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Official "Whims & Sims" Challenge Thread

This is the official thread for the Whims & Sims challenge that I adapted from a Sims 3 challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to complete as many whims as you can in your sims life time and as many life time aspirations whilst keeping your sim from falling into negative emotions and losing points. It can be played as a "Whimacy" please see below for further information.

Whims are the little thought bubbles that appear above your sim to the bottom left of your screen. One of these will change as your sims emotions change. The other two will stay the same until fulfilled.


Begin with a fresh game. Create your founding sim. Only rule here is that he or she must be a young adult.

The sim life span will determine the difficulty of this challenge.

Long life span - novice challenge, subtract 2000 points.
Normal life span - intermediate challenge, score 2000 extra points.
Short life span - hardcore challenge, score 4000 extra points.

One created, pick a lot and move in. You can create your house however you want, but there must be no decor or items that influence a Sims emotions. So basically, plain and basic to begin. No money cheats.

If you would like to make things even more challenging, try using the Sims 4 random traits/aspiration generator by clicking here . You can also use the Random Thing Picker to pick whether you will play short, normal or long life span, here.

  2. No moving from the founding lot.
  3. NO CANCELLING WHIMS! Not a single one. Nada. If your sim changes its own whims that's fine.
  4. No buying any objects that have an emotional aura. Items that have an environment buff are fine. Any created items by your sim with auras are fine.
  5. You cannot use satisfaction points at all! They go towards your final scoring.
  6. No Book of Life or Ambrosia.
  7. Soon as the grim reaper appears, pause game and screen shot sim stats. You can control any other sim in the household to plead for your sim's life if you wish. As it is random whether the reaper will save your sim or not.
  8. If your sim has a whim for an item that has an aura, either buy it then sell it immediately on the whim completing or just don't enable the aura.
  9. Your sim can have anyone it wants move in, have children and get married.


You CAN control your sim. As scoring takes into account your positive and negative emotion scores, leaving your sim to get in a state is only going to ruin your final score. So boss your sim about all you want, just don't neglect those whims, because they rack up the satisfaction points which help your final score.

You should aim to complete one life time aspiration. You could say these are the biggest whims of all. If you fail to complete a lifetime aspiration, you fail the challenge. You can switch aspirations whenever you want and complete as many as you want. No extra bonus points for completing more than one though, the satisfaction points gained are more than enough!

You can make this challenge into a Whimacy if you want. To do this, start as above. Have a child or adopt. DO NOT switch game play to the child/teen at any time. No fulfilling any whims. As soon as your heir becomes a young adult, the next generation begins. Score each generation for a final Whimacy grand total.

You can also just play a single sim with a single life time. When the grim reaper shows up, its all over. Screenshot those sim stats, (you have to do this with the print screen button in windowed mode and paste into paint) and see if you can do better with another sim or post your score and sim stat screenshots on here for everyone to see (and be competitive over!

To post screenshots on this thread you need to have reached member rank. If you are a new member you won't be able to attach images until you have moved up a rank. To post screenshots, host the image online with the likes of photo bucket or imageshack. Cooy the direct url and using the image button to paste the url into your reply.


Your sim stats are important here. They show the completed number of whims in your Sims life time. For scoring open up your sims stats in the Simology tab and:
  1. Take your total whim count. Multiply it by 10.
  2. Take your total satisfaction points and add together with the above.
  3. Add each of the positive emotion counts in the sim stats to the above. (Confident, Energized, Flirty, Focused, Happy, Inspired, Playful)
  4. Deduct each of the negative emotion counts in the sim stats from the above. (Angry, Bored, Dazed, Embarrassed, Sad, Tense, Uncomfortable)
  5. Deduct 1000 points for each and every cancelled whim from the above. (ouch, don't cancel them.
  6. Add or subtract any extra lifespan points to the above.

If your sim dies having never completed one lifetime aspiration, F for fail. Try again and good luck!


I just played through the lovely Whimsy Simsy, an artistic sim that died of old age. These are her stats, though her satisfaction points were $12770 not $2000. I forgot to take a shot before i carried on playing her after the challenge ended.

