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The Pixel Legacy (Updated 5/29 w/ Episode 3!)

Welcome to the Pixel Legacy! I've tried one legacy before but it kind of fizzled out. Trying again! First up, meet our founder, Pixi Pixel!


The Pixel Legacy will follow Pixi as she tries to start her own legacy from the ground up using Pinstar's Legacy Challenge rules. I will be playing for points, and will follow the rules strictly. I am playing under these succession laws:

Gender Law: Equality
Both male and female children can be named heir.
Bloodline Law: Traditional
Children by blood own the right to heir. Adopted children may only be heir if there are no naturally produced children in that generation.
Heir Law: Democracy (or random depending on viewer interest)
I'd like to try a democracy where I take votes, but if there isn't enough interest in my story it will be random!
Species Law: Tolerant
Alien and human children can be heir.

Prepare yourself for an easy read, lots of silly humor and debauchery! Ready to read? Come on in!

Read the whole story here!

Episode 1: Introductions
Episode 2: Shotgun Wedding
Episode 3: Party Hats and Carnage
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