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Updated Pre-Exsisting Households?

_natalie_natalie Posts: 466 Member
edited October 2019 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
Could households that have been updated (e.g. The Pancakes with the addition of Iggy) be added to the library for console players?
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  • BelongtoLCMSBelongtoLCMS Posts: 125 Member
    He may be included when the console gets the gallery. Even PC players have to add him to the Pancakes family for every new save file. He dies not automatically come with them.
  • _natalie_natalie Posts: 466 Member
    But that's what I'm saying... At least PC players have the option to download Iggy from the Gallery and add him into their game. Console players don't have that option, yet. I understand there is an update on the 19th that may or may not be adding Library features for console players. One can only hope.
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