Whimsy's Stats:


Whimsy's Scoring

12770 points from satisfaction
2000 points for normal lifespan
1250 points for whims completed x 10
568 points for positive emotion stat count added together

Total: 16,588

Deduct 95 for negative emotion stat count added together
No cancelled whims

Total: 95

FINAL TOTAL: 16588 - 95 = 16493



SIMPOSEYUM - Chaz Fontaine = 29,473 (normal lifespan) B)

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  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    frasersim wrote: »
    ...Yes simposey, if they have an uncompleted aspiration at the time of death deduct 1000 but you can switch back to a completed one....if you remember in time!
    Whew, that's tough! I may as well deduct the points now because I know I'm going to get caught with an incomplete on the books :D.

    frasersim wrote: »
    I played through another attempt and my sim died. I stupidly forgot to take a screenshot of her stats so waiting for her to come back as a ghost to add to household and get them that way. Duh!
    Clever! You've done a great job with managing moods. I played through a week of Whims and I bet my poor Sim has already been Uncomfortable 200 times. I keep forgetting that I can't let him sink that low for this Challenge.

    If you completed an aspiration before that SimPoseyYum, just switch back to that one before your sim dies :)

    Haha, its actually pretty difficult at first to not let them get near the red, glad you are enjoying it!
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    Im going to do another run through of this challenge with a new sim. I used the generators too and its going to be interesting! I got a normal life span with the slob, glutton and evil trait....and soulmate aspiration!! Eek! Wish me luck :)
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    edited November 2014
    Introducing Seraphina Smexy!


    Isn't she just beautiful?! I've never played an ugly sim before, nor one with any negative traits! I just couldn't make a beautiful one with the random traits I have been given! Seraphina loves pink, fluffy bunnies and marshmallows. She is also pure evil and likes nothing more than to insult old ladies and call their mothers horrible names.


    Naturally she lives in a beautiful pink house. With pink walls. Pink carpets. Pink everything. Where else would a heavily overweight, vomit green, shrekalike want to live?!


    Being new to the neighbourhood, Seraphina was keen to beat up meet the neighbours. Sadly this lovely old dear didnt take to Seraphina and called her mother something too awful to repeat.


    Seraphina doesnt care about old ladies. So she beat the dentures out of her new neighbour, thats what happened. No way did a little old lady beat Seraphina up. Haha. Yeah right.



    Ahem. Seraphina has had a dream since she was a little girl. She believes that one day, her prince will come and she will live happily ever after. She believes it so much, that its actually her lifetime goal. To find her soulmate. Never one to sit around and wait for life to happen, Seraphina went on her soulmate hunt.




    Alas. Her knight in shining tin foil did not want her lovely lady lumps. Ever the hot headed Seraphina:


    Oddly enough, thingymabob whatshisname seemed to take a shine to Seraphina after that. It was like, he suddenly found her very appealing?





    I'm not quite sure how to break it to Seraphina. Her milkshake may bring all the boys to the yard....but it helps if they are not teenagers! Oops!


  • SimPoseyYumSimPoseyYum Posts: 995 Member
    Seraphina is a hoot, @frasersim! I love your delivery and how it really brings out her character. You got some good screenies, too. Well done!

    As for me, I've been notified that I'm in the "final days of Chaz Fontaine" (I feel so morbid saying that!). He hasn't had any particularly funny moments but I've enjoyed working with him nonetheless. I've grown quite fond of him, actually. I feel bad constantly looking over his shoulder for Grim and am trying to cram as many activities in as I can.

    I've been so careful with him. For the most part, he only cooked things that didn't require turning on the stove. He usually replaced broken electronics rather than risking electrocution by repairing them. Of course, that got rather expensive, so we had to take a few chances. Made it through unscathed, thank goodness!

    I should have a full report tomorrow. Hmmmm, now I *really* feel morbid!
  • SimPoseyYumSimPoseyYum Posts: 995 Member
    edited November 2014
    Well, things ended sooner than I thought. Grim showed up about 2 nights after I made that post. Below, we have the numbers for our friend, Chaz Fontaine:

    2,930 = whims completed times 10 (Chaz completed 293 whims)
    25,285 = satisfaction points earned over Chaz's lifetime
    2,000 = bonus for using Normal lifetime
    512 = Positive moods (see note 1 below)
    -254 = Negative moods (see note 2 below)
    -1,000 = Whims cancelled (1 whim, which I think may be a bug -- can't be completed)
    0 = no deduction for Aspiration, since a completed Aspiration was in effect at time of death.

    29,473 = Final Score

    Note 1: Positives = Confident 209, Energized 50, Flirty 3, Focused 2, Happy 198, Inspired 28 and Playful 22 = 512
    Note 2: Negatives = Angry 0, Bored 0, Dazed 3, Embarrassed 7, Sad 0, Tense 29 and Uncomfortable 215 = 254

    Sorry, I wasn't able to get a pic of the Stats page. Didn't realize it needed to be a print screen.

