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Rich Raggington legacy second edition

ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,213 Member
MOONLIGHT FALLS - The Raggington Legacy second edition

Someone new is moving in to my Moonlight Falls makeover game...

It´s an extremely grumpy teenager.
His name is Rich Raggington. He has done this before, sort of.
He was perhaps slightly less edited, had fewer traits and started off in Pleasantview by getting abducted and impregnated by an alien. Let´s hope things turn out better this time around. :D


Rich will once again found a legacy, this time in Moonlight Falls where I have made over the entire population. No EA randomized sims for Rich! :p

Sorry about the dark picture. I just had to get that expression for his introduction :D

My current families of Moonlight Falls 18 weeks in (Lifespan 1258 days, lowering it to 250 for the Legacy):

1 Morganthe (Supernatural Roommates) Household
Dante Morganthe and Emily Van Gould:

2 Wynn/Harris (Roommates Wanna Be) Household
DeeDee Wynn and Malcolm Harris had two witch children so far, Merlin (teen) and Tucker (child). The two black-haired teenagers to the right are Hayley Sumari´s offspring with the photographer. Hayley has since then moved out to join the local workforce cleaning sims houses.
Alice Fitzgerald from the Roommates Wanna Be original household moved out and died tragically from her relationship with vampire Dante Morganthe. He accidentally drained her when feeding.
Goodbye Alice

3 Van Gould Household
Ayden and Bianca had a vampire/witch son, Arnold. Tristan married Bailey Swain and so far they have two daughters, Esmeralda (toddler) and Eleonora (baby), both Vampire.

4 Goth Household
Olivia Goth has managed to give birth to a daughter, and she is different from both Olivia and Samuel. No one is really sure how that happened.

5 Pok household
Janet is a Vampire and David has been turned into a Werewolf. They seem to be in no hurry to reproduce.

6 Musgrave Household
Dayvid gave birth to little Andromeda, and Belinda had their mutual son, a Vampire like his father.

7 Goodfellow Household
Fawn grew up to a YA and Pip and Dahlia had a son

8 Pappy Wolff Household
All children might not be Pappy´s. But don´t tell him.

9 Caliente/Durwood Household
Zoe and Jules had twin boys. To Grandmother Caliente´s enormous relief one of them, Dave, was born under the witch´s star. The parents are lucky if they get to interact with him at all, his Grandmother is determined to teach him all she knows before she passes.

10 Timbley Household
Branch and Beatrice had triplet fairy sons. Life will never be the same again. But then again, they are insane enough to wish for more children.

11 Grimm Household
Chauncey was abducted right in the middle of creating a masterpiece novell. He gave birth to little Akatosh, a son. Linda was not happy. She even moved out, convinced that he had cheated on her :o. The creator of sims and destroyer of sim lives had to step in and move her and their mutual daughter Rosalinda ( :p The game named her that) back. Sophie is married to Alfred Hoppcraft who moved in, relieved to get away from his narrow minded father.

12 Swain Household
Chester Swain lived a happy life with his wife Crissy. Bailey moved out to live with her husband at the Van Gould mansion, and Chester and Crissy had started a family of their own. All of the sudden Chester divorced Crissy and moved out of the house. He married Faith MacDuff and is now living with her and her family. Crissy is convinced he has been bewitched. They were so happy.

13 Hoppcraft Household
The Hoppcraft family is still a bit stunned from Alfred leaving the household so abruptly to go and live with a Fae and her strange family. James finds comfort in the fact that their youngest son, Nicky, seem completely normal.

14 Brown (Supernatural Roommates) Household
Argus Brown met Wilhemina Wolff and it was love instantly. She moved in with him in the old Supernatural Roommates house and they married under a full moon.

15 Maldano Household
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There is only so much lemonade a girl can drink. Marigold fell in love with Argus and had Deric. The relationship barely lasted long enough for Argus to woohoo walk out the front door. She had a lovely romance with Malcolm Harris before he made it absolutely clear to her he would not be leaving DeeDee and it had all been a mistake. The encounter left her with two additional sons. Could she please have a bloody apple cider at some point?! Or peach. She likes peaches.

16 Joe MacDuff Household
When Chester Swain walked into the MacDuff house, Joe knew he had to move out. His sisters were practically fighting over the man, and he seemed a bit vacant, as if the lights were on but no one were home. Joe is not a witch, and he doesn´t understand magic very well, but that man was under some sort of hex, he would bet his last simoleon on that.

17 MacDuff Household
Faith fell head over heals for Chester Swain the moment he walked passed the MacDuff mansion. She just knew he was the father of her future children. She used all her charm and her sweetest kisses, but Chester was already married. Out of desperation she hexed him with a love spell, one that would make him fall instantly in love with her. That was the moment Felicity, her sister, decided to come home. Felicity greeted Chester and Faith could literally see the hearts above his gorgeous head. Faith dove in head first, and planted a firm kiss on Chester´s lips. It did work. He had hearts for her too, and he agreed to get engaged to her and move into the household. But he was in love with Felicity too. She could have him, just not for her self. Faith and Chester had twin daughters, both witches. Felicity is pregnant too. Faith can only hope her sister´s child is born without magical powers. At least she would have that.

18 Ivy Household
Storyprogression mod - household - pregnancy not allowed - participating in pregnancy not allowed - steady relationship not allowed

Singh household
I read the household description, and it seems they had the Werewolf curse to start out with, I thought maybe Waylon had turned them. Navita really would like another child, and she just might be in for a surprise any day now

20 Nix Household
Mike and Annie are not in a happy relationship. They haven´t been for a long time. Annie knew Mike was out chasing women when she worked late at the hospital. So she bought a mummy potion and threw it on Mike. Good luck chasing anything but snails from now on.

21 Wolff household
Baby Cole was born into the Wolff clan. The family took in an old stray dog and the children named him Pappy.

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