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New set is epic!!!!!! Can we buy the mansard roof's by themselves?

Hey guys!

I just love the new set its so amazing!!!!!!!!

Being i don't have a great deal of simpoints/money, i was wondering can we buy the roof piece by themselves if i have to start getting stuff individually over time (even though its so hard to choose) id like to start with that.

But i can't seem to find any of the objects for individual purchase, think they ever will be? :)


  • kellycot1kellycot1 Posts: 2,226 Member
    edited May 2014
    Unfortunately, my educated guess of an answer is no. Since this is a Venue, rather than a Set, the items are usually locked just to the Venue. Only Premium Content seems to ever be released individually from a Venue, after some months; I suppose there's hope that these are the 'Premium' part of the set, even if they're not actually PC, but I don't believe the roof pieces even have their own page at this time, which suggests they never will.

    So, that's some bad news. I imagine the Venue will go on sale at some point in the coming year (especially with Sims 4 coming out), so maybe you'll be able to pick the whole thing up cheaper then.

    Sorry I couldn't offer any better news.

    Good luck and happy Simming!
    a.k.a. Erin
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  • TheZommbieTheZommbie Posts: 712 New Member
    edited May 2014
    I wish only peices i want used those all the time on sims 2 mansion and garden stuff.. But for the price i guess ill stick with making the roof ingame match the look.. I even can see the roof designs from town view
  • AmaraRenaAmaraRena Posts: 6,439 Member
    edited May 2014
    Sadly no, you cannot buy individual pieces as you could with the Mother Russia set. I wanted the whole thing so that wasn't a problem for me but I do sympathize with those who only want SOME of it and I really wish they wouldn't do stuff like this.
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