    Overall, it was a very fun Challenge and influence me to play in new and different ways. Poor Chaz, everytime he began to enjoy himself, whoops, on to the next thing! Thanks for setting this up, @frasersim! Pics to follow :).

    edit: corrected a math error
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  • SimPoseyYumSimPoseyYum Posts: 995 Member
    In honor of our dearly departed, Chaz Fontaine

    Here he is as a young man:

    Chaz had all intentions of flirting with the fellow on the right, until he noticed the fellow on his left. Which to choose? Chaz was most definitely the man in the middle (note: he ended up with neither after all -- all just friends)

    Chaz, after aging up into a full-fledged adult. He doesn't look that much different to me!

    Here's Chaz's very modest home. Not one item went to waste. Most items, including the pool and landscaping, were only purchased when he had a whim for them. Notice, he never even covered the sheet-rock on the walls. I didn't want there to be any influence on his moods.

    Chaz as an elegant senior

    Chaz was always a very disciplined man. Once he became an elder, he always made sure to switch to his completed Aspiration right before bed. Just. In. Case... On this particular night, Chaz was sleeping peacefully when Grim appeared.

    And just like that, it was over. Grim had his list and checked it twice... He found Chaz to be very nice.
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    Hey SimPosey, sorry I havent replied until now, I have been working over the weekend, so just had time to do a quick like or two :)

    You did really well with chaz! That uncomfortable emotion is a real pain. Poor old chaz, he clearly lived a very fulfilled life though, with all those aspiration points!

    I will add your score to the main thread, well done and Im really glad you enjoyed it. If there is anything you would change, having played the challenge out, let me know!
  • SNDGIRLSNDGIRL Posts: 517 Member
    I have a few questions what does whims mean and 2 how do you take a screenshot and can you also explain to me the main goal of this challenge
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  • SimPoseyYumSimPoseyYum Posts: 995 Member
    Hi there, @SNDGIRL! Welcome to the Whims and Sims Challenge. Let's see if I can help you with your questions :):

    SNDGIRL wrote: »
    ...what does whims mean...
    Take a look at the screenshot below. It is the portrait of Minnie (one of my Sims). The "portrait" is the picture of your Sim that appears on the lower lefthand side of your game screen. Notice how Minnie has three thought bubbles above her? Those are her Whims. Actually, I like to think of them as one Whim (the left-most one that changes with her moods) and two Wants (the two other ones that stay static until you fulfill them or x them out). For the purposes of this Challenge, however, all three are classified as Whims.
    Right now, Minnie has a Whim to dance to stereo music (that radio thought bubble), a Whim (Want) to make some money and a Whim (Want) to interact with that fellow. Make sense?

    SNDGIRL wrote: »
    ...2 how do you take a screenshot...
    I'm not sure if this is universal, but for me, I simply press C to take in-game screenshots. If you want to include those screenshots in a post on the forums, you'll need to upload them into a photo-sharing site, such as Imgur or Photobucket. Once your screenies are on photo-sharing, you can place them in your posts. Keep in mind, it's my understanding that you must be a FULL member on this site before you can post images. At the time that I am writing this post, you are still a New Member, so it'll be a little bit until you can post pics.

    If you want to take a screenshot in CAS, it's slightly different. First, you must be in Window'd mode (Window'd Fullscreen is ok, but not just plain Fullscreen). Then you press PrintScreen. You then immediately paste that Printscreen image into whatever Paint/Image program you have on your computer.

    SNDGIRL wrote: »
    ...can you also explain to me the main goal of this challenge...
    The main goal of this Challenge is to rack up as many Satisfaction Points as you can before your Sim dies (don't spend them -- they are your bread and butter for scoring!). You rack up points by satisfying your Sim's Whims (Wants) as well as satisfying Aspiration goals. More details are on the first post on the first page of this thread.

    Hope that answers your questions. And I hope you decide to give this a try -- it's a fun Challenge!
  • SimPoseyYumSimPoseyYum Posts: 995 Member
    frasersim wrote: »
    Hey SimPosey, sorry I havent replied until now, I have been working over the weekend, so just had time to do a quick like or two :)

    You did really well with chaz! That uncomfortable emotion is a real pain. Poor old chaz, he clearly lived a very fulfilled life though, with all those aspiration points!

