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Images, avatars, and signatures

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Images, Avatars, And Signatures
A lot of our rules about images, avatars are the same as our Dos and Don'ts. But just to make sure it's clear, here's what you can and can't do.

Images / Avatars
You can:
  • keep it clean, with appropriate images for all ages.
  • make your own images. We like your style.
  • have fun!
But don't:
  • use personal photos.
  • include religious or political content. Debate which Madden is the best (2004, duh) all day on our boards, but don't bring religion or politics into EA Forums Keep it on-topic.
  • use racist, hateful, controversial, or illegal content.
In some EA Forums signatures is a feature only available for certain ranks. If the option is available for you:
You can:
  • include a cool picture. The above rules for images also apply for signatures.
  • keep it tidy, with up to three lines of text.
But don't:
  • make it too long. The longer the signature, the more cluttered the boards will get. Limit your signature to three lines or less. Unless someone from the Forum Team has given you permission, keep it short.
  • have large pictures or text. Sometimes bigger isn't always better.
  • link to pirated and/or harmful content, like Trojan horses or adult-themed things. That's not allowed and will result in account action.
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