for months. Got bored of it at round baby number 30 and took a long break. Now back into it and once more addicted :smile:


  • thankucatgodthankucatgod Posts: 398 Member
    I'm currently at 11 kids. Her first son just moved out and I was actually upset about it. He's engaged and expecting a child now though. :)
  • Ruby_Rain_DropRuby_Rain_Drop Posts: 96 Member
    Seems like just yesterday I was at number 11. To remember them I get the siblings to take pictures with each other and place them randomly round the house. Then when I have all the walls up I stumble across them :smile: I randomly found the picture of my sim's first two children and thought "awww, that was so long ago." I name the pictures too as having 100 kids you can't always remember who is who :wink: It's sad though because most of her children she had early on in the challenge have passed away so it's nice to have the photos round the house.
  • IOIplaySimsIOIplaySims Posts: 135 Member
    I tried twice, once got to #8, then computer broke :'( . Am trying again. Now am on #13
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