    I will add your score to the main thread, well done and Im really glad you enjoyed it. If there is anything you would change, having played the challenge out, let me know!

    Thanks, @frasersim! As I said, I really enjoyed this Challenge, so thanks for making it.

    If I might make a suggestion, you may want to reconsider the rule about having a fully-executed Aspiration as the active Aspiration at time of death. As long as the player has at least one fully-executed Aspiration on the books, I don't think it's necessary to have to switch at death. The player has enough things to be concerned with at that moment!

    Also, you may want to make a note in the Rules that the stats picture has to be done via Printscreen, not by pressing C. I'm going to try to go back and capture the stats page because it didn't work by pressing C.

    Hope that helps. I think you have a winner here! I hope more people try it!
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 22,989 Member
    This sounds like such a fun challenge, and @SimPoseyYum, I am in awe of your score!
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  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    Perfect SimPosYum!

    Main post updated :)
  • GlamourSimmerGlamourSimmer Posts: 238 Member
    Oooh! I am going to do this challenge! I am basically already doing it though lol Thanks for posting this
    Sim is life !
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  • SwanSong0SwanSong0 Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello, frasersim

    Thank you so much for this challenge. I read your thread about two weeks ago and thought ' Hey! Interesting'.So, I gave it a go.
    There were moments of pure frustration, but overall I loved the experience. It certainly taught me a lot.

    I played a single Sim on normal lifespan. And here are the results:

    4090 = whims completed times 10 (completed 409 whims)
    43,905 = satisfaction points earned
    2,000 = bonus for using Normal lifetime
    1,874 = positive moods
    (confident: 229/flirty: 4/focused:85/happy:187/inspired:1,363/playful:6)
    -12 = negative moods
    -1,000 = 1 whim cancelled at the very beginning. It was a stupid reflex thing after regularly cancelling so many whims in my previous games.

    My Sim was a childish, creative muser and loner.

    The result is rather overwhelming. I didn't expect this at all. So, I'm wondering if there are things I did wrong?
    For instance, at some point this Sim needed to mentor someone for 15 hours to complete 'Musical Genius'. Cassandar Goth moved in for about 2 days and then moved back to her family. Not sure if that was allowed or not.
    And I was thinking later on - if this was allowed - how easy it would have been to just keep her there to generate potions for Frank, who could not spend any of his aspirations rewards. Oh, dear... or even to set up the circumstances for completing more aspirations.

    I'll gladly play the whole challenge over again. It was very joyful apart from the inevitable end where your Sim succombs.
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    I'm thinking of taking a break in my current challenge to try this one out. Unless I'm trying to get a reward I don't usually pay much attention to whims. This could be fun. I'm trying to think of an aspiration.
  • SummerFallsSummerFalls Posts: 6,413 Member
    I actually might try this out as well! This sounds super fun :D
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  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    edited January 2015
    Very interesting challenge. One question about Whims that are not recognized as being completed. I am noticing whims like Purchase an Observatory (Geek trait) are not completing.
    If you fulfill the whim but it does not complete can you then cancel it so it will be replaced?
  • StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
    edited January 2015

    satisfaction points were 43,940

    confident-79, energized- 50, flirty-40, focused-2, happy- 276, inspired-102, playful- 115=664
    angry-1, bored- 3, dazed- 0, embarassed- 4, sad-6, tense-1, uncomfortable-27= -42

    normal lifespan bonus- 2,000

    Total score= 52,222

    For my forum posts about Raven's journey:
  • PinkslinkyPinkslinky Posts: 306 Member
    Is it considered bad form to resurrect such an old thread? I just wanted to mention that I just started a Whim challenge with this sexy, nerdy jock:


    And the one thing I'm noticing-- he has expensive tastes. Making his whims come true is costing a whole lot of simoleans!
  • lettiblettib Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm trying this today. Let you know how it goes!
  • PurpleThistlesPurpleThistles Posts: 612 Member
    So there I was today, bored stupid with the Sims 4, went looking for a challenge, clicked one that looked interesting... and its my own challenge from 3 years ago that I completely forgot I had made! Resurrection time :)
  • alac13alac13 Posts: 162 New Member
    Ahhh this looks interesting, I think I will give it a go!
  • fluffym806fluffym806 Posts: 11 New Member
    Nice, but difficult..but nice.
  • PetalsimPetalsim Posts: 43 Member
    This challenge seems like so much fun, I can't wait! The next time I'm going to log in ts4, I would definitely be trying this out. So excited